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De kleinkijk academie

De kleinkijk academie

Sjaak Langenberg en Rosé de Beer, 2021

In collaboration with the disabled care organization Severinus, social designers Sjaak Langenberg and Rosé de Beer are designing a new learning track with the intention of integrating it into the training of healthcare workers in phases. As a start for this learning track, six designers and artists from various disciplines are developing new cultural and other activities in the homes for clients with severe mental and multiple disabilities. Manon van Hoeckel, Cécile Espinasse, Feiko Beckers, Cathalijne Smulders, Tilburg Cowboys and Joris van Midde are doing this from the perspective of – and in collaboration with – the supervisory staff at the homes. The transformation of the daily routine of the homes and the potentially hidden talents of the staff are important starting points in this process. For example, washing windows can become an interesting spectacle for clients and a mental car wash for supervisors, food design gives a different perspective on pragmatic eating moments, and something that goes wrong in an environment where everything is geared towards safety can actually lead to slapstick and entertainment, as well as reflection on matters that would otherwise remain undiscussed. Because caring for clients takes up a lot of time, integrating cultural experiences into everyday activities is a good solution. The supervisory staff are given new tools that do not require more time, but do provide more mutual experiences for the client and the supervisor. To avoid a top-down lesson structure and to develop new forms of transfer, the designers do not work from a single format. One designer goes undercover as a window cleaner, another designer settles temporarily in the kitchen of a house as artist-in-residence, while a third considers the house as a theatre setting.

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