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Meet-ups Open Calls Internationalization

Meet-ups Open Calls Internationalization

24 January 2018

From 13 to 16 February the Fund is organizing a series of four meet-ups relating to the open calls that focus on Russia, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco.
During the meet-ups, an expert from the country in question will give a talk to provide inspiration. The aim is to exchange knowledge and experience. It is also possible to ask Fund staff questions about the open calls.

By means of four open calls, the Creative Industries Fund NL invites Dutch designers and cultural organizations to submit a plan for a project, intervention or process that deploys design for sustainable and inclusive urbanization in one of the four countries.

Tuesday 13 February: Meet-up Russia
14.00 - 17.00 (doors open 13.30)
Speaker: Vera Leonova, Associate Dean Higher School of Economics, Moscow
Vera Leonova shares her vision on the role of advocacy planning in urban development in Russia. She describes a number of urban issues, the background to these issues and the effects on communities.

Wednesday 14 February: Meet-up Turkey
14.00 - 17.00 (doors open 13.30)
Speaker: Serhan Ada, associate professor Bilgi University Istanbul
Serhan Ada describes the opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration in contemporary Turkey. With examples of initiatives by designers, artists' collectives, municipalities and inhabitants in cities such as Istanbul, Izmir and Mardin, he discusses how they influence cultural policy in Turkey and vice versa.

Thursday 15 February: Meet-up Egypt
14.00 - 17.00 (doors open 13.30)
Speaker: May Al-lbrashy, built environment collective – Megawra, Cairo
May Al-lbrashy observes that design as a driver for social development is a growing trend in Egypt. Rapid urbanization is challenging designers to develop strategies and tactics for survival, but also to achieve new forms of collaboration.

Friday 16 February: Meet-up Morocco
10.00 - 13.00 (doors open 09.30)
Speakers: Amina Mourid and Hicham Bouzid, Think Tanger, Tanger
Amina Mourid and Hicham Bouzid provide an introduction to Tanger and the way the city distinguishes itself from other Moroccan cities. They give their vision on how the city can be critically questioned from various perspectives such as design, social design and the bringing together of different parties.

Language: English. Moderator: Mechtild van den Hombergh and Thijs Barendse.

The meet-ups are being held in the HipHopHuis, Delftsestraat 19A (entrance via Delftsehof) in Rotterdam.

You are cordially invited to attend one or more of the meet-ups. Please ensure that we receive your RSVP by e-mail by 9 February at the latest via [email protected] specifying the meet-up you would like to attend and please state your name and organization in your message.

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Annual Report 2017: 6x the power of design

3 April 2018

Today the Creative Industries Fund NL publishes its annual report 2017. In 2017 the Fund awarded 11.3 million euro in grants to designers, cultural organizations and festivals. In this way, the Fund enabled them to make a contribution to a more beautiful, better and more sustainable world. In six video portraits, the Fund makes the power of design tangible.

NB: The full version of the annual report is only available for desktop and tablet. Mobile users are automatically redirected to the mobile version with a summary in the form of a series of videos.

Syb Groeneveld, executive director:
‘In a series of video portraits, we look back at the policy period's fruitful first year. Six projects can be seen that stand out not only because of their substantive and artistic quality but also their social consensus, audience reach and professionalism. These designers, makers, talents and organizations demonstrate in a convincing way what cultural subsidy can generate. With their originality and perseverance, they interpret in their own way the relevance of culture in our society.’


deepening the professional practice & social relevance
In 2017 the Fund awarded grants to 441 projects by designers and supported the programmes of 79 cultural organizations and festivals. By supporting experiment, research, production and presentation in and between the disciplines of design, architecture and digital culture, the Fund made a substantial contribution in 2017 to the quality of the professional design practice. In addition, the Fund stimulated the deployment of design power when working on topical social issues such as the energy transition, education, healthcare, the environment and climate change. Designers are in an unrivalled position to introduce new ways of working and to realize broadly supported mindsets.


infographics & video portraits
By means of animated infographics, the digital annual report provides a view of the available budget's distribution and the results achieved. The review also shows the stories behind the figures in short videos. It is, after all, the individual designers, collectives and organizations that define the diversity, originality and relevance of the design disciplines. We hear from bio-artist Jalila Essaïdi, programmer Felipe Ignacio together with pianist Anne Veinberg, director of Fort Pannerden Eric Creemers, fashion designer Barbara Langendijk and jewellery designer Noon Passama, director of the Textiellab Errol van de Werdt and Eva Pfannes from Ooze Architects.


Bring it on!
On Thursday 12 April, the Creative Industries Fund NL is launching a new annual event.
Bring it on! is an open day where the Fund reviews the 2017 results and looks towards the future. The objective of the event at Theater Rotterdam's Schouwburg location is to bring together the design sector and discuss ambitions, design ideas and social impact.


12 apr: Bring it on! Creative Industries Fund NL’s Open Day

22 March 2018

On Thursday, 12 April, Creative Industries Fund NL is launching a new annual event: Bring it on! – an open day when the Fund brings the design sector together and enters into discussions about ambitions, design ideas and social impact. Looking back at the results from the previous year and looking ahead to the future, you can count on a full and active programme. Come and meet us at Theater Rotterdam location Schouwburg and share your knowledge and experience. You are warmly invited to join us from 1pm.
The programme ranges from public interviews with design talents the Fund has previously supported and the presentation of a manifesto about new-style city-making to how designers can tackle the challenge of entering into a collaboration with a social or academic partner. Find the provisional program below.

Main language: Dutch

The Fund will draw inspiration from the input of participants for its ambitions and policy going forward.

Please register via [email protected] by mentioning Bring it on! in the subject line and stating your name and organization in the email.

Thursday, 12 April 2018 – 1.30pm - 6pm (open from 1pm)
Venue: Theater Rotterdam - Schouwburg , Schouwburgplein 25, 3012 CL, Rotterdam

programme talkshow
moderator Corline van Es (Bureau &MAES)

Kick-off afternoon and welcome by executive director Syb Groeneveld. Syb discusses the stimulating role of the fund for designers and cultural institutions, looks back at 2017 and especially ahead to all new plans for the coming period.
The Stimuleringsfonds presents the Stadslab Manifest in which the lessons from the city lab practice are translated into concrete recommendations for the Nationale Omgevingsvisie (NOVI). Emiel Reiding, directeur Nationale Omgevingsvisie (NOVI) | ministerie BZK receives the first copy.
Interview with Anne van der Zwaag (curator and design fair OBJECT) and three fashion talents Karim Adduchi, Lisa Konno and Yamuna Forzani, who each challenge the current fashion system in their own way, working from the themes of sustainability, identity and cultural diversity.
Two selected from the Open Call Fresh Perspectives, Jalila Essaïdi and Superuse Studios took the challenge to begin a collaboration with a social partner as a designer. Under the guidance of fund employee Joris van Ballegooijen they tell about their cooperation with resp. Waterschap De Dommel and the Afrikaanderwijk Coöperatie. At the same time, a new edition of the Open Call Fresh Perspectives will start.
Do you believe in the contribution of design to social assignments? A new partnership of the fund in the field of social innovation and innovative strength will be announced.
Key note by Rami Ismail, co-founder of Vlambeer and winner Ambassador Award, the Oscar of the game industry.
5pm – 6pm
The day ends with a (network) drink with DJ Richard Soesanna (Music And Fashion Battle).

Use the opportunity to meet interesting players from the design field. Think of a speed date with a creative industry policy officer from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, a creative industry policy advisor at Gemeente Rotterdam, discussion partners about alternative financing options or an initiator of a city lab. Or talk to a fund employee about everything you want to know about subsidies and policy.

From 1pm the time slots for various speed dates are available at the entrance. Keep in mind that the supply of time slots is limited. So come early and make your choice. Keep an eye on the website for the latest updates.

11 Dutch designers during Milan Design Week 2018

21 March 2018

The Salone del Mobile, one of the largest international fairs for furniture and product design, is being held this year from 17 to 22 April. The Fund is supporting 11 presentations during Milan Design Week, at the Satellite and at special locations spread throughout the city. If you would like to know where they are presenting, take a look at the Google map below.
The 11 presentations demonstrate the excellent quality of the Dutch design field, which is being showcased in a variety of ways in Milan: through the artistic quality of the products and concepts, with distinctive presentations at special locations and via striking collaborations or group presentations.

The selection includes proposals for application-oriented and detailed designs, such as the MINOIS handbag collection by Lumiére du Nord. The choice has also been made for more experimental work being shown at an earlier stage of development, such as the presentations by Studio Truly Truly, VANTOT, Alissa+Nienke, BELéN and Tijs Gilde Design Studio. Jelle Mastenbroek, Daniel de Bruin and Bas Bakx opted for a more conceptual installation that focuses on the experience with a social message.

The selected platforms chp...? jewelry, Crafts Council Nederland and Dutch Invertuals provide the designers involved with an excellent opportunity to present themselves in Milan within a unique group presentation. These platforms each work with a distinctive concept that provides new perspectives on Dutch design with a more outspoken and experimental character. Also in line with this idea is the proposal submitted by Better Known As, a performative presentation from a collective of young designers who want to sound an unconventional note in Milan with a distinctive type of presentation. The collective consists of Thomas Ballouhey, Boris de Beijer, Koos Breen, Reijnald Kolthof and Lonneke van der Palen.

Download the brochure about the 11 presentations in Milan here.

Photo above: Alissa+Nienke, Interactive Interior Collection.



Open Call Fresh Perspectives #2

20 March 2018

Creative Industries Fund NL is inviting designers and creatives from the creative industries to submit proposals in conjunction with a social or expert partner, focused on tackling a pressing task as a team. With the Open Call: Fresh Perspectives, the Fund is encouraging designers with a sound concept to enter into a collaboration with a reputable company, organization or knowledge institution. The deadline for submissions is 2 May 2018.
The Funds supports hundreds of talented designers and creatives in the development of their professional practice every year. The research and experiments of these creatives often form the start of the design chain. This involves the unrestrained combination of expertise and methods, often resulting in novel insights, concepts and prototypes. The Fund has noted a strong desire among designers/creatives to develop these outcomes further and render them applicable beyond their own discipline or professional practice. However, there is often a lack of decisive clout in the guise of a sturdy external party that is able to translate ideas into results. The Fund has also noticed that organizations and enterprises can gain a lot from the fresh perspective of a designer across a diversity of complex tasks. All too often a designer is not involved in the process until too late, if at all.

The aim of this open call is to bring together designers and parties with a solid social or expert position around the same table. The Fund is challenging these parties to exploit this collaboration to arrive at innovative, surprising solutions for topical design tasks.

this Open Call’s set-up
Creative Industries Fund NL is setting aside €160,000 for this Open Call. The maximum grant per project is €40,000, divided across two phases.

Depending on the task, the outcomes of the collaboration can assume a diversity of forms, whether a product, intervention or service. Collaborating with international partners is an option, though a Dutch interest should prevail within the project.

The application can be submitted via Creative Industries Fund NL’s online application environment by Wednesday, 2 May 2018 at the latest. Select ‘Open Call: Fresh Perspectives’ from the drop-down menus.
Find more information about this Open Call here.

For this Open Call there is no opportunity to present draft proposals to the Fund for advice. On Thursday, 12 April, the Fund is organizing an Open Day for interested parties, presenting the outcomes of the previous edition of Fresh Perspectives and allowing you to ask questions.

Selection Open Call SXSW 2018

7 March 2018

Creative Industries Fund NL is supporting the ‘AstroPlant - a new generation of space farmers’ workshop and ‘The Living Museum’ exhibition/performance programme with their presentations at South By Southwest (SXSW). This year’s festival is being held in Austin, Texas, from 9 to 18 March, and provides a platform for hundreds of showcases in the realms of music, film and technology, as well as every imaginable crossover.
With its Open Call: SXSW 2018, Creative Industries Fund NL invited Dutch makers from the creative industries to submit proposals for a presentation at South By Southwest. As a result of this Open Call, the Fund is supporting two initiatives with vouchers for travel and accommodation expenses, and is in one instance contributing to the production budget.

AstroPlant – a new generation of space farmers
Thieme Hennis has received a voucher in relation to the workshop he is organizing together with Angelo Vermeulen (BE) and Beth Healy (UK), with the title ‘AstroPlant – a new generation of space farmers’. AstroPlant is a ‘citizen science’ project by Border Labs and the European Space Agency (ESA) to spark the interest of young creatives for space exploration and topics such as controlled plant growth, food in space, circular systems and electronics. Using an open source kit, in the workshop the ‘citizen scientists’ will generate relevant data about plant growth for research into regenerative ecosystems for Earth as well as Mars.

The Living Museum
The Fund is also supporting The Living Museum, an exhibition/performance programme curated by Chafik Benhmidouch, in which the focus is crossovers between music and fashion, art and technology. The programme is being staged in the New Dutch Wave House, where Dutch participants are presenting their work. The Living Museum is part of the SXSW / UNESCO Media Arts Exhibition. Lisette Ros, Cata.Pirata and Chagall are among the Dutch creatives who are presenting work within this ground-breaking programme.
AstroPlant – a new generation of space farmers

Photo above: The Living Museum


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