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Babusi Nyoni with Sarah-Jane and DJ Lag

Grant Programme Upstream: Music x Design Research

Babusi Nyoni with Sarah-Jane and DJ Lag

Tripleblack Agency, 2019

'Future Sound of Amsterdam' is a project that applies artificial intelligence to explore both contemporary and future pop music in the Netherlands. The project is the result of a partnership between UX-designer Babusi Nyoni and the performers Sarah-Jane (singer-songwriter) and DJ Lag. The project comprises extensive research into the Dutch music industry in the past ten years, from the development of genres to the different types of listeners. By applying algorithms and artificial intelligence, the resulting data is used to define the sound of today. This result then serves as input for the production of a song by the three makers involved in the project. Future Sound of Amsterdam will be presented as a live performance as various festivals, including 'Afrolosjes'.

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Grant Programme Upstream: Music x Design Publication

We... are Doomed (Pragmatic Propaganda)

The Irrational Library, 2020

'We...are Doomed' is a crossover project that connects graphic design, music and spoken word. The presentation of the third album by The Irrational Library 'We...are doomed (Pragmatic Propaganda)' will be accompanied by a new book with socio-political illustrations by illustrator TRIK. Through this collaboration, both parties want to give a boost to their creativity and skip the generic promotional campaign. The aim is also to do more justice to the album's underlying message on the theme of 'pragmatic propaganda' by means of TRIK's graphic contribution. Joshua Baumgarten's lyrics also play an important role. In live performances, TRIK's illustrations are used in moving form. Besides the ambition to use various online and offline media for the promotion, there will be a live tour that takes in event locations, art galleries and other venues.

Grant Programme Upstream: Music x Design AV production

Eefje de Visser x Nick Verstand

Studio Nick Verstand, 2020

Singer-songwriter Eefje de Visser and artist Nick Verstand are working together on a project to develop a live show that combines music, choreography and scenography. The theme for Eefje de Visser's 2021 club tour is bringing together contrasts, and for this purpose separate elements are integrated into one harmonious system. The scenography consists of a large reflector suspended from three computer-controlled hoists, and a series of lights that follow it exactly to reflect the light to targeted spots. The intensity of the light is controlled in real time by the amplitude of Eefje de Visser's voice. This creates a lively image where light and sound merge together. For this project, several innovative techniques are being researched and developed, such as the light reflection of different materials and structures. In addition, software is being developed to control dynamic hoisting and lighting animations in three dimensions in real time. This software controls the hoist positions in such a way that the reflector is precisely positioned in the space. For the implementation of this project, there is collaboration with Sandra Hillaerts (choreography), Daniel de Bruin (hardware development) and Poul Holleman (software development), among others. The performance will be presented during an international tour, which kicks off in February 2021 in Carré Amsterdam.

Grant Programme Upstream: Music x Design Research


Frouke ten Velden, 2020


Grant Programme Upstream: Music x Design Research

Human 2.0

Stichting M31 Foundation, 2020

'Human 2.0' is an interdisciplinary music project set up in 2013 by multidisciplinary artist Robin Coops and sound designer/guitarist Eric Magnee. In this project, the two wanted to explore the boundaries and meaning of a pop concert. In the current phase, 'The Virtual Pop Concerto', an investigation will be set up into the physical presence of the performer and the audience. The relationship between the physical and the virtual world is central to this and the research will focus entirely on live streaming of pop concerts. Human 2.0 aims to develop a virtual stage where it is possible to experiment with techniques such as motion capture and live-generated visuals. All insights from the research and the test presentations will be published online to share the knowledge. The project is a collaboration between Human 2.0, Jilt van Moors and Aron Fels. Supporting partners are VR Academy and Effenaar pop podium.

Grant Programme Upstream: Music x Design Research

Heritage Studio

Get Me, 2020

The focus of the new Heritage Studio platform is on Dutch-based makers and artists with roots in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). In their search for their own artistic identity, makers with this background are often still reduced within the Western context to their cultural background and associations, according to initiator (A)WAKE. But it is precisely in the nightlife scene, where these artists, regardless of their background, are engaged in, for example, progressive techno that these occidental obstacles disappear. Reason enough to investigate this further. For this application, visual artist Salim Bayri and DJ/artist Fatima Ferrari are working together to create a live performance that will be presented in the spring of 2021 during the New Radicalism festival in MONO, Rotterdam.

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