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The creative industries are part of an international trend. The number of countries where there is a demand for Dutch designers and makers is increasing. It is therefore important to highlight the specific strengths of the Dutch creative industries and link them with a specific demand from abroad. The Internationalization Programme focuses on the advancement of the international position of the Dutch design sector, which involves initiating and/or supporting special projects in the creative industries – architecture, design and e-culture, including fashion and artistic games – that offer social or economic added value from a cultural perspective.

The objectives are to:
enhance the image of the Dutch design sector
expand the international sphere of activity
establish/reinforce long-term international relationships

The programme is implemented on behalf of the Dutch Ministries of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) and of Foreign Affairs (BuZa), which have set aside a sum of €2 million per year.

The Internationalization Programme functions as a fund within a fund. It comprises the Grant Programme for Internationalization with four application rounds per year, but also includes a whole series of events and activities. Interested parties are selected for participation in fairs, festivals and events by means of Open Calls. The Fund’s role in the programme’s implementation are driving initiatives, putting issues on the agenda, content-related and financial support, supporting and fostering the sharing of knowledge and experiences by means of public programmes, workshops and meetings. A specific component of the Internationalization Programme is to export expertise in the realm of urban transformation, for which tailor-made coalitions are established.

Several Open Calls have been issued within this programme for up-and-coming as well as established talent from all the disciplines to participate in progressive or prominent international events, namely:

Salone del Mobile in Milan (in Dutch)
SXSW in Austin (in Dutch)
GDC in San Francisco (in Dutch)
Gamescom in Cologne (in Dutch)
Beijing Design Week (in Dutch)
Seoul Design Week (in Dutch)
Northside Festival New York (in Dutch)
World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 (in Dutch)

There have also been Open Calls for:

Verkennen kansen internationalisering –Exploring Opportunities for Internationalization (2013) (in Dutch)
Internationale Verkenningen – International Explorations (2015) (in Dutch)

sharing knowledge

publication (in Dutch): All the information about the selected projects, selection procedure and meetings organized within the Internationalization Programme has been compiled in the Mid-term report on Internationalization.

website (in Dutch): The Fund shares all the expertise, research and experiences that are amassed within the supported projects on its Internationalization website.

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