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Open Call Participation in Urban Labs UN-Habitat

Open Call Participation in Urban Labs UN-Habitat

Creative Industries Fund NL is offering 16 architects, urban planners and landscape architects the opportunity to participate in UN-Habitat's Global Network of Urban Planning and Design Labs. UN-Habitat commissioned Rogier van den Berg to establish this network in order to foster sustainable urban development in cities found within emerging economies. The contribution of Dutch designers is a joint project of UN-Habitat and Creative Industries Fund NL.

You can also read UN-Habitat's news item.

UN-Habitat's Urban Planning and Design Lab is active in more than 40 cities and has entered into a cooperation agreement with several cities to establish urban labs. The participating Dutch designers will spend a year working in one of the labs, collaborating within an international, multidisciplinary team on urgent assignments, which were formulated on the recommendation of these cities. Cooperation as well as sharing knowledge and experience in an open process is a precondition for participation. As a project manager for the Global Network of Urban Planning and Design Labs, Rogier van den Berg will be supervising the participating teams in conjunction with local UN-Habitat branches. These will meet three times over the year and elaborate proposals within their own bureaus.

Participating cities:
Palestine: Gaza City or Khuza'a Town
Myanmar: Yangon
Mexico: Mexico City
Philippines: Tacloban City
Ghana: Ningo-Prampram (Accra Urban Region)

A team of four designers will be assembled for each city. Four of the five cities will be selected, depending on factors including political stability and submissions. During registration you can express a preference for two cities. You can read the description of each case here.

UN-Habitat and the Fund will be selecting 16 participants for 4 different urban labs. The Fund will be supporting participants with a contribution of €15,000 per person.
The evaluation takes the form of a tender: up to four designers will be selected for each assignment. Criteria for selection are: motivation, quality of the oeuvre, relevant knowledge and experience.
The Fund will announce the names of the selected designers, but will not correspond about the rejections.
A maximum sum of €240,000 is available for this Open Call.
In addition, each team of four designers will receive a budget of up to €10,000 in order to procure local knowledge in the fields of legislation and funding mechanisms.

Expectations and obligations
The level of ambition of UN-Habitat and the Fund is high: the formulated design tasks are complex and are highly urgent. The local authorities as well as UN-Habitat's local branches have committed themselves to this process and prepared the assignments. Participants are expected to be able to devote sufficient time to this process over the year. Participation implies taking part in the urban lab in situ on at least two occasions, immersing themselves in the assignment, elaboration of the design proposals and making them presentable, participation in symposiums aimed at sharing knowledge.

The tasks are real and urgent, in a number of cases situated in conflict zones and/or complex political settings. The commissioning authorities and UN-Habitat are focused on implementation of the plans. The reality aspect and the elaboration of the design proposals therefore demand the requisite devotion of time. This requires that the designer takes a broad perspective and wide-ranging interest in order to consider the proposal in relation to legislation, funding models and the political context.

The designers will be participating in the urban labs on behalf of UN-Habitat and Creative Industries Fund NL, which implies that UN-Habitat's guiding principles and modus operandi are respected. The 'Objectives and preconditions' document provides more information about this, to be found as a PDF at the bottom of this page.

You can express your interest in participation by 15 October 2015 at the latest, using Creative Industries Fund NL's online application environment, choosing the 'Open Call' programme first and then selecting 'Open Call: Participation in Urban Labs UN-Habitat', where you will be asked to upload three documents:
• Attachment I: a plan in which you motivate your preference for two cities and describe your knowledge and experience, including your portfolio (max. 15 pages);
• Attachment II: CV with contact details (max. 2 pages);
• Attachment III: KvK registration certificate that is no more than one year old.

For more information about how to apply via the online application environment see the Conditions for online applications.

The Open Call procedure is described in the Fund's General Subsidy Regulations. If you have any questions, please contact Martijn van der Mark via or 010 436 16 00.

Further information
• To receive a grant you must be registered with a Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK). If that is not the case, then it is still possible to register subsequent to selection.
• The Fund's secretariat can offer no advice regarding a draft proposal.
• Applicants will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail within a week of the closing date.
• The Fund will contact the selected parties.

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