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grants issued


Grant Programme for Internationalization Event

Extra Extra Night London

Stichting Extra Extra, 2019

Extra Extra Night London is a cross-disciplinary live event in collaboration with the David Roberts Art Foundation (DRAF) in London. Both existing and new commissioned productions will be presented at the event, held in Somerset House, London. The goal is to bring the sensual city to life through a programme of presentations, conversations, performances and film screenings. The audience and the makers will have the opportunity to meet each other, to reflect on and to explore the city's soft side. By bringing the liberating Dutch notions of eroticism to the metropolis, the applicant aims to stimulate an interaction in which different perspectives encounter and challenge each other. Through this knowledge exchange, the participants and visitors will learn from the experience of intimacy in the metropolis, and will connect this new urban experience to the Extra Extra programme. Besides with DRAF and Somerset House, Extra Extra will also work with Stack Magazines and Balamii Radio to bring the programme to a wider audience.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Festival

Oslo Architecture Triennial 2019: Enough - The Architecture of Degrowth

Oslo Arkitekturtriennale, 2019

The Oslo Architecture Triennial (OAT) 2019 titled ´Enough - The Architecture of Degrowth´ critically addresses the (economic) growth mentality. At this triennial, architecture is explored in relation to a new economy in which both humans and nature can flourish. By means of art, fiction and performance, a different and alternative future is examined. The programme ENOUGH rests on four concepts, representing the institutes of “Degrowth": The Library, The Theatre, The Playground and The Academy. The main programme consists of an exhibition, a programme with audio tours, a series of performances, a conference, an online essay series, an international student forum, and a publication on the relationship between fiction and architecture. In this way, the organisation of the triennial wishes to try out different (presentation) formats for a larger and more diverse public reach. Three Dutch designers and collectives will present new and existing work. (ab)Normal is creating a graphic novel, Allard van Hoorn is producing a performance, and MANN + Baumeister / Shafer will present their multi-year research into the transformation of the office as work place. The Triennial will take place between 24 September and 24 November 2019.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Exhibition

Seoul Biennale Thematic Exhibition 2019

Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, 2019

The 'Thematic Exhibition' of the 'Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism (SBAU) 2019' is based on the theme of 'the collective city'. Curated by Beth Hughes and Francisco Sanin, the exhibition presents both research and work through which they approach the city as a collective project. The exhibition examines how a collective approach can challenge the current paradigms of city development and thereby offer resistance to the systems that currently prevail in public space.

Among a diverse group of international makers and designers in the field of architecture, three Dutch participants have been invited. STEALTH.Unlimited presents a study into the role of the architect in consultation techniques, along with a study into other community-based initiatives. Bas Princen presents photographs of the Haeisna temple library in South Korea, which is a continuation of his work, and in which presentation the photographs form an intrinsic part of the space. Anne Holtrop presents a large section of sand-cast aluminium as a means to explore the complex relationship between the oil industry and the increasing presence of aluminium constructions in the urban landscape of oil cities such as Manama in Bahrein. This presentation derives from a previous collaboration with architect Noura Al Sayeh and artist Armin Linke. The exhibition during SBAU opens on 5 September and runs until 10 November 2019.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Exhibition

Design Transfigured/Waste Reimagined

Georgetown University Art Galleries, 2019

'Design Transfigured/Waste Reimagined' is an international design exhibition by Georgetown University Arts Galleries in Washington DC, with a focus on our living environment and the transformation of used materials into usable products that also look good. The exhibition aims to present a radical change and an extreme, new way of thinking. The curators are Ginger Gregg Duggan and Judith Hoos Fox (bureau C2, CuratorSquared.) The exhibition design is made by Dutch Invertuals, also using waste materials. In all, thirty designers will present their work, the Dutch participants being: Agne Kucerenkaite (coloured ceramics made using polluted soil), Kelly Maj Gijsen (coloured ink for shawls using carbon emissions), Simon Ballen (glass objects made with waste materials from the gold mining industry), Christien Meinderstma (porcelain service made using discarded shards), Fransje Gimbrere (chairs made with used plastic), Dirk Vander Kooij (3D printed chair made using old refrigerators), Studio Mieke Meijer and Studio rENs (NewspaperWood: wood made from old newspapers), Studio Formafantasma (furniture made of old electrical equipment/computers), Nienke Hoogvliet (bio-plastic made using waste water), Kirstie van Noort (ceramic service made using soil waste), Liselore Frowijn in collaboration with Piñatex (fashion made using waste from the pineapple industry) and Daan Roosegaarde (Smog Free Ring made using polluted air). The design process will be explained through videos, texts, lectures and tours by a number of designers. The exhibition will be on display from 3 October to 15 December 2019 and will subsequently travel to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts and (pending confirmation) the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Exhibition

De Migrant

Prospektor, 2019

In early 2018, Prospektor launched the cross-media project De Migrant (The Migrant), in collaboration with artist Anais Lopez. The project comprises a web-documentary series, a radio documentary, a three-part article series in national newspaper Trouw, a photo book, a live narration and an exhibition. Now, they are taking this specific form of storytelling back to the countries where the story takes place: Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar and England. The present project concentrates on the activities in Singapore and the English island of Guernsey. This is where Prospektor is organising an exhibition with Kummer and Herrman, a live narration and a workshop for local makers, in which they share new forms of storytelling based on De Migrant. In Singapore they are working with the centre for film and photography in South-East Asia, Objectifs. In England their partner is the Guernsey Photography Festival, which has invited Anais Lopez, as the winner of their yearly Photography Award, to present the project in the upcoming edition. Besides presenting the work, at both locations and events a dialogue will be organised on the theme and an exchange of expertise encouraged. Both exhibitions will take place in the summer of 2020. Knowledge and experiences will be shared in the Netherlands at the Conferentie Verhalende Journalistiek (Narrative Journalism Conference), with a concluding public evening in Pakhuis de Zwijger in the autumn of 2020.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Exhibition

Kleureyck. Van Eyck's colours in design

Design Museum Gent, 2019

Design Museum Gent is working with Lille3000 (World Design Capital 2020) to create the exhibition 'Kleureyck' about innovative, contemporary and diverse use of colour, inspired by the work of the Flemish painter Jan van Eyck (1390 – 1441). The exhibition is set up as a stroll through the main colours and the pigment universe that typifies Van Eyk's work. Projects by international designers in various design fields are displayed in colour arrangements. The long-list includes work by the Dutch designers Atelier NL, Irma Boom, Raw Color, Envisions, Hella Jongerius, Os & Oos, Karel Martens and Sabine Marcelis. In addition, a number of designers from (a.o) Denmark, Belgium, France and Portugal have been invited to develop work addressing the theme of colour and sensory perception. The goal is to create immersive experiences (in so-called 'experience rooms'), allowing visitors to experience design in a more intuitive and tactile manner. From the Netherlands, Studio RENS, Studio Nick Verstand and Jan van Eyck foodlab will work with De Onkruidenier to create new work for this exhibition. The exhibition will take place in Ghent from 13 March to 6 September 2020, after which it will travel to Lille as part of the World Design Capital 2020 programme, where it will run from October 2020 to January 2021.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Activity programme

DIABP to the New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo Art Book Fair 2019/2020

Dutch Independent Art Book Publishers, 2019

Dutch Independent Art Book Publishers (DIAPB) is a collective of six publishers who publish carefully crafted books in-house. The publishers are also makers in the fields of graphic design, visual arts and photography. The books stand out for their strong conceptual character, clear design and the high quality of the various printing and binding techniques. DIAPB has been invited to participate in three international fairs in the field of photo and art books: in New York - MoMA PS1 (September 2019), Los Angeles - The Geffen and MoCA (April 2020) and Tokyo – MoCAT (July 2020). Besides participating in these fairs, DIABP will also seek to work with local parties, such as representatives of museum and library collections, collectors and bookshops specialised in art books. Due to its earlier participation in these fairs, the collective has already built up a network which it now wishes to strengthen. It also intends to increase its professionalism in terms of presentation and logistics. The collective will also give lectures at various locations on the design vision of the various books and on the organisational aspects involved in in-house publishing.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Publication

The City at Eye Level Asia

Stipo, 2019

The online publication 'The City at Eye Level Asia' is an initiative by urban developer Stipo, Think City (Malaysia) and Urban Discovery (Hong Kong). The core team is working with UN-Habitat, Isocarp, IIAS, Project for Public Spaces and the Bernard van Leer Foundation as network partners. The project arose in response to a demand from several Asian countries for beter design and solutions that are better suited to street life, at eye level. Due to the rapid development of Asian cities, (public) spaces and the use and experience of the city on this scale require careful consideration. The book is a collection of essays and case studies of examples that are brought to bear on the challenges that are specific to the Asian context. A number of local professionals from various disciplines are part of the editorial board, write articles and act as ambassadors for the goal of the project. The publication is compiled thematically, with the case studies and essays categorised as follows: fluid/formal, day/night, colour/creativity, pray/play, old/new, indoor/outdoor, and overcrowding/underused. In connection with this publication, the team is also organising 'The Placemaker Week ASEAN' in November 2019 in Malaysia. The publication will be launched and the writers, case owners from the region and other interested parties will share knowledge and experiences regarding this theme during the conference.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Documentary

Good Neighbours

Natalie Dixon en Klasien van de Zandschulp, 2019

Interaction designer Klasien van de Zandschulp and researcher Natalie Dixon will develop the interactive documentary 'Good Neighbours' using chatbot technology to explore the inner world of a WhatsApp group organised by local residents for neighbourhood watch. The makers wish to raise awareness of the social impact of such groups and the effect on inclusiveness in a neighbourhood. By means of messages and fictional stories, the chatbot challenges the users to think differently about who does and does not belong in a particular space. The project builds on preliminary research by the makers on the same theme in South Africa and the Netherlands. This follow-up study consists of research into the technical and creative aspects of the chatbot and of developing and testing a prototype at a festival in South Africa (Fak'ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival 2019). The duo will involve the visitors at the festival in developing the storyline. The project further comprises setting up a campaign, writing a white paper for local policy makers and workshops with students from Wits University, Johannesburg. The result will be presented in 2020 at various festivals. The makers will create a specific installation for this purpose, giving the visitor the sense of actually being in a neighbourhood WhatsApp group. Confirmed partners are: Institute of Network Cultures and Botsquad.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Start-up grant

The Poetry Of Clothing

Maryam Kordbacheh, 2019

"The Poetry of Clothing" is a study into materials and shapes by designer Maryam Kordbacheh, from a conceptual and philosophical view of the design process. In her work Kordbacheh studies the fundamental aspects of design by investigating items of clothing that transcend their material significance. In this initial phase, Kordbacheh is establishing relations with various Japanese partners including museums, galleries, art platforms, traditional textile makers, craftsmen and photographers. She is exploring long-term collaborations and financial support for the follow-up phase, in which she aims to present the results of the material and shape study in the form of an experimental art installation. The results will ultimately be exhibited in Japan and the Netherlands. The research will take place from August 2019 until January 2020.

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