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Open Call Traveling Dialogues, connecting New York, Toronto and Amsterdam

Open Call Traveling Dialogues, connecting New York, Toronto and Amsterdam

Creative Industries Fund NL is calling on architects, designers and creatives from the world of e-culture to submit a presentation proposal for a trio of collaborating festivals: Northside in New York, Endless City in Toronto and the N-Festival in Amsterdam. The overarching theme is the way in which the local urban conditions influence the creative industries. The deadline for submissions is 14 April 2016.

New York – Toronto – Amsterdam
The first edition of the N-Festival is set to take place in Amsterdam-North on 17 and 18 September 2016: a new festival aimed at cultural interchange between cities in North America and Europe in the realms of emerging music, food culture, design and innovation. The programming is being decided in cooperation with the American Northside Festival (Brooklyn, New York) and the Canadian Endless City Festival (Toronto).

The Open Call makes it possible for designers and creatives to present their work during two or three of the participating festivals. Each of the festivals has a substantive programme with design and innovation talks in which creatives can share their concept, project or story with an audience of professionals.

'Traveling Dialogue'
The purpose of the presentations is to trigger a 'traveling dialogue' between creatives and cities. The challenge for creatives is to address the ways in which local urban conditions influence their design practice in their presentation proposals. What are the pros and cons of the local design and culture climate? What is the role and significance of innovation or design in the context of the various cities and what happens if designers transpose their practice to another city?

Evaluation criteria
Proposals must relate to the Dutch urban context, New York and/or Toronto. The selected proposals are expected to make a valuable contribution to the programming of at least two of the three festivals. Speakers, initiatives and projects must contribute to bolstering the image of the Dutch creative industries in an international context thanks to their excellent quality.

For a proper evaluation it is important that the proposal consists of:

a clear and concrete description of the presentation proposal;
a description of how the presentation ties in with the Open Call's basic principles;
a description or motivation that explains the added value of participating in the festivals for the development of the designer or creative concerned.

Submitting a proposal and the procedure
Proposals must be submitted via the Fund's online application environment, for which you must create an account via the Fund's website. The deadline is 14 April 2016. Proposals will be evaluated by representatives of the participating festivals and one independent advisor on behalf of the Fund. The selection takes the form of a tender: a number of proposals will be preferred above the others, depending on what the budget allows. The Fund will only communicate about the selected projects, and will enter into no correspondence about the rejection of individual proposals. For questions regarding the Open Call and the procedure, please contact Joris van Ballegooijen by mail or by phone 010 436 1600.

A maximum of six proposals will be supported via this Open Call, and each of these will receive a maximum of €6,000 for travel and accommodation, development and presentation costs. This sum includes any BTW/VAT. In preparation for their presentations, the selected creatives will be coached by the N-Festival.

A proposal must consist of:

a completed application form;
a concise description of the story and a plan for presentation;
motivation for participation;
a concise budget, including a funding plan;
visual materials / portfolio (optional);
a certificate of registration from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce or an international equivalent.

Other conditions:
Proposals must be submitted in English.
Proposals are aimed at presentations in Amsterdam and New York and/or Toronto.
A proposal is demonstrably Dutch in character.
The contribution of up to €6,000 (including any BTW) may be spent on the travel and accommodation costs for the Northside Festival in Brooklyn and/or Endless City in Toronto in 2016. The selected applicants will receive a guest badge for these festivals. The contribution should also cover the preparation costs and any material costs. Besides the presentation in New York and/or Toronto, the six projects will also present their story at the N-Festival in September 2016.

External links to participating festivals
Northside Festival, Brooklyn NY, 6-12 June 2016

Endless City Festival, Toronto, 3,4 September 2016

N Festival, Amsterdam, 17,18 September 2016

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