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The Hemp Project

The Hemp Project

Site Practice en Dun Argo Hemp Group, Summum Engineering, 2021

Architecture and design office Site Practice, together with Dun Agro Hemp Group, is researching and designing the applications for hemplime construction on a larger scale in housing. Hemplime is an environmentally friendly building material that uses only a fraction of the energy that traditional building materials require. Hemplime also absorbs CO2 during the hardening process and the cultivation of the hemp. It is undeserved that the material is still hardly used in current construction projects, despite the fact that it lends itself very well to applications in the transition to climate-adaptive building. In phase 2 of the project, Site Practice is taking the observations from the first phase as a starting point to further explore applications for the material within the housing task. By setting up an archive of information on building with hemp, planting a hemp field and placing the findings within a concrete housing task, they are expanding on the earlier observations on the basis of the combined strength of producer and designers, in order to contribute to the transition to climate-adaptive building.

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