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The creative industries are part of an international trend. The number of countries where there is a demand for Dutch designers and makers is growing. It is therefore important to highlight the exceptional characteristics of the Dutch creative industries and connect them with a specific demand from a foreign partner. The Internationalization Programme focuses on the advancement of the international position of the Dutch design sector. The Internationalization Programme involves the initiation or support of exceptional projects in the creative industries – architecture, design and digital culture, including fashion and artistic games – which possess a social or economic added value from a cultural perspective.

The Internationalization Programme has two key objectives.

Objective 1 focuses on:

strengthening the international reputation of today's Dutch creative industries;
expanding the sphere of activity of the creative industries;
establishing and maintaining relevant international relationships between designers, makers, manufacturers, commissioners and cultural institutions.

Objective 2 focuses on:
creating more space for a cultural contribution to a safe, just and sustainable world.

modus operandi
The Internationalization Programme includes the Grant Programme for Internationalization with three rounds per year and the voucher procedure, as well as a whole raft of events and activities. The Open Calls are used to select young and established talents who are participating in progressive or prominent international fairs, festivals and events. The roles of Creative Industries Fund NL in the programme's implementation are: initiation, raising the sector's profile, substantive and financial support, supervision, and encouragement of the sharing of expertise and experiences by means of public programmes, workshops and meetings.

The following Open Calls were issued in relation to international events:

Beijing Design Week (2013, 2014)
Seoul Design Week (2014)
World Design Capital Cape Town (2014)
Salone del Mobile in Milan (2014 to present)
SXSW in Austin (2014 to present)
GDC in San Francisco (2015, 2016)
Gamescom in Cologne (2015 to present)
Travelling Dialogues: Endless City (Toronto) & North Side Festival (Brooklyn, NY) (2016)
Venice Architecture Biennale (2016 to present)

In addition, Open Calls were issued for:

Reconnaissance of Opportunities for Internationalization (2013)
International Explorations (2015)
MMCA residencies in association with the Mondriaan Fund (2015-2016)
Arita residencies (2016-2017)

The following activities have also received support:

Dutch Design Desk Europe (2013)
Dutch participation in Design Biennale Gwangju (2013)
Participation in One Architecture Rebuild by Design NY (2013)
São Paulo Biennial (2013)
Urban Labs in association with UN-Habitat (2015)
Next City Living Lab during Beijing Design Week (2015)
Dutch showcase @ GDC (2017–2018)
London Fashion Showcase
London Design Fair 2018
Establishment of the Arita residency programme by Scholten & Baijings

One specific component of the Internationalization Programme focused on Objective 2: sustainable, inclusive cities and societies. Through until 2020, Creative Industries Fund NL will be issuing several open calls that concentrate on challenges involved with urbanization in Turkey, Morocco, Egypt or Russia. This involves investigating – in collaborations between local and Dutch partners – how these challenges can be tackled in order to arrive at more sustainable and more inclusive cities. The crux is the sharing of knowledge and expertise between Dutch designers and cultural organizations with local partners in one of the four countries.

The following Open Calls were issued within the context of Objective 2:

Open Call: Turkey #1 (2018)
Open Call: Russia #1 (2018)
Open Call: Egypt #1 (2018)
Open Call: Morocco #1 (2018)

In the context of Objective 2, the Fund has devised an impact framework that takes mutual learning into account. The Fund has organized a series of meet-ups in order to strengthen the networks, to share and expand knowledge about and from these countries, and to offer the opportunity for new collaborations.

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