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As of 1 January 2013, the Creative Industries Fund NL has six grants programmes. Three basic grant programmes, one for each discipline (architecture, design and E-culture), three multidisciplinary grant programmes (activities programmes, multi-year programmes and talent development), as well as the grants issued in collaboration with the Media Foundation through the Game Fund and the TAX Video Clip Fund.
To find out which grant you may be eligible for, you can run through the following test questions.

1) Am I applying for a grant for a project, an activities programme or talent development?
a) If a project: go to Question 2.
b) If an activities programme: go to Question 3.
c) If talent development: go to the Grant Programme for Talent Development.

2) Within which discipline am I initiating a project?
a) architecture
b) design

3) How long does my activities programme last?
a) max. 1 year: activity programme
b) max. 2 years: multi-year programme
Research, design, implementation, production, reflection and debate in the various phases of the development of architecture, design and E-culture are eligible for support.

Grants cannot be issued to:
Projects not covered by a grant programme
Educational programmes and related activities of educational institutions
Higher education institutions and universities, or research conducted by organizations associated with these
Projects that take place as part of an academic or training programme
Study trips
Education projects
Feasibility studies
Construction, renovation, interior design or restoration projects
Mass production
Projects that are revivals or reprints
Projects in which there is no Dutch involvement or interest
Projects with a duration exceeding 24 months
Projects that involve no reasonable co-financing in terms of the structure of the project.
The Creative Industries Fund NL sets no maximum limit to the amounts it issues in grants to projects or activities programmes. The size of the grant from the Fund is dependent on various factors, including equity and the level of co-financing.
You must complete the online application form fully and submit it online before the relevant date. You will find the deadlines for the grant rounds in the various grant programme sections. The declaration that is part of the application must be signed and sent by regular post.
The Creative Industries Fund NL will notify you through an official written notice of its decision no more than 10 weeks after the grant programme deadline. Keep in mind that you may not begin your project prior to the date of the official notice of this decision.
You can always submit a new application in a new grant round for a new project or activities programme. You may not submit a new application for the same project or activities programme for six months.

If you do not agree with a decision made by the Creative Industries Fund NL, you can submit a request for re-assessment, a revised application or a letter of protest. Always read this information carefully, or seek advice from the Fund.
A grant application is assessed according to the general assessment criteria of the Creative Industries Fund NL, as outlined in the Subsidy Regulations. Specific criteria for each grant programme may also be applied. These specific criteria can be found under ‘Assessment criteria’ in each grant programme section.
The Creative Industries Fund NL applies broad definitions of the disciplines of architecture, design and digital culture. Each grant programme lists the definition applied by the Fund and the subdisciplines the Fund considers eligible for a grant.
Contact us via +31(0)10 436 16 00 or [email protected].

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