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12 talents selected in Open Call Scout Nights

12 talents selected in Open Call Scout Nights

23 April 2020

During four online scout nights in early April, 40 young makers pitched their work to qualify for a grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL. Twelve of them were selected for the next round: each one of them makers with great potential and the ambition to let a different sound be heard in the cultural sector and beyond.
This year, four scouts appointed for Talent Development managed to reach a large number of makers who have largely developed their own skills in their profession. The scouts were each linked to a city: Marian Duff scouted in Amsterdam, Meryem Slimani in Rotterdam, Jess Oberlin in Eindhoven and Saïd Belhadj in Utrecht. The Fund received 83 registrations for the scout nights. After selection, 40 makers were given the opportunity to pitch themselves and their emerging practices before a jury. Contrary to plan, this could not be done on location in the four different cities due to the COVID-19 restrictions. So instead, the 40 makers had short conversations with the jury members online. Twelve makers were selected for the next round and receive a grant of € 1,000 to draw up a development plan for the coming year. They will use this plan to apply for a working grant in the second round of the Talent Development Grant Programme.

The work of the makers who signed up for the scout nights shows a great thematic diversity. Many of them do not recognize themselves at all, or only to a very limited extent, in the stories with which professional colleagues reach the media and which are generally told in the cultural sector. They observe a lack of diversity and are making it their aim to change this. In their work they focus, for example, on the (post)colonial (slavery) past of the Netherlands and the migration histories of different generations. The variety is striking: from the native inhabitants of South America to stories related to Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Indonesia, Aruba, Suriname and Curaçao. Another important theme is gender and sexual inclusiveness. A few applicants explicitly focus on the LGBTQIA+ and queer communities. Interestingly enough, many makers choose traditional media such as fashion, illustration or photography to give form to their story.

Grants officer Talent Development Sharvin Ramjan: 'It's very important that we, as Fund, reach this group of makers as well. They are much less visible in the cultural sector, but let a different sound be heard than the established order, and know how to bring other kinds of topical themes to the attention with their work.'
The online Scout Night Eindhoven

The twelve makers who were selected during the four scout nights are: Jasper van Es (graffiti, curator), Bo Stokkermans (interdisciplinary), Ramla Malya (fashion), Khalid Amakran (photography, interdisciplinary), Inez Naomi Correa Alves (fashion), ILLM (typography, graphic), Studio Frances Ro (storytelling), Rikkert Paauw (spatial, interdisciplinary), Bird.Guy (illustration, graphic), JeanPaul Paula (photography, storytelling), Ali Esmali (virtual reality) and Fana Richters (interdisciplinary, fashion).

Each scout night had its own jury. The jury members for Amsterdam were: Clayde Menso (director Amerpodia), Harriët Mbonjani (programme developer Eye Filmmuseum) and Angelique Hoorn (director Angelique Hoorn Management). For Rotterdam, the jury consisted of: Cye Wong-Loi Sing (senior developer Brand New Guys), Shehera Grot (curator Kunsthal) and Yassine Salihine (designer). In Eindhoven, Harm Rensink (designer and creative director New Order of Fashion), Pernilla Ellens (curator) and Tim Terpstra (director The Grey Space in the Middle) formed the jury. And in Utrecht, the jury consisted of: Ryan Oduber (designer and director Smaller World Bigger Eyes Media), Ramon Goedvree (co-founder and co-owner Kapitaal) and Lotte van Laatum (designer).

The juries were impressed by the quality of the applications. They observe that there are many practices that are not (yet) sufficiently recognized by the funds. In the selected applicants, they see a new generation of makers who have independently been able to develop a distinctive and relevant portfolio. They recognize in the makers significant potential for artistic development and look forward to seeing their further plans.

The juries note that a number of practices focus more on commercial or professional development. They also note that some applicants find it difficult to interpret and place their own practice within the cultural design field. For example, in many cases they see a lack of tangible research questions that will contribute to further artistic and substantive deepening or a vision on their own practice as a maker. Although they do not find this strange and see it more often in novice makers, they think it is important that this aspect receives an impetus. In general, the juries advise the participants to develop their portfolios further, in particular to create new work, and to keep questioning themselves critically.

The development plans will be evaluated in the second round on 7 and 8 July by the advisory committee of the Talent Development Grant Programme, together with the plans from makers selected in the first round as part of the regular procedure. In the second round, the committee will select a maximum of 35 makers who will receive a talent development grant of € 24,000 from the Fund.

The Creative Industries Fund NL issued its first Open Call Scout Nights in 2019. The scout nights are specifically intended for designers and makers who have not followed or completed regular art education. In this way, the Fund enables designers and makers from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds to develop further artistically and professionalize their design practice. In 2019 two scout nights were held, in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The number has been increased to four this year; besides Rotterdam and Amsterdam there were also scout nights in Utrecht and Eindhoven. As a result of the COVID-19 measures, the scout nights had to take place online. The Fund is happy that the evenings were able to take place in an alternative form, although this was unfortunately at the expense of the vibrant and inspiring atmosphere that characterized the scout nights last year.

Photo above: Fana Richters (Airich), JeanPaul Paula and Ali Eslami

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New Experiment Grant Scheme

25 January 2021

On 1 February, the Creative Industries Fund NL will open a new grant scheme, focussing on small-scale experiment-driven research within the creative industry: the Experiment Grant Scheme.

We spoke to Gabriella Fiorentini, coordinator of the new Experiment Grant Scheme.
Why create a grant scheme for experimental projects?
The Creative Industries Fund NL's mission is to continue and renew the rich design tradition in the Netherlands, from a cultural perspective, mainly by stimulating the process of experimentation, research and creation.

With this new grant scheme we are specifically seeking to stimulate small-scale experiment-driven research in the design practice of designers and makers within the Dutch creative industry.

Wasn't a similar type of application already possible within the Fund's regular grant schemes?
Yes there was, but with the Experiment Grant Scheme we are offering a fast and accessible procedure that will take no more than six weeks, so that we can give an extra boost to innovations in the short term. Also, co-financing is not compulsory. Within this grant scheme, you can receive a contribution of as much as € 10,000. Besides, you can submit an application at any time, so whenever it suits you.

How does it work exactly?
From 1 February, you can apply whenever you want through the online application environment. Grant applications will be processed in the order of submission within a period. The first period closes on 15 June 2021 at the latest, unless the grant ceiling of € 250,000 is exceeded before that date. In that case, the grant scheme will close immediately.

In what other ways is this grant scheme different?
The Experiment Grant Scheme has a fast procedure in place, so you receive a decision within around 6 weeks after you submit your application. After you have submitted your application, we check if it complies with the scheme's formal requirements. If your application is satisfactory, your project application will be processed and assessed in accordance with verifiable criteria by at least two Fund employees who are not involved in the formalities check. So, as a coordinator and contact person, I will not be assessing any submissions.

What are the most important criteria?
There are three criteria, which are all of equal importance:
the artistic value of the project;
the expected significance of the experiment for the personal practice or the area of expertise;
the degree to which the project is effective in its setup, methods and any expertise involved.

Who can submit an application to this grant scheme?
The grant scheme is open to professional designers, design agencies or design collectives from all the creative industry's disciplines. Interdisciplinary cooperative ventures and crossovers with partners from other disciplines are also possible, provided that this knowledge contributes to the experimental research. As an applicant you do need to be registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

Can you give some examples of the type of project applications the Fund is looking for with this new grant scheme?
That is tricky to put into words, because we work on a demand-driven basis. This means that your grant application and need for a grant is assessed based on the objectives and conditions of the Experiment Grant Scheme. But, as a generalization you could say that within this new experimental scheme we are offering scope for refreshing alternative mindsets. It is all about what you want to research and/or create and the significance of the results going beyond your personal practice. So, almost anything goes. I am really looking forward to proposals that surprise us.

21 Jan: Online Get a Grant event

14 December 2020

When can you apply for a grant, how does it work and what do you need to be aware of? The Creative Industries Fund NL and Mondriaan Fund are jointly organizing an online information session on grant possibilities for artists and designers who have already graduated or are close to graduation. Sign up and participate on 21 January 2021 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. in the online event.
The Get a Grant Event gives an overview of what the Creative Industries Fund NL and Mondriaan Fund can offer young creative professionals. Are you looking for funding for your project or practice? Staff from the two funds will tell you about the subsidy possibilities. In addition the granted designer Yamuna Forzani and artist Mylan Hoezen will talk about their experiences in submitting an application and answer questions from the public. Afterwards you can ask the speakers specific questions.

get a grant events
Since 2015, the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Mondriaan Fund have jointly organized joint Get a Grant events. Meetings to inform (just) starting artists and designers, students and alumni about the subsidy possibilities of both funds.

This meeting is organized online due to measures around corona.

date: 21 January 2021
time: 13.00 – 14.00 uur
registration: the event is full. It is no longer possible to register. The Talent Development Team will organize one or two consultation hours a week in January and February 2021. Sign up here.
language: English

moderator: Femke Dekker (curator, moderator, (radio) DJ and teacher on art academies)
speakers: designer Yamuna Forzani and artist Mylan Hoezen
fund employees: Sharvin Ramjan (Stimuleringsfonds) and Carmen Muskee (Mondriaan Fonds)

Talent Development Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie
The Talent Development Grant Programme is a subsidy in which the Creative Industries Fund NL supports a new generation of designers and makers - working in design, architecture or digital culture - in further developing and profiling of one's own individual talent, both artistic and professional, by strengthening cultural entrepreneurship. The deadline for submitting a proposal in 2021 is 10 February.

Contribution Artist Start Mondriaan Fund
The Contribution Artist Start is for starting visual artists who have been working professionally for a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 4 years: for the development of art practice. The subsidy will be available for application from January 2021 at the Mondriaan Fund.


2021 deadlines

11 December 2020

The deadlines for Creative Industries Fund NL's grant programmes in 2021 have been set. In 2021 there are four application rounds for the Grant Programmes for Design, Architecture and Digital Culture. The Grant Programme Upstrem: Music x Design and the Grant Programme ImmerseInterct have two rounds each in 2021. There is one single round for the the Grant Programme Talent Development. View the closing dates and make a note of them in your agenda!
The 2021 deadlines for each grant programme:

Grant Programme for Design:
13 January 2021
7 April 2021
11 August 2021
29 September 2021

Grant Programme for Architecture:
27 January 2021
21 April 2021
12 August 2021
6 October 2021

Grant Programme for Digital Culture:
20 January 2021
14 April 2021
18 August 2021
7 October 2021

Programme for Talent Development:
10 February 2021

Upstream: Music x Design
31 March 2021
1 September 2021

Grant Programme Immerse\Interact
16 February 2021
31 August 2021

open calls
Besides the grant programmes, in 2021 the Fund will also be issuing various Open Calls. Keep an eye on our newsletter and follow our social media channels.

Up to two weeks before the deadline you can present your draft application or project plan to the relevant member of staff for guidance. You can do this by e-mail or by phone. This option is not available when applying for the Programme for Talent Development.
online application environment

N.B. You apply for a grant via the online application environment. Apply for your log-in details in good time and familiarize yourself with the online application process.

Intermediate Status Temporary Procedure for International Collaboration

26 November 2020

Since 15 July 2020, the Creative Industries Fund NL has been working with a Temporary Procedure for International Collaboration (TPIS) to support project applications that focus on international collaboration. This procedure was organized as an alternative to the Internationalization grant programme and the Vouchers procedure for Presentations Abroad, both of which were put on hold because of COVID-19.
By means of the Temporary Procedure for International Collaboration, the Fund is supporting projects that provide a substantive contribution to the development, profiling and reinforcement of the international position of the contemporary Dutch creative industry. Since July, 23 applications have been supported under TPIS for a total sum of €363,797. Applications may be submitted on a continuous basis until 30 November 2020. Below are a few examples of projects that have been supported:

4DSOUND – Grove
'Grove' is an immersive audiovisual and sculptural installation, and is a collaboration between 4DSOUND, Salvador Breed (NL), Philip Beesley (CA), Living Architecture Systems Group (CA) and W+N Studio (UK). The project is in the research phase, and is focused on the development of new technologies such as kinetic architecture, 3D-printed speakers and interactive software. Grove combines film, audio and sculpture in the form of an installation that depicts the future of architecture. The work will premiere at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

RNDR – Untold Stories
'Untold Stories' is an interactive media platform that shows unknown stories and scenes from international films and documentaries that were never finished due to circumstances of powerlessness. By means of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the visitor can take control of the director's chair, change the narrative and edit an infinite number of versions. This project is a collaboration between design studio RNDR (NL), film-technology developer in the field of AI and machine learning KASPAR (DK) and mixed-reality studio Makropol (DK). With this project, the team aims to stimulate discussion on ethical issues concerning new technologies: can machines be used as storytellers and express our personal stories?

Stichting Creative Coding Utrecht – On The Fly
The Dutch live-coding scene has grown significantly in recent years and is characterized by the various applications within the music industry, performing arts, graphic design and game culture. With the project 'On The Fly', Creative Coding Utrecht wants to capture this diversity as keenly as possible and map out the community of Dutch makers. As a result, the Dutch field can be made more accessible for foreign partners and linked to the issues of the European collaboration project. International partners in the consortium include ZKM (Karlsruhe), Hangar (Barcelona) and Ljudmila (Slovenia).

Maryam Kordbacheh – Draping Poetry (photo above)
'Draping Poetry' concentrates on material and form research from a conceptual and philosophical perspective on the design process. Kordbacheh studies and questions the fundamental aspects of design and investigates items of clothing that go beyond their material meaning. 'Draping Poetry' will result in a contemporary, conceptual and experimental art installation, in which Kordbacheh will highlight the results of the material and form studies and emphasize the process of design. Kordbacheh wants to exhibit her work in Japan and the Netherlands through photography and film. In addition, Kordbacheh is developing a physical publication. To do this, she is carrying out a focused search for sustainable international connections.
Jongeriuslab – A Woven Cosmos, Spinning a yarn

selection first continuous round – Q&Q (Qliza)
serVies – Smogware
affect lab – The Neighbours' Gaze
Richard Vijgen – Worlds of Networks | Centre Pompidou | Wifi Tapestry
Jason Hansma – Soft Cuts
WE MAKE CARPETS – Barn Raising
75B Rotterdam – The 21st Century Heraldry of Italy
Nuijsink – Alternative Archives, Alternative Histories
Hans van der Heijden Architect – La Cittá, Progetti Urbani
Maryam Kordbacheh – Draping Poetry

Jongeriuslab – A Woven Cosmos, Spinning a yarn
Stichting Creative Coding Utrecht – On The Fly
Dutch Invertuals – 'The Circle' exhibition – MAKK Keulen (not yet definite)

selection second continuous round (so far)
Superuse – Harvest! Collect! Re-Use! the new building site
4DSOUND – Grove
Kumi Hiroi – Remodeling – Shiseido Gallery Edition
WE ARE DATA – How can we fuel AI with emotional data?
Stichting What Design Can Do – No Waste Challenge Tokyo
Stichting Fanfare – Fanfare for Tokyo art book fair – Unlearn, Display, Connect
RNDR – Untold Stories

4DSOUND – Grove

The projects that are eligible for the Temporary Procedure for International Collaboration must focus on new forms of international collaboration in response to a specific question or assignment abroad. The applicant is a Dutch design party working together with one or more international partners. A project can last a maximum of six months. Applications are processed in order of receipt.

In January 2021, the Temporary Procedure for International Collaboration will continue and the available budget will be announced.


3 December: Bring it online! Information session 2021-2024

12 November 2020

On Thursday afternoon 3 December at 16:00, the Creative Industries Fund NL is organizing the information session Bring it online! 2021-2024.
During this online session in Teams, we are bringing the design sector together and are keen to discuss what drives you. How can we support your design ideas and how can we achieve social impact with the sector as a whole? Of course, we will also talk about the impact of COVID-19 on the Fund and the design field. Now and in the near future.

Director Syb Groeneveld will kick off by giving information about developments within the Fund, the new grant programmes and additional activities in the policy period 2021-2024. What is staying as it was, what is new and what is changing?

An important part of the afternoon are the break-out rooms with Fund staff members, and you can register in advance to take part. In these sessions, we explain the possibilities within the grant programme of your choice and within the Fund, by means of a Q&A conversation with the online participants. The sessions last an hour.

Make your choice from these sessions; you can only attend one.
1. Design Grant Programme
2. Architecture Grant Programme
3. Digital Culture Grant Programme music x design and Immerse\Interact
4. Talent Development Grant Programme
5. International Collaboration in times of COVID-19

Would you like to submit a question in advance or put a topic on the agenda? When you register, please indicate which session you are choosing – only one is possible – and add your question. Of course, you can also use the chat function during the session of your choice or during the plenary section.

Date: 3 December
Starts at16:00 pm
: Dutch
Location: online in Teams

16:00-16:05. opening by moderator Afaina de Jong, architect and founder of research and design studio AFARAI.
16:05-16:20 Syb Groeneveld's explanatory comments on the policy plan 2021-2024
16:20-17:20 various break-out rooms and Q&A with online participants
17:20-17:30 conclusion led by moderator with Syb Groeneveld.

We would like to hear what you think as an applicant and what you experience in practice.
Sign up via the registration form. You will receive a link for participation in your mailbox before 3 December. Respond no later than Monday 30 November 2020.

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