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Seoulutions for Dutch Cities

Seoulutions for Dutch Cities

NEXT Architects is comparing the potential and the limitations of the planning methods in Seoul and the Netherlands. The present Dutch toolbox takes as its premise a static end result whereas, in the applicant's opinion, the practice should be informed by dynamic and continuous developments and transformations. In the first part, the office examines the controlling mechanisms of urban-design practice in Seoul and collects cartographical information and data from four districts. This is followed by an in-depth study of the district and the collating of the transformation of buildings. In the second part of the study, NEXT Architects pinpoints the limitations of the Dutch planning model and carries out design-based research into the potential impact of a dynamic planning method. The office subsequently carries out case studies in four districts. The results of the various different research phases are to be circulated among colleagues and other parties involved. There is the possibility of a publication and an exhibition. NEXT Architects hopes that the research will spawn an alternative toolbox for a plan-driven Dutch urbanism and create more space for dynamic developments.

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