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'Protokols' naar de International Computer Music Conference

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'Protokols' naar de International Computer Music Conference

Rutger Muller, 2018

At the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2018) in Daegu (South Korea) composer / sound designer Rutger Muller presents his Protokols project. With this project he researches the parallels and contrasts between cutting-edge classical and electronic (dance) music. Through sample-manipulating and live collaborations with classically trained, avant-garde minded musicians, Muller offers the listener a deep peak into the uncanny but spiritual future of club music.

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ORBIT @ TOKAS Hongo Art Gallery - Tokyo

Tess Martin, 2020

Tess Martin is invited to show the ORBIT project at the TOKAS Hongo Art Gallery in Tokyo, Japan from January 11th untill February 9th 2020.
ORBIT is a project that consists of a short film, an interactive installation, a series of unique prints and videos associated with these prints. The interactive installation came first, and was presented in a group exhibition at WORM in Rotterdam in April 2018. In January 2019 the ORBIT short film premiered at the IFFR. The prints and associated videos were developed on an artist residency in December 2018. Tess Martin explains about the project: Orbit is a phonotrope project about the relationship between humanity and the sun. Each iteration of this project speaks, at its heart, to our relationship with the sun and its energy. The project as a whole has been invited to be displayed in the TOKAS Hongo Art Gallery in Tokyo for one month. The public will be able to experience the interactive installation (drawings on turntables with attached viewing tablets), watch the 7 minute short film, and look at the prints and associated short videos. Martin will also give a one-day workshop in the phonotrope technique which will be open to the public.
afgerond: April '20


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Arvid&Marie @ Microwave Festival - Hong Kong

Arvid&Marie, 2019

Arvid&Marie have been invited to participate in the media art festival Microwave in Hong Kong. Their installation S.A.M. The Symbiotic Autonomous Machine will be part of the main exhibition. The duo will also perform as OMINAUT during the opening of the festival. Finally Arvid&Marie will participate in the conference program Unconference.
afgerond: May '20


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