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Grant Programme ImmerseInteract Presentation


Zalán Szakács, 2021
Eigengrau is a performative installation, a ritual in total darkness using only light, mist, sound and movement. Inspired by phantasmagoria, Eigengrau creates a perceptual illusion, a temporary escape in a contemporary setting.

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Grant Programme ImmerseInteract

De Rietfluit

Jules van Hulst, 2021
De Rietfluit is a video installation based on Rumi's poem of the same name. A mystical experience full of visual associations at the intersection between real and unreal. A pleasant confusion in which the audience, from the first-person perspective, is taken to places they have never been before but still recognize.

Grant Programme ImmerseInteract AV production

Synchronic Cinema

Aram Lee, Quenton Miller, Luca Napoli, 2021
The work consists of a short series of films generated from Google Maps. The montage of colour flashes, camera images, montage of landscapes combined with a voice-over and a soundtrack form the work. The four documentary chapters show the story of displaced speakers, fragmented and shifting borders. They all question the nature of their identity.

Grant Programme ImmerseInteract Product development


Niki Smit (Monobanda) en Sarah Ticho, 2021
SoulPaint is a VR project that allows participants to discover, encounter and choreograph their own 'inner world'. The project brings together immersive storytelling, neuroscience and play. Participants will have a variety of creative tools at their disposal to visualize their 'embodied' emotional experience on a 3D body. And then interact and dance with it.

Grant Programme ImmerseInteract Presentation

Jet of Blood

Justin Zijlstra en Lisanne van Aert, 2021
An overpowering VR experience in which the audience undergoes the ideas of revolutionary playwright Antonin Artaud (1896-1948).

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