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AARO City and Region

AARO City and Region

The AARO 'City and Region' programme focuses on urban and (supra-) regional issues for which design input can offer innovative solutions. How can spatial and programmatic strategies strengthen the regional dynamism in conjunction with economic developments and in collaboration with local stakeholders? How can spatial design contribute most effectively and at which scale can it offer solutions?

The programme is implemented for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (IenM), which has set aside a sum of €285,000 per year.

Open Calls are used to put specific issues on the agenda and bring together multidisciplinary teams of architects, urban planners and landscape architects to carry out research into a topical assignment. Creative Industries Fund NL supervises the teams, initiates collaborations, organizes meetings for the interchange of expertise, experience and the presentation of results.

Three Open Calls have been issued within this programme:

De Attractieve Regio – The Attractive Region (2013) (in Dutch)
Sleutelen aan het Metabolisme van de Stad – Tweaking the City's Metabolism (2014) (in Dutch)
Ontwerpen aan Voedselregio's – Designing Food Regions (2015) (in Dutch)

sharing knowledge

publication (in Dutch): All the information about the selected projects, selection procedure and meetings organized within the City and Region, Urban Transformations and Innovatieve Vormen van Opdrachtgeverschap Innovative Forms of Commissioning programmes have been compiled in the Voortgangsrapportage AARO programma's IenM (Progress report on IenM's AARO programmes).

website (in Dutch): The Fund shares all the expertise, research and experiences that are amassed within the supported projects on its Urbanization website.

The Action Agenda for Architecture and Spatial Design 2013–2016 (AARO) is the successor to what was formerly known as the 'national architecture policy'. The crux of this agenda formulated by the Dutch Ministries of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) and of Infranstructure and the Environment (IenM) is to strengthen the social position and quality of design at regional and local levels in the Netherlands. Creative Industries Fund NL is involved with five programmes: City and Region, Urban Transformations, Innovative Forms of Commissioning, Healthcare Accommodation and Education Environments.

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