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The Rhythm of Life

Digital Culture Grant Scheme Research

The Rhythm of Life

Mike Thompson, 2013

'The Rhythm of Life' is an interactive installation that turns biochemical processes in the human body into sound. The installation offers insight in surprising fashion into activities that occur continuously in the body at nano level. The installation is triggered by photonic emissions that all bodies emit. Through interaction with the installation, the user, like a DJ, creates personified sounds and patterns that are then stored in an online database called The Rhythm of Life. Designers Mike Thompson, Susana Cámara Leret and media artist Dave Young are working on this project with a team of scientists affiliated with Leiden University, TNO, the Sino-Dutch Centre and The Netherlands Metabolomics Centre. An important motivation for this project is to strengthen the ties between design and science. Highlighting invisible as well as indispensable processes can help the development of new medical applications and promote discussion of a substantive nature.
afgerond: February '14


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Digital Culture Grant Scheme Start-up grant

Between Dog and Wolf

Paolo Patelli, 2021

'Between Dog and Wolf' is a collaboration between Freja Kir and Paolo Patelli on digital storytelling as an experiment at the intersection of artificial intelligence, internet culture and visual anthropology. Focusing on 4chan, the project captures the insights shared on this platform during the covid-19 outbreaks and lockdowns of 2020. Kir and Patelli expose this topic by mixing documentary and speculative fiction. The start-up phase will result in a proof of concept with a script, tools, video material and an extensive collaboration network. The follow-up to the proof of concept will be the development of a three-screen video installation and a stand-alone single-channel video essay.

Digital Culture Grant Scheme Research

1n(tr0)verted Data: Ecologies and Economies of Google Search

Renée Ridgeway, 2019

In the project '1n(tr0)verted Data: Ecologies and Economies of Google Search', maker/researcher Renée Ridgeway focuses on the black box of Google's search function. She will do this by developing a series of data visualizations that 'reverses' the workings of Google Search and exposes the goldmine of data. Google plays a key role when it comes to the way the Internet is organized and therefore determines how we take in information. In addition, Google affects its users by collecting our data. The aim of the project is to give a positive impulse to the insight and public awareness about Google Search and thus promote agency among users. In the Center for Advanced Internet Studies (Bochum), Ridgeway will organize a knowledge-sharing workshop that brings together makers, designers, activists, hackers and search-engine developers. The result will be archived and shared online. The data visualization will also be presented by means of an educational workshop, reading group, symposium and exhibition at ArtEZ.

Digital Culture Grant Scheme Programme


CS1, 2019

Under the title 'ART FWRD', CS1 is organizing three debating evenings in VondelCS, and subsequent exhibitions on art and the experience of art in the future. Different factors, such as technological innovation and the development and admission of new forms, influence how art will be made, experienced and interpreted in the future. The central themes in ART FWRD are technology and media, accessibility and new/interdisciplinary forms. The question is always being asked: how is this going to change art and the perception of art? Each edition consists of a talk with a panel discussion and audience interaction, and an exhibition of three or four matching works. The content of the evenings will be compiled by curator Jeanette Bisschops and in collaboration with Kunsthalle Amsterdam and WOW, among others. Speakers are artists, curators and researchers, including Yuki Kho, Kate Cooper, Ali Eslami and Jasmijn Visser.

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David Veneman, 2019

'Subjectio' is an online storytelling project in which designer David Veneman and photographer Pierre Crom would like to reveal the mechanisms through which online discussions on social themes are influenced. In times of fake news and propaganda, they consider it important to make the public aware of the invisible mechanisms that manipulate our perception of situations and events. Veneman and Crom intend to do this by simulating the digital process of influencing online. A series of social media accounts based on hashtags and geographic data will intrude on online discussions with a different view of reality such as photos and videos that show everyday life in a conflict. The focus will be on events in the region of Eastern Europe. The knowledge gained from the research will be bundled in an online manual: an open-source document where experiences, techniques and strategies are shared with an audience of interested parties, makers and developers. In addition to the initiators, there will be collaboration with developers, journalists and writers. The project is supported with attention and expertise by NRC Handelsblad and Politico.

Digital Culture Grant Scheme Publication

Just a Question of Mapping

nescivi, 2019

Marije Baalman, aka nescivi, is applying for a project grant for the publication 'Just a question of mapping'. Baalman previously received a starting grant for the research study. In the book, methods and techniques for linking (mapping) gestures, via sensors and interfaces, hardware and software to media such as sound, light, video and haptic feedback are discussed and placed in an aesthetic discussion. The application is intended for financing the research, writing and design of the book. As part of this process, expert meetings are being organized to test and further deepen the content of the book. Together with designers – the Superposition duo – a visual language with symbols and icons will be developed to provide insight into the techniques and methods. The ultimate goal is to publish the book through V2_publishing, in combination with a website. The expert meetings are being organized at iii, V2_ and Splendor. There will also be collaboration with partners in Norway: PNEK, BEK, NOTAM, Norwegian Music Academy for presentations, a residency, and workshops. For case studies in the book, there will be collaborations with the artists Cathy van Eck and Sonia Cillari, as well as Andi Otto, Jeff Carey, Frank Baldé (STEIM), Roosna & Flak, and Jaime del Val.

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