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Anne Ligtenberg, 2021

With the project "#YOUTOO?", designers Anne Ligtenberg and Mats Horbach, together with Blauwe Maan and experts by experience, are exploring ways to reach silent victims of sexual violence in unsafe home situations. Where, when and how can they be helped to come out of their isolation? In the first phase, by means of co-creative design sessions, specific contact moments and interventions were sought to reach this target group, so that they feel heard and can receive help. In the second phase, the designers, together with Blauwe Maan, aim to increase the skills of workers providing help in order to make sexual abuse easier to talk about. To do this, they are using the collective knowledge of victims, experienced workers and other experts by experience. An online platform is being built, which will become a catalogue of advice, tips and experiences that can help all workers providing help. The goal is to lower the threshold for victims of sexual abuse to get help.

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