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Neural Narratives

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Neural Narratives

Tivon Rice & TU Delft, 2019

Designer/artist/researcher Tivon Rice operates on the interface of digital and visual culture, and he will be collaborating with scientist/researcher Professor Jan Rellermeyer of Delft University of Technology. They will spend a year working on Distributed Systems, a department dealing with Big Data architectures. They are seeking other collaboration parties in various disciplines with expertise in the field of machine learning and with an interest in the creative use of these systems. The goal of the project is to expand the machine learning code that Tivon Rice currently uses in his video and installation work. This system is used to create computer-generated texts on the basis of images. In this way, Tivon Rice can examine the differences between man and machine in the processing of image and text. Also, students are involved in the project to explore, expand and increase the accessibility of currently existing systems. The results will be disseminated through public events, including a new AI installation by Tivon Rice.

This project was conditionally honored from the Open Call Space for Talent

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Grant Programme for Talent Development Talent development

Yavez Anthonio

Yavez Anthonio, 2019

Yavez Anthonio is a photographer and director. He wants to bring relevant, original and important stories of minority groups into focus through the use of visual materials. After graduating with a Bachelor of Advertising at the Willem de Kooning Academie, Anthonio dedicated himself to photography and directing for various brands and magazines. He has now decided that he would like to focus more on his non-commissioned work and the further professionalisation of his practice. The 'Rivers of January' project is at the core of his development plan. For this project, Anthonio is going to record and document youth culture in Rio de Janeiro, a city that, according to Anthonio, has many positive aspects as well as the challenges associated with the current political climate. He would like to attend various workshops to further develop his technical skills. The results of 'Rivers of January' will be shown at exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Grant Programme for Talent Development Talent development

Marwan Magroun

Marwan Magroun, 2019

Marwan Magroun is a photographer and art director with a passion for the city of Rotterdam. Magroun feels that issues such as emancipation, integration and the diversity of the city are not or rarely represented in the visual culture and he aims to change this. His development plan focuses on the 'Life of Fathers' project, where Magroun looks at fathers with a bicultural background who are actively involved in the parenting process. According to Magroun, a lot of fathers feel they need to resist the stereotypical images projected onto them. Magroun uses a series of photographs and a documentary to give an intimate look into these fathers' lives. Marwan Magroun would like to have a residency with the photographer and filmmaker Khalik Allah for the further professionalisation and artistic development of his work. 'The Life of Fathers' will be shown at various venues, possibly including the IFFR.

Grant Programme for Talent Development Talent development

Chiara Dorbolò

Chiara Dorbolò, 2019

Architect Chiara Dorbolò graduated from the Academie van Bouwkunst/Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Academy of Architecture/Amsterdam University of the Arts) with a master's degree in 2017. Chiara's work is centred on the role of architecture in the current, profit driven, socioeconomic system. She aims to offer a different perspective which could redefine the significance of the discipline. She wants to develop an approach that combines architectural criticism with design and focuses on a sustainable future. In the coming year, Chiara is going to research remarkable visionary and utopian practices from the sixties and seventies that push the boundaries of the architectonic discipline. She is also developing her storytelling by learning new skills in the areas of creative writing, visual techniques and the performing arts. In the end she will present a collection of conceptual subjects, titled 'Ordinary Utopian Follies', to serve as a manifesto for her new approach to architecture.

Grant Programme for Talent Development Talent development

Arvand Pourabbasi

Arvand Pourabbasi, 2019

Arvand Pourabbasi obtained his Master's degree in Interior Architecture at the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (Royal Academy of Art) in The Hague in 2017. His work focuses on living and working conditions, nomadic themes and temporary urban installations. Next year, he is going to focus on the concepts of 'comfort' and 'exhaustion'. According to Arvand, being productive is a romanticised idea which ignores exhaustion, procrastination and anxiety. Leisure time as a moment of rest and comfort is not used properly but is part of the capitalist logic which merely sees it as a time for people to recharge so they are ready to go back to work. The development plan consists of three phases whereby comfort and exhaustion are expressed through spatial arrangements, physical expression, rituals, (performative) objects and technologies. As part of the development project Pourabbassi will talk to various professionals, including the designer Jurgen Bey and design studio Refunc as well as physiotherapists and psychologists (prof. Wilmar Schaufeli). The artist duo Bik van de Pol will advise him on spatial and interdisciplinary practices. He will also visit the Lisbon Architecture Triennial (October 2019), the Sharjah Architecture Triennial (November 2019) and the ECCE 2019 - European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics (Belfast, Northern Ireland). All projects will be concluded with spatial installations, interventions and social-urban events.

Grant Programme for Talent Development Talent development

Katarzyna Nowak


Katarzyna Nowak completed her Master's in Architecture in 2016 at the Academie van Bouwkunst (Academy of Architecture) in Rotterdam. During her studies she became fascinated by the relationship between art and the environment. For her final project 'Art in context' she researched the optimal spatial conditions for art and how these conditions are experienced. Next year, she will further develop this concept as part of her 'Art in the City' project, an architectonic proposal for an experimental museum typology for Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. She will work with experts and curators to acquire additional knowledge in the areas of art, exhibitions and museum design. She will also extend her existing network and establish new connections with professionals, including Saskia van Stein. With the support of a business consultant, Katarzyna will develop a (business) strategy and a communication and promotion plan for the further professionalisation of her practice. The research findings will be presented at the Museumcongres 2020, and other places.

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