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Integrative Hout Werk Plaats

Integrative Hout Werk Plaats

Robin Weidner, 2021

Robin Weidner is working together with care institution Reinaerde De Heygraeff on the project 'Integrative Hout Werk Plaats'. Weidner wants to render processes for making things more inclusive for the institution's residents and will be conducting design research for this purpose. Many residents have difficulty using tools, which can create unsafe situations. By designing special guidance aids, care residents can learn about woodworking crafts in workshops. The workshops are part of the institution's leisure activity programme, in which people from outside the care institution can also participate. This allows residents to interact with different people from the local area. With the workshop, Weidner also aims to create a revenue model where products can be sold. The sale of the products should help Reinaerde build more financial independence.

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