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Grant Programme for Festivals

Grant Programme for Festivals

Note: The Grant Programme for Festivals is being adjusted. The fund is working on a new festival programme to be published in the second quarter of 2021 that takes into account the regionalization of festivals and the Covid-19 pandemic. Each application must meet the requirements and objectives of the new Grant Programme for Festivals.

Creative Industries Fund NL uses the Grant Programme for Festivals to contribute to the promotion of excellent quality, development and professionalization of contemporary Dutch architecture, design and digital culture and to encourage interest in these disciplines. There are two application rounds a year for this grant programme. The amounts can be adjusted if the full amount has not been used in previous rounds.

Note: From 1 July 2021 the new Grant Programme for Festivals and public presentations replaces the Grant Programme for Festivals Creative Industries and the Open Call Exceptional Presentations.
This programme is intended for festivals in the areas of architecture, design and digital culture. The festival must take place in the Netherlands. The audience may consist of professionals, experts and/or a broad public. A festival may programme the successes or instead opt for a more experimental approach.
The Grant Programme for Festivals is intended for the preparation, set-up and implementation of festivals.

Festivals are eligible that comply with the following:
a number of organized activities that are interrelated in terms of form and content and carried out within a pre-defined short period;
distinguished from the range of existing festivals in terms of content, set-up and implementation.

Starting grant
It is possible to request a start subsidy for festivals that have not realized more than three editions. The subsidy is intended for the development of the program, the setting up of coöperation partners and finding the right funding. A communication plan and co-financing for the start-up phase is not a requirement.
The maximum amount to be requested is €7,500. Read more about starting grants here.
The advisory committee evaluates the proposal on:
• the extent to which the festival occupies a valuable or distinctive position in the existing assortment;
• the extent to which the festival functions as a platform, for instance because it makes meaningful connections between the content and the audience;
• the extent to which there is cultural entrepreneurship, in substantive terms (for example in the form of substantive collaboration partners) and/or financial terms (in the form of a financial strategy or development).
• the extent to which the application gives insight into the actual set-up, organization, communication, funding and implementation of the festival edition.

The evaluation of the proposals focuses primarily on the relevance of the theme and the resulting presentation of the question, the plan of action, the expertise of the parties involved, substantive and financial support and the consistency between all these elements.
1. A project plan with an intrinsic motivation of the approach (PDF in A4 size, max. 12 pages) containing:

a description of the content of the festival, mentioning the artistic, intrinsic guiding principles;
an explanation of the importance of the festival for the discipline(s) of architecture, design and/or digital culture;
a description of the people and organizations with whom you collaborate;
the target group(s) you expect to reach;
substantive and practical development of the festival programme;
a communications strategy;
a financial cover plan.

2. planning
3. budget (PDF in A4 size, max. 2 pages).
4. financial report of the previous edition (not obliged if festival has its 1st edition)
5. CVs of parties involved (PDF in A4 size, max. 4 pages in total)
4. proof of registration with a Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel)

Refer to the Grant Application Guide when submitting your application. The guide provides certainty with regard to the grant application and the drawing up of the project plan, budget and communication plan.

Subsidy Regulations and Festivals Grant Programme
The Creative Industries Fund NL has Subsidy Regulations that formally apply to the application, evaluation, awarding and final approval of a grant. Supplementary grant programmes have been drawn up with specific objectives and conditions. Read the Subsidy Regulations as well as the Grant Programme for Festivals attentively before submitting an application.

makers and the festival scheme
Makers who have been invited by a festival to develop new work can apply for this at the Architecture, Digital Culture or Design Grant Programmes. To do this, they should submit a project application under their own name. This must be accompanied by a declaration of intent from the festival in question.

online application environment
The application should be submitted using the online application environment. You have to sign up and create an account to do so. Please note: do so in a timely manner, it can take up to 1 working day for the Fund to validate the account and this is only done during the working week.

You can submit the online application form until 23:59 on the day of the closing date. Advice is to submit your application earlier because of the busy server.

Specific questions about the procedure, budget and/or project plan can be sent via email to one of the grants officers. First check if you can find the answer to your question in the Frequently Asked Questions.
After your application has been submitted, the Fund office checks whether you comply with the formal requirements as listed in the Subsidy Regulations and the Grant Programme for Festivals.

An advisory committee will evaluate your request on the basis of the Subsidy Regulations and the Festivals Grant Programme. In particular, it will assess the extent to which your application is aligned with the criteria listed in Article 16 - 21 of the Subsidy Regulations and the specific objective of the Grant Programme for Festivals.

What makes this grant programme unusual is that it focuses on supporting festivals and that an application can be submitted for two phases. That is why a supplementary evaluation framework has been defined per phase. See the menu element “What are the evaluation criteria?”. The committee will issue a recommendation to the Creative Industries Fund NL's Board. View the composition of the advisory committee for the Festivals Grant Programme here.

The board will take the committee's recommendation into account in their decision to award the grant or not. You will be informed of the decision 10 weeks after the closing date for the grant programme at the latest.

It happens quite regularly that the available budget of a subsidy round is insufficient. The total amount of the grants requested by all the positively evaluated applications exceeds the round's budget, or subsidy ceiling. Prioritization must then take place. This is carried out in accordance with Articles 9 and 10 of the Subsidy Regulations. Article 10, clause 2 (a) applies in this case:

'The available amount will be awarded to the applicants whose application is valued most highly, where the requested contribution can be awarded to the most highly valued applications, provided the total does not exceed the subsidy ceiling, and subsequently only the amount remaining up to the subsidy ceiling will be awarded to the applicant to whom awarding a grant would lead to the subsidy ceiling being exceeded.'

If you do not agree with the Creative Industries Fund NL's decision you can submit a reviewed application or letter of appeal. More information is provided here.

If you receive a grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL you will enter into obligations. Please read important information on your accountability here. Two weeks before your project ends you will receive a request by e-mail to submit your accountability in the online application environment.
For further information please contact Anouk Laverge:

You can also call +31 (0)10 4361600.

grants issued Festivals


Grant Programme for Festivals Festival

Rewire 2021

Stichting Unfold, 2020

Rewire is an annual international festival that focuses on innovative music and sound art. The festival presents a broad programme with a focus on the artistic vanguard in contemporary electronic music, new jazz, experimental pop, sound art and modern composed music. The festival also stimulates crossovers with other art disciplines. (Re)Setting is the overarching theme of Rewire 2021. This theme explores the way society, sound and technology relate to a constantly changing and evolving world. Climate change, new technological developments, new scientific discoveries and political shifts, but also everyday changes on an individual scale. (Re)Setting would have been the central theme during the cancelled edition of Rewire 2020. The theme has only gained in importance since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, it was decided to explore the theme further and make new connections with the 'new' world we live in today. The festival programme includes concerts/interdisciplinary performances, (educational) workshops, sound walks, film screenings, (sound) installations, site-specific compositions throughout the city and a music hackspace. The discourse programme includes a collection of essays with in-depth texts by leading international critics, followed by panel discussions with the relevant makers and the artist talks. The organization works together with various national and international cultural, media and educational partners, such as the Royal Conservatoire, Studio Loos, iii, West, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, The Grey Space In The Middle, Korzo, Manchester International Festival (UK), Music Hackspace, and many others. The tenth edition of Rewire festival will take place from Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 April 2021 at over 20 locations in The Hague and also online for a global audience.

Grant Programme for Festivals Festival

Kaboom Animation Festival 2021

Stichting Kaboom Animation Festival, 2020

Kaboom Animation Festival aims to position animation as a medium that plays an essential and interpretive role in the changing and growing media landscape. Kaboom Animation Festival is the result of the merger between the KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival and the Holland Animation Film Festival. The first joint edition took place in November 2019. In March 2021, the second edition of the renewed, innovative festival will take place. The theme of the 2021 festival edition is Big Bang! Inspired by the idea of the Big Bang, Kaboom is showing film programmes that ask questions about the beginning of the universe and life on earth. The festival is also going back to the 'big bang' of animation with the screening of milestones in the history of animation, such as the first animation in colour and the first animation with sound. Kaboom Animation Festival specifically requests a contribution for the Expanded Animation Expo, with which the festival explores the boundaries of the animation medium and searches for crossovers with other disciplines and experiments. The programme includes a VR competition, an AR exhibition, games, panels and discussions on cross-media projects and master classes about the future of the medium. The intended result is to welcome more than 12,000 paying visitors to the festival. Depending on possible restrictions, the festival will take place digitally or in physical form in Cultuurpark Westergas in Amsterdam in March.
Amsterdam, 31 March - 4 April 2021 (and Utrecht, 27 - 30 March)

Grant Programme for Festivals Festival


Dutch Game Garden, 2020

INDIGO is an annual game and entrepreneurship festival organized by Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht. The aim of INDIGO is to bring the work of Dutch game developers to the attention of international publishers, platform holders, press, influencers and co-developers, in order to facilitate business transactions and increase the awareness and reputation of the Netherlands as a creative country. INDIGO is the only large-scale game event in the Netherlands where the makers can go to share knowledge and do business with each other and the international games industry. Dutch game developers show their artistic and serious games to visitors, investors, press and gamers during INDIGO in the showcase. In the conference programme, visitors will be inspired by the experiences of fellow developers and other industry players. In the matchmaking programme, the organization facilitates meetings between the visitors to INDIGO for new deals, investments, jobs, internships and other forms of collaboration. The July 2021 edition will be a hybrid event. The basis of the event is digital, but the exact size of the physical component will depend on the coronavirus measures in place at the time. Combining the creative qualities of game developers with their international positioning and entrepreneurship are the central themes of this edition. To have a unique focus between all the international online events, Dutch Game Garden is focusing on the Dutch product this edition.

Grant Programme for Festivals Festival

POW! WOW! Rotterdam


POW! WOW! is the world's largest and most famous street-art festival. Originally started on the edges of Hawaii, where drab suburbs transformed into a beloved open art gallery. After a number of successful editions on the island, POW! WOW! expanded worldwide to locations such as Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Japan. In 2018, the very first European edition took place, with Rotterdam as host city. POW! WOW! Rotterdam is organized by Stichting Hiphop In Je Smoel (HIJS) and its own initiative Rewriters010. In September 2021, the fourth edition of the festival will take place in Rotterdam South. For 10 days, various local, national and international street-art artists will work on their new work in the local neighbourhood, with the finale on the day of the festival (Sunday 12 September 2021). POW! WOW! Rotterdam introduces a broad and diverse audience to the art form and its innovations. The surprising element that street art enjoys, and the free associations it evokes (other than in the closed context of a museum), constantly produces new forms of interaction with the public and their perception of public space through art.
Rotterdam, 5 - 12 September 2021

Grant Programme for Festivals Festival

SPREAD zinefest

Stichting High Mountain Art Club, 2020

SPREAD Zinefest is a biennial festival in Groningen dedicated to 'self-published art': books, zines and prints, and the corresponding DIY scene. For 10 days, the festival will bring attention to self-published art and the making, distribution and exhibition of books, zines and prints by means of a zine market, zine library, workshops, lectures and various events. SPREAD aims to stimulate research into content, form and distribution and therefore allows national and international makers to come together in a setting where connection, experimentation, inspiration and new works can be created. Most of this takes place in the Zine Displayer, an installation designed by Théo Demans, based on the 'conference idea'. SPREAD aims to showcase the variety of possibilities for making zines by means of examples that are visual, narrative or textually inquisitive. This includes projects from areas or communities in which restriction, censorship or repression of the possibilities to express yourself play a role. The organization of SPREAD is a collaboration between Sign, an interdisciplinary national podium for contemporary, experimental art, and het resort, an experimental site-specific art initiative. Illustrator Floor van Meeuwen is co-organizer and there are curators involved for the international connections. With this third edition, the festival aims to attract 1200 visitors.
Groningen, 17-26 September 2021

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