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Open Call Talent Development in an International Context

Open Call Talent Development in an International Context

Four grants for international talent development

In the period 2014–2016, Creative Industries Fund NL is administering the Talent Development in an International Context programme for the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). This programme focuses on the deepening of the artistic and professional development of designers and creatives who are among the trailblazers in the creative industries (e-culture, design, architecture). This year the Fund is issuing this Open Call for the second time. There is just one application round a year for this programme.

Designers, creatives, critics and/or curators who rank among the international trailblazers can submit an application to this programme for a maximum sum of €25,000. A precondition for support is that the project involves cooperation with an international institution, organization or company with an excellent reputation. In the framework of this Open Call, the creative or designer must be of Dutch origin and/or have a practice that is registered in the Netherlands.

Several external advisers will be consulted during the assessment process, making their recommendations based on the following criteria:

the extent to which the designers, creatives, critics and/or curators from the creative industries (e-culture, design, architecture) rank among the international trailblazers and occupy a distinctive position;
the extent to which the foreign institution, organization or company involved has an excellent reputation;
the extent to which the proposed plan contributes to the further artistic and professional development of the creative;
the extent to which the proposal is consistent in intent and purpose, the expertise involved, audience reach, and the degree and method of co-funding;
the extent to which there is a Dutch interest.

The assessment takes the form of a tender: a number of proposals will be preferred above the others, subject to the available budget. The Fund will only communicate about the selected proposals; it will not enter into any correspondence about the rejection of individual proposals. The Open Call follows the procedure described in Creative Industries Fund NL's General Subsidy Regulations. The selected proposals will receive a subsidy based on the Grant Programme for Talent Development, of which articles 4 and 5 apply to this procedure.

For an orderly collection and assessment, candidates are asked to submit the proposal via the Fund's online application environment. Choose the Open Call International Talent Development, round 15TO. In the online application environment you will find a precise description of the documents required. The application can be submitted to Creative Industries Fund NL on or before 1 June 2015.

Available budget
Creative Industries Fund NL is making a maximum of €100,000 available for this Open Call. The maximum amount per application is €25,000. The subsidy is specifically intended for international activities that contribute to the artistic and/or professional development of designers, creatives, critics and/or curators from the creative industries.

Further information
There is no opportunity to present a draft application to the Fund. You will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail within a week of the closing date. The selection will be announced by e-mail by 15 July 2015 at the latest. Only from that point can the process actually start. The aim is that the project takes place in 2015 and/or 2016. It must be completed within 18 months. If your proposal is selected the Fund's secretariat will contact you. In order to receive the granted amount you must be registered with a Dutch Chamber of Commerce. If this is not already the case, then it is possible to register following the selection process.

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