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Selection open call Researching Remix

Selection open call Researching Remix

9 October 2019

From the 32 proposals received by the Fund as a result of the Researching Remix open call, four proposals have been selected. This open call arises from a collaboration between Metro54 and the Creative Industries Fund NL. The results will be presented at the upcoming Dutch Design Week, during This is a Take-Over: Researching Remix.
The Researching Remix open call is part of an annual programme in which Metro54 aims to focus attention on design, reflection and research within urban arts and culture. The open call was aimed at makers, designers and thinkers who critically reflect in their practice on themes such as balance of power, ownership and appropriation. By zooming in on remix as a research method, the use of materials, language and space is dissected and redefined in the process of making. In order to be part of This is a Take-Over: Researching Remix, the proposals had to be realizable in a relatively short time frame.

All the proposals were evaluated by the selection committee consisting of Amal Alhaag, Damiana de Windt, Radna Rumping and Lee Stuart. Proposals that were able to interpret the theme in a layered way and that had a distinctive voice within urban arts and culture, were preferred. The extent to which the work relates to one or more disciplines of the creative industry – ranging from design to film, photography and the visual arts – was also examined.

The following proposals were selected:
We Got It From Here – Leana Boven en Funs 'Funzig' Janssen
NKAIII – Hab Labs
Undo – Sydney Rahimtoola (photo above)
Makandra – Laeno Lashawn

From the large number of project proposals submitted, the committee concludes that there is a need within urban arts and culture to create space and recognition around the theme. The quality of the applications was extremely high; in order to stay within the available budget, the committee had to make difficult choices. The applications were diverse in nature, rich in words and images, and came from makers from various disciplines.‎

The proposals that were not selected fell short on one or more of the criteria. For example, project proposals were submitted that were not sufficiently interdisciplinary to be relevant to the disciplines represented by the Fund. The committee also found that the themes and sub-topics of the open call were not always an intrinsic part of the project or the practice of the applicant.

This is a Take-Over
The four selected projects will be exhibited at Dutch Design Week during This is a Take-Over: Researching Remix in TAC, Eindhoven. This interdisciplinary programme deals with the boundaries (including ethical ones) and frayed edges of fashion, music, architecture, design and identity. Metro54 investigates, shows and experiments with the current trends of cultural appropriation within metropolitan art, fashion and digital culture. To what extent does remix as a research method offer a possibility for producing alternative culture, design and art seen through a decolonial lens? How can we revise the binary notion within design in contemporary art and culture? The programme includes workshops, discussions, performances, film screenings, and video and installation works.

With This is a Take-Over: Researching Remix, Metro54 aims to claim a place for the critical and creative visions on design that emerge from street culture, queer scenes and activism that are currently influencing contemporary popular culture and everyday urban culture.

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Festive season: Creative Industries Fund NL closed for two weeks

5 December 2019

The Fund is closed from 20 December 2019 to 5 January 2020. During this period no login accounts can be requested, no draft applications can be submitted and no payments will be made.
NB: if you would like to submit an application soon, please read these frequently asked questions:

'I intend to submit an application in the month of January 2020, but I don't have a login account yet'
Apply for a login account immediately, this is possible until 16 December 2019 via our online application environment.

After 16 December, it is best to use the links below, which give you access to the application forms of the grant programmes that close in January 2020. This way, you can work on your application offline. You can then apply for an account again from Monday 6 January. Once you have received the account details, you can fill in, finalize and submit your application in the online application environment.

'I already have a login account...'
Then you will have the opportunity to prepare your application in the online application environment, even during the end-of-year period. Please note that the Fund is closed from 20 December to 5 January and during this period, e-mails will not be responded to and the telephone will not be answered.

Draft proposals can only be presented to staff members again from 6 January 2020.

View the deadlines for 2020 here.

View a link to the frequently asked questions here.

Links to application forms for deadlines in January:
Grant Programme Architecture
Grant Programme Design
Grant Programme Digital Culture
Grant Programme Digital Heritage x Public
Grant Programme Festivals

Lisa Konno and Simone Post selected for Arita residency

4 December 2019

Lisa Konno and Simone Post have been selected for a residency in the Arita ceramics region. The Creative Industries Fund NL received 20 applications for this residency as a result of the Open Call Residency in Arita, Japan 2020.
Lisa Konno would like to investigate the ritual function of tableware and link it to clothing. Traditions and customs create a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging and familiarity. Lisa Konno is inspired by rituals that create a dialogue between clothing, porcelain and food, such as a tea ceremony or Christmas dinner. Based on this, she will design a modern, personal ritual. The focus is on craftsmanship and revaluation.

At Cor Unum, Simone Post is currently working on a study into tactility in ceramics. She utilizes the fluidity of clay. The material is formed in a wet state as if it were a textile, stretching its static boundaries. She will use the resulting language of form as a starting point for her research in Arita, which is based on colour and glaze and the way in which these two react to each other and mix together.

The applications received in response to the open call ranged from highly technical to more Japan-oriented, such as Lisa Konno's project. In her proposal, she clearly explains the differences and similarities between the Dutch and Japanese practices and expresses her curiosity about the Japanese way of working. She is well aware of her own position. Although the intended results have not yet been specifically stated, the committee believes that the starting points and portfolio are well-aligned with each other.
Simone Post's proposal looks at working with shapes, textures, colours and glazes and makes connections with working with textiles, with which she is already familiar. In view of her specific approach and professional perspective, the committee is positive about the significance of her project not only for her own practice but also for Arita. The advisers state that in general they consider exchange to be very important. They like to see proposals that will also benefit Arita and that address experimentation and research within the knowledge and context that Arita offers.

The proposals submitted were assessed on the basis of portfolio, CV and motivation. The advisers evaluated the proposals to gauge how consistently they were conceived and the extent to which they met the criteria of the Subsidy Regulations and this open call. The evaluation took the form of a tender: two proposals were preferred to the other submissions.

about the residency
In July 2019, the Creative Industries Fund NL, together with the Mondriaan Fund, issued the fifth Open Call Residency in Arita, Japan 2020. Arita offers a living and working space for two periods per year, where one designer and one artist can stay at the same time. The aim is to create a valuable exchange between Japanese porcelain producers and Dutch designers and artists. The Open Call Residency in Arita, Japan will be repeated next year.

Selection Open Call Talent Development in International Context

4 December 2019

Giuditta Vendrame, Studio Legrand Jäger, Studio Agne and Sophie Hardeman will be collaborating with international partners in the coming period. These four designers were selected from 16 proposals from Dutch designers and makers who responded to the Open Call for Talent Development in International Context. By means of this open call, the Fund is giving designers and makers the opportunity to deepen their practice internationally and to develop it artistically and professionally by collaborating with a foreign partner. The selected projects fulfil an exemplary function for the Dutch creative industry and at the same time enrich our sector with new knowledge.
In her project 'Humid World', Giuditta Vendrame is investigating the notion of borders in water as a designer in residency within the 'At the Border' research programme at A/D/O in New York, USA. Studio Legrand Jäger (photo above) is developing new performative work in collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum in the project 'Internet of Ears: AI-Generated Policy Play'. Sophie Hardeman - Love Harder is researching group behaviour, tolerance, prejudices and stereotypes and brings politically and/or socially ignored topics to the attention during a residency at NAVEL.LA in Los Angeles. Studio Agne is carrying out theoretical and material research into amber waste during a residency at Neuni in Shanghai.

The committee's response to the quality of the proposals submitted was predominantly positive. The proposals in which the exceptional artistic vision, professional development and interaction with the international partner strengthened each other were preferred by the advisers. The social and cultural relevance of the proposals was also taken into account. This open call must involve the exchange of knowledge and the collaboration must not be a commissioned project. All the proposals were evaluated by representatives from digital culture, design and architecture. The committee consisted of maker and KABK teacher Pawel Pokutycki, freelance art and design historian Victoria Anastasyadis and AMO associate Stephan Petermann.
Studio Agne

The committee evaluated the proposals on the basis of six criteria:

the extent to which the designers, makers, critics and/or curators from the creative industry (digital culture, design, architecture) occupy an exemplary and/or distinctive position;
the extent to which the proposed plan contributes to the further artistic and professional development of the maker concerned;
the quality and form of the collaboration;
the extent to which the foreign institution, organization or company concerned has an excellent reputation;
the degree and manner of co-financing by the foreign partner concerned;
the consistency of the proposal in terms of purpose, structure, relevant expertise and audience reach;
the extent to which there are Dutch interests.

The proposals were of varying, but generally good quality, and some were particularly good. The supported designers show that they are aware of the local (international) context in which they are operating. For the selected proposals, there is a good match between the project, the objective and the partner involved. The selection as a whole provides a diverse picture of the possibilities of talent development in an international context.

rejected proposals
The proposals that were not selected fell short on one or more of the criteria. In a number of proposals, the advisers saw that the partners had an excellent reputation, but that the collaboration was not aimed at reciprocity and/or did not contribute to the professional and artistic development of the talent. In some proposals, the makers did not provide sufficient insight, in the details of the plan, into the approach and structure of the project. In a number of cases, the relevance to the discipline within the Dutch creative industry was insufficiently demonstrated or there was sometimes a lack of insight into how knowledge flows back to the Netherlands. In a few cases, the committee assessed the degree of critical reflection or awareness of the local context to be insufficient.


Four-year Institutional Grant Programme for Creative Industries 2021-2024

2 December 2019

The Creative Industries Fund NL is providing a new subsidy option for the policy period 2021-2024. Leading Dutch institutions that contribute to the promotion of high quality, development and professionalization of contemporary digital culture, design and architecture and all possible crossovers can apply for a four-year institutional grant. This grant programme will be published on our website in January 2020. You can submit your application from 1 March 2020. The deadline is 8 May 2020. The amount of grant requested is a minimum of € 200,000 per calendar year and a maximum of € 550,000 per calendar year.
design infrastructure
In addition to the Fund's existing grant programmes for cultural institutions, such as the Activities Programmes for one or two years of support, this new four-year institutional grant programme creates an increasing chain of support possibilities for institutions within the creative industries. In this way, the Fund aims to make a resilient and dynamic design infrastructure possible.

From 1 March 2020, the Four-year Institutional Grant Programme for Creative Industries 2021-2024 will be available and you can submit your application using the application form. The subsidy ceiling for this grant programme will also be announced in the spring.

If you prefer to submit an application to the Activities Programme Grant Programme, it is good to know that this grant programme will have one round in 2020 with a deadline of 30 September 2020.

January 2020: Four-year Institutional Grant Programme for Creative Industries published
Between 1 March 2020 and 8 May 2020: Application period for Four-year Institutional Grant Programme for Creative Industries
4 June 2020: On the day that the Council for Culture presents the recommendations for the Basic Cultural Infrastructure, the Fund will inform applicants of the decision within this grant programme.
30 September 2020: Deadline Activities programme Grant Programme

useful to know
If you are considering applying for a four-year institutional grant, please take a look at these frequently asked questions.

'Can you submit an application to both the BIS of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Fund?
Yes, you can, but it cannot be awarded twice. In the event of a positive decision from the Council for Culture within the BIS, this means that the procedure and the advisory process with the Creative Industries Fund NL will be discontinued, even if it concerns two applications for different core activities. Conversely, in the event of a negative decision from the Council for Culture, this advice has no influence on the advisory process with the Fund.

'How does the Fund deal with the different codes?'
We expect all applicants to subscribe to the codes. In addition, with regard to the Fair Practice Code, the Diversity & Inclusion Code and the Culture Governance Code, you also clearly indicate where you stand now, what steps you intend to take between 2021 and 2024 and where you would like to be at the end of that period. You can explain how you deal with the codes in your organization, your programme and with regard to audience reach and communication.

'Can I qualify for the four-year institutional grant and additionally submit an application to another of the Fund's grant programmes?
Institutions receiving a subsidy on the basis of this grant programme are not entitled during the implementation period to any subsidies from the Architecture, Design, Digital Culture, Activities Programme and Festivals grant programmes of the Creative Industries Fund NL.

For more information and advice about which grant programme is best suited to your institution, please contact Anouk Laverge.

16 Jan: Get a Grant Amsterdam

28 November 2019

When can you apply for a grant, how does it work and what do you need to be aware of? The Creative Industries Fund NL and Mondriaan Fund are jointly organizing an information session on grant possibilities for artists and designers who have already graduated or are close to graduation. Come along to the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam on Thursday 16 Januari 2020.
The Get a Grant Event gives an overview of what the Creative Industries Fund NL and Mondriaan Fund can offer young creative professionals. Are you looking for funding for your project or practice? Staff from the two funds will tell you about the subsidy possibilities: when can you apply for a grant, how does it work and what do you need to be aware of? In addition, a visual artist and a designer will talk about their experiences in submitting an application and answer questions from the public. Afterwards you can ask the speakers specific questions.

This meeting is the third in a series of three Get a Grant information sessions that the Mondriaan Fund and the Fund are organizing throughout the country.

Creative Industries Fund
The Creative Industries Fund NL is the cultural fund for architecture, design, digital culture and every imaginable crossover. In addition to providing project subsidies from the various grant programmes such as Design and Digital Culture, the Fund makes a working grant available annually within the Talent Development grant programme to some 25 talented young designers/makers for their artistic and professional development. There is one application round per year. The deadline of 2020 is 6 March.

Mondriaan Fund
The Mondriaan Fund is the public fund for visual arts and cultural heritage. The Fund offers, among other things, a range of contribution possibilities for artists and mediators (curators and critics) in the areas of talent development and deepening of the practice.

Date: Thursday 16 January 2020
Time: 11.00 - 13.00 uur (doors open 10.30, after 12.30 possibility for individual questions to the speakers)
Location: Rietveld Academie, Fred. Roeskestraat 96, 1076 ED Amsterdam
Admission: free
Registering: sign up here using the registration form

Speakers: Sofija Stanković and Teodora Stojković (TeYosh)
Moderator: Femke Dekker
Session language: English

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