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Murmansk Prospekt

Grant Programme for Internationalization Open call 2 phase 2

Murmansk Prospekt

Stichting Sonic Acts, Friday Milk, 2019

Stichting Sonic Acts (NL) and Friday Milk (RU) have joined forces to set up Murmansk Prospekt. As part of this project they are inviting young talented Russian and Dutch makers to create new work which will help local residents and future generations to identify more closely with the identity of their city. By means of digital culture, the makers present the hidden stories and lost identity of Murmansk: a remote industrial city in the Far North.

A concrete plan was devised in the start-up phase for three artistic, speculative research labs. In the 'Field Recording Laboratory', Sergey Kislov (RU), Sergey Kostyrko (RU), Marijn Verbiesen (NL) and Gert-Jan Prins (NL) are focusing on the invisible features and the wide range of sounds in the city. In the 'VR/AR Laboratory', Philipp Guzeev (RU), Alex Timofeev (RU), Andreas Kühne (NL) and BJ Nilsen (NL) are researching the interaction between the strong tradition of street art and the experimental sounds scene in the city. Finally, in the 'Speculative Documentation Lab', Katya Larina (RU), Polina Medvedeva (NL) and others are examining old city archives and revealing new stories. The makers will create three new works and will present the results at the Inversia Festival in Russia and the Sonic Acts Academy in the Netherlands, in 2020. This project furthermore forms the launch of an independent online Speculative Documentation for alternative stories from the Far North. Other local partners are: Murmansk College of Arts, Murmansk Regional Universal Scientific Library, Culture and Arts Committee of the Murmansk Region and the Gallery of Industrial History in Petrozavodsk.

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Grant Programme for Internationalization Presentation

Workshop Dalang Fever 3 - How data can empower a migrant society

International New Town Institute, 2020

INTI and Het Nieuwe Instituut were selected by the curator's team from the architecture biennale in Shenzhen to contribute to the eighth edition with the presentation “Dalang Fever 3 – How data can empower a migrant society”. The biennale opens on 14 December 2019 and focuses on the rapidly changing technological innovations with respect to urban areas. “Dalang Fever 3” is compiled by curator Linda Vlassenrood and consists of research, an exhibition and a four-day workshop. The workshop takes place from 20-24 January 2020 in Shenzhen with a multidisciplinary team from the Netherlands and China. This team will use the data research conducted among migrants in Dalang to identify various spatial, societal, organisational and digital issues and suggest (design) proposals for potential solutions and further steps. The aim of the workshop is to develop a methodology that makes it easier for data about migrants' questions and needs in rapidly changing urban environments to be incorporated into the design process. This will result in a better articulation of the relevant design issues and solutions. The collection of data – through fieldwork and an application – and the workshop take place in partnership with the non-profit organisation Shanzhai City from Shenzhen.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Open call 2 phase 2


Tarek Atrissi Design, AL-QALAM Foundation, Studio Decotype, 2020

Tarek Atrissi Design (NL), AL-QALAM Foundation (EG) and Studio Decotype (NL) are organising the activities programme 'Asil', with the goal of raising more awareness regarding the preservation of traditions and authenticity of Arabic script in the current age of digitisation. The team is connecting the local community with professional designers and makers by setting up a hub. In the start-up phase, the team organised public workshops in Cairo and Amsterdam, realised two graffiti pilot interventions and made 12 short videos of calligraphy as a craft in Egypt.

The next phase consists of three parts: research, education and design. The AL-QALAM team will select 6 local designers to conduct research with Tarek Atrissi Design on specific topics in the field of Arabic design and typography. These topics can include the historic, current and future use of calligraphy in Egypt, Urban Arabic Calligraphy and street lettering in Cairo, and the Arabic script in book cover design. The papers serve as the basis for a number of public experimental workshops with graphic designers in the Netherlands and Egypt. The end results are two new typefaces that will be fully designed and programmed as digital fonts and will be inspired particularly by Egyptian calligraphic visual language. The team will document the development process as a case study.
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Grant Programme for Internationalization Exhibition

Global Kiruna

Non-fiction, 2019

Michiel van Iersel, Anne Dessing and Iwan Baan will work together on two exhibitions that focus on the developments in the mining town of Kiruna, in the north of Sweden, at the invitation of ArkDes (national centre for architecture and design in Stockholm) and the contemporary art museum Konstmuseet i Norr. There are iron ore mines beneath the city of Kiruna which are increasingly causing subsidence, so that the municipality has decided to move the entire city three kilometres before 2025. The team will reflect on the history and future of Kiruna using archive materials, existing art works and newly developed projects. The research will focus on five to ten concrete links between the raw materials from Kiruna and specific (construction) projects in other international locations. The raw materials and construction materials will be shown in their new form and context using texts, maps and photographs, with a particular focus on the relationship between the material and the people who use them (sub) consciously. This is how the team aims to tell the story of a threatened mining town from a more multi-layered and critical point of view. The team will also show the link between the local extraction of raw materials and global material flows and the debate about the ecological impact of architecture. The results of both exhibitions will be bundled in a publication which will show this project in a broader context of similar developments in other parts in the world.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Event

Moving Membranes

Marthe Prins & Benedikt Weishaupt, 2019


Grant Programme for Internationalization Festival

transmediale 2020 - E2E

Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH / transmediale, 2019


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