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Netherlands Architecture Fund expands

Netherlands Architecture Fund expands

Next year applicants for individual grants in the field of design and architecture (formerly FBKVB) should apply to the Netherlands Architecture Fund, which will also subsidize international design projects (formerly MS). In 2013 the Netherlands Architecture Fund expands its portfolio with eCulture.

The 2012 expansion involves five programmes.
1. All individual grants are to come under the new Programme Talent Development Architecture and Design. Under this new format income grants will no longer be awarded; all grants will be in the nature of a project grant. The grant is intended for architects and designers who have been graduated within the last four years. The budget for the requested grant sum is maximum € 20.000,-. Co-financing is required. For example: the grant can be awarded for developing innovative working methods, organizing exhibitions or lectures presenting your own work.

2. The Programme Design covers all other project forms that are not related to the talent development of young designers. The grant programme aims to enhance the development and exchange of knowledge about current issues that are topical in the Netherlands. For example: the grant can be awarded for developing innovative working methods, product development, research and design, debates, symposia, workshops, best practices, publications, audio visual productions.

3. All projects that take place outside the Netherlands and that are focused on international promotion and knowledge exchange come under the Programme International Projects Design. This includes international-initiated projects that reflect on the Dutch design practice. Architects, urban planners and landscape architects can apply for Programme International Projects Architecture.

4. Grant Programme for Games aims to develop artistic games. In cooperation with the Media Foundation.

5. Grant Programme TAX Video Clip provide subsidies for video clips. In cooperation with the Media Foundation.

Closing dates
Requests for these five grant programmes can be submitted any time. Grants cannot be awarded after the project is started. Therefore, in all cases apply no later than 3 à 4 months before the starting date of your project.

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