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grants issued


Grant Programme for Internationalization Research


The City, 2019

SEE is a project focusing on spatial inequality in Cape Town. SEE uses knowledge gained from memories, stories and archives about the fight for justice to make the shared history of the Netherlands and Cape Town more visible and to formulate an alternative future. The SEE project's objective is to create new stories centring on an equal Cape Town and which explore a future based on its Creole identity through architecture and (digital) design. SEE offers insights for discussions about contested histories, representation and equality in the public domain and the construction and deconstruction of postcolonial domains and identities in the Netherlands and beyond. The plan comprises design studios from Cape Town and Rotterdam, a transnational academy in Amsterdam, a newspaper and a digital platform that will gather and distribute the results. The City is collaborating with architect Arna Mačkić, Wayne Modest of the Tropenmuseum/RCMC, the Black Archives, Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Institute for Creative Arts (SA) and the Urban Design Institute of South Africa.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Exhibition

Sound of Akoya and Sea

Kumi Hiroi, 2019

Kumi Hiroi creates a form of visual language by combining photography, storytelling and graphic design in which she emphasises the complexity of the various techniques. She is developing the study and work 'Sound of Akoya and Sea' in the Netherlands and in Nagasaki, in collaboration with Dutch and Japanese makers. Based on personal experiences and dialogues, she accentuates the differences and similarities between the Dutch and Japanese perspectives on nature. In this project, she further concentrates on the surroundings of the Omura bay in Nagasaki, where Akoya pearls are cultivated. Working with a local pearl business, she investigates the history and context of the production of the pearls and how this relates to the landscape. Hiroi will present this new work at exhibitions in Hokyuann & Sorisso Riso in the Omura bay, Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum and the IMA gallery in Tokyo in autumn 2019. 'Sound of Akoya and Sea'is part of a larger ongoing project, Akoya and the environment, which was launched by curator Chitose Ochi in 2016.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Presentation

Noordkaap Taxi

Noordkaap, 2019

In the summer of 2019, Noordkaap Taxi will be driving through the city of Cologne with site-specific works by JODI, Abner Preis and Max Dovey, allowing passengers from the city and its suburbs to take rides in the intersecting plane of performance and digital culture. Topical issues such as Dataschutz, Dieselverboten, self-driving cars, surveillance capitalism and the rise of yellow vests in Germany serve to elicit memories from the passengers. These memories and recordings are edited and stored in a new online archive for Cologne, an initiative by Cologne's Akademie der Künste der Welt. With its focus on digital storytelling, VR entertainment and DIY internet technology, Noordkaap is collaborating with, among others, students from Junge Akademie and Game Lab Cologne. Using experimental communication strategies, the organisation hopes to reach a broad audience in addition to the academy's regular, highly educated audience. For the graphic design, Noordkaap is collaborating with students from Amsterdam's Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Festival

The Generator Foundation / Gamma festival

Todaysart, 2019

Russia's largest music and arts festival, Gamma, will be organised for the fourth time from 19 to 22 July 2019 in St. Petersburg. This year, TodaysArt has been invited as the 'featured festival'. In addition to a co-curated programme at the festival and the conference GAMMA PRO in July, the collaboration comprises a series of presentations and workshops in Moscow and St Petersburg prior to the festival. Furthermore, Edwin van der Heide, along with Japanese artist Shohei Fujimoto and Russian artist Sergey Filatov, will be given the opportunity to develop new works at the commission of the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory St Petersburg, Leiden Observatory and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. These works will be presented during the festival, in addition to works by such artists as Gabey Tjon A Tham, Tarik Barri, Thomas Ankersmit and Alvin Lucier.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Event

Presentation at Gamescom 2019

Dutch Games Association, 2019

The Dutch Game Association (DGA) is organising a presentation in the form of a pavilion at Gamescom in Cologne in August 2019. Gamescom is the most important international event to boost the growth of the Dutch video game industry. It offers opportunities for networking, internationalisation, knowledge sharing, inspiration and commercial activities. Through the pavilion and the activities that are organised there, talented young Dutch developers can grow their international network and gain knowledge. Before the convention, DGA will provide a preparatory course in the form of a pitch training by key figures in the field, and an aftercare programme to ensure a good follow-up.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Research

Weavers Werkstatt - textile research by Hella Jongerius

Jongeriuslab, 2019

At the invitation of Lafayette Anticipations, Hella Jongerius and her design studio Jongeriuslab (Paris) will be transforming the rooms of Anticipations into an experimental workspace from June to September 2019. In the Weavers Werkstatt project, Jongeriuslab is collaborating with design students and textile designers to carry out practice-oriented textile research. Within the framework of this research, Weavers Werkstatt is promoting knowledge transfer between starting and more experienced textile designers and the development of expertise to offer innovation and solutions to the challenges that the textile sector is facing. The Anticipations programme facilitates the development of new works by international makers of modern art, design and fashion. In this publicly accessible workspace, designers from various countries and with various levels of experience carry out hands-on weaving research and experiments. In this way they introduce the public to relevant aspects of the textile production process to create awareness and (renewed) appreciation for textiles.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Start-up grant

Budapest Moves

Studio CLAUD, 2019

Budapest Moves focuses on the resilient and healthy development of the city centre of Budapest. The team consists of Cecilia Dobos (Studio CLAUD), Orsolya Mátyus (WeCare Architecture) and Daniel Radai (The Urbal), and will in the start-up phase set up a design study aimed at public space. The team sees room for improvement in Budapest in such themes as community, ecology and health. Budapest Moves seeks to develop an infrastructure and environment in which cycling, gardening and movement are part of the programme of the city; a lively city that is more focused on people. The partners are the Hungarian Cycling Club, Amateur Cities, Rawfilter and Antler Projects, a botanist and a cultural historian. The final project should result in concepts that can be applied on a large scale, design strategies for specific locations and worked-out designs. The team intends to draw lessons and designs from the Budapest case that are relevant for other densely built-up cities.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Start-up grant

Princes' Islands Floating Radio

Studio Ossidiana, 2019

'Princes' Islands Floating Radio' is a research by design project of Studio Ossidiana, NGO Dunya Mirasi Adalar and Açık Radyo. The Princes' Islands of Istanbul, an archipelago on the border of the metropolis, served as a refuge for the poets and artists of Europe and Asia for centuries. Through four themes – the coast, the portal, the route and the garden – they will build further on the liberal culture that has characterised the Princes' Islands. They will design new experimental forms of public areas on the water. In a nine-day research and design workshop on the islands, the team will create a series of objects that occupy the middle ground between architectural models and sculptures. Based on these, they will suggest new spaces and rituals that conceptualise the complex culture, ecology and economy of the islands. The team would like to present the results in the form of a floating installation at a 1:1 scale, which will then be presented at the upcoming Istanbul Biennial.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Start-up grant

The Exploration of a Multiform Space

Valley of the Possible, 2019

Universidad Catolicá de Temuco, Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design (FAAD, CL), Cookies (NL) and Valley of the Possible (CL/NL) are starting a joint preliminary study into the design of a shared place for artistic development. Based on this study, they will re-evaluate and revitalise a remote valley in the southern region of La Araucanía in Chile. It is a location-specific space that, according to the applicants, does justice to the qualities of Chile, its (native) traditions and history. It is an inclusive place for the community, students and Dutch and international designers, artists, scientists and creative professionals. The results of the central research question will form the basis of the design project. The final phase of this study consists of the organisation of public programmes in Chile, supported by the university, to disseminate the results. Places considered for knowledge sharing in the Netherlands are Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam and the Design Academy in Eindhoven. The ultimate goal of the project is the realisation of this space, which will be partially built by the students of the FAAD, community members and participants in Valley of the Possible.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Start-up grant

The Living Shelf

MLA+ B.V., 2019

'The Living Shelf' is a design research project into scalable design solutions for basic facilities, such as water and sanitary facilities, in the densely populated informal township of Khayelitsha in Cape Town. The team consists of MLA+ (NL), People's Environmental Planning (ZA), the Khayelitsha community (ZA), Jo Noero Architects (ZA), Hands of Honour (ZA) and the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture (NL). The purpose is to design a replicable and affordable housing model that can also be used in other locations in the world where similar problems occur. The model's focus is on the empowerment of the user and the utilisation of the currently largely unused vertical space. The team wishes to establish methods through which poorer families can (continue to) build and keep their own homes. The start-up phase will involve the organisation of co-design community workshops with local stakeholders and tests of construction methods and materials.

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