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De Naaikrans

De Naaikrans

Feministische Handwerk Partij, 2021

'De Naaikrans' (the sewing bee) is a series of five sessions, in which young women and men showing solidarity are made enthusiastic for the practical skills of handicraft and repair. At the same time, participants learn and talk to each other about feminism. For this project, De Feministische Handwerk Partij (The Feminist Handicraft Party) is collaborating with Atria, knowledge institute for emancipation and women's history.
Together, they connect the artisanal and artistic aspects of handicraft with the underexposed history of women and current social issues, such as gender equality and undervaluing of caring tasks. Parallel to the public activities, a research project is underway into the significance of the banner as a carrier of handicraft techniques in the emancipation struggle of women, and a new banner is being designed.

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