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Integrative Hout Werk Plaats

Integrative Hout Werk Plaats

Robin Weidner, 2020

Robin Weidner, together with care organisation Reinearde, will work on the 'Integrative Hout Werk Plaats' (Integrated Wood Workshop) project. Weidner wants to involve the residents of the institution in the creative process and will carry out a design study. Lots of residents find it difficult to use tools and this can lead to unsafe situations. By designing special tools, the residents can be introduced to woodworking skills in workshops. The workshops are part of the institute's leisure programme and people from outside the facility can also take part. This enables the residents to interact with others who live in the local area. With these workshops Weidner also hopes to create an earnings model based on the sale of products. The product sales will also enable Reinaerde to become more financially independent.

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ORBIT @ TOKAS Hongo Art Gallery - Tokyo

Tess Martin, 2020

Tess Martin is invited to show the ORBIT project at the TOKAS Hongo Art Gallery in Tokyo, Japan from January 11th untill February 9th 2020.
ORBIT is a project that consists of a short film, an interactive installation, a series of unique prints and videos associated with these prints. The interactive installation came first, and was presented in a group exhibition at WORM in Rotterdam in April 2018. In January 2019 the ORBIT short film premiered at the IFFR. The prints and associated videos were developed on an artist residency in December 2018. Tess Martin explains about the project: Orbit is a phonotrope project about the relationship between humanity and the sun. Each iteration of this project speaks, at its heart, to our relationship with the sun and its energy. The project as a whole has been invited to be displayed in the TOKAS Hongo Art Gallery in Tokyo for one month. The public will be able to experience the interactive installation (drawings on turntables with attached viewing tablets), watch the 7 minute short film, and look at the prints and associated short videos. Martin will also give a one-day workshop in the phonotrope technique which will be open to the public.
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Anne Ligtenberg, 2020

With the '#YOUTOO?' project, designers Anne Ligtenberg and Mats Horbach are working with Blauwe Maan and experience experts to find ways of reaching the silent victims of sexual abuse living in unsafe home environments. Where, when and how can they be helped to escape their isolation? In the first phase, co-creative sessions are used to identify the best moments to approach this target group as well as interventions to ensure that people feel heard and know where they can get help and support.

Māku - wearable for long-term medicine research

Ann.ID, 2020

Design studio Ann.ID aims to put patients with a chronic disease centre stage during long-term medicine research. Together with YumenBionics and Samenwerkende Spierfondsen (collaborating organisations for people with a muscle disease), Ann.Id combines fashion and smart health in a wearable that not only collects data for scientific research but also provides the patient with valuable information. Care and research can be performed remotely. In phase 1 the design studio will look at how the wearable can match the patient's identity, and ideas about how data can be made more relevant will be translated into an initial prototype.

Rehearse The Revolution #economy

SPACE, 2020

According to SPACE we urgently need a new economic narrative. With the 'Rehearsing The Revolution #economy' project, SPACE investigates the idea of the 'deep economy', a concept whereby ecology and economy are fully interlinked. Together with Herenboeren Nederland, a 'biotope' that already works in accordance with the cooperative principles of the 'deep economy', SPACE will develop alternative future scenarios for an inclusive economy. The result is a practical 'Deep Economy Toolkit', including an online knowledge platform and live games, allowing participants to experience complex future scenarios in a theatrical and interactive way.

De Naaikrans

Feministische Handwerk Partij, 2020

'De Naaikrans' (The Sewing Circle) consists of a series of five meetings during which young women as well as supportive men are introduced to the practical skills of handicrafts and repairs. At the same time, the meetings offer an opportunity to discuss feminism. For this project the Feministische Handwerk Partij (Feminist Craft Party) has entered a partnership with Atria, knowledge institute for emancipation and women's history. Together they link up the artisan and artistic aspects of art and crafts with the underexposed history of women and current social issues such as gender equality and the lack of appreciation for care work. In parallel with the public activities, there is also a research project that examines the significance of the banner to represent craft techniques in women's struggle for emancipation, and a new banner will be designed.

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