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Open Call Participation in South by Southwest 2016

Open Call Participation in South by Southwest 2016

Creative Industries Fund NL is calling on creatives from the e-culture, film and game industries to submit a proposal that is aimed at the 'Interactive' or 'Digital Domain' programme components of the upcoming South by Southwest festival – SXSW2016. The Fund is offering a total of 10 grants up to a maximum of €6,000 per project. The Open Call has been phased into two sub-calls: one for the Panel Picker and one for the other programme components. A precondition for support is that the proposal is selected by the SXSW organization.

SXSW2016 is being held from 11 to 20 March 2016 in Austin, Texas, and is one of the world's most important festivals and trade fairs in the realm of e-culture (interactive), film and music. It serves up an intriguing mix of major companies, start-ups and artistic productions. The festival is strongly focused on innovation and serves an important networking function for various sectors.

Open Call
The Fund's Open Call is in the first instance intended for interesting proposals by Dutch participants for the Interactive programme that takes place from 11 to 15 March 2016, and for the Digital Domain programme which forms part of the Film programme and runs concurrently. The Open Call has been divided into two submission rounds: the first was exclusively aimed at the Panel Picker for the Interactive programme and closed on 24 July 2015; the second round is for the other programme components and the deadline is 11 November 2015.

A precondition for actual support is that your project has been or is also ultimately selected by the SXSW organization. You can submit a proposal for one of the following programme components:
• participation in the conference (panels/sessions/talks) within the Interactive and Digital Domain sections
• participation in the Accelerator programme
• participation in the Interactive Trade Show
• participation in one of the award competitions

You can submit your proposal via Creative Industries Fund NL's online application environment. In the pull-down menus select the 'Open Call' button, then the 'Participation in South by Southwest' round. The proposal must comprise:
• personal details and bank details (name and address, place of residence, IBAN);
• a plan/description of the project or activities, focused on one of the official festival programmes;
• a concise budget and financing scheme;
• motivation for participation;
• CV (max. two pages);
• a certificate of registration from a Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK).

Please submit the proposal as a single PDF document comprised of no more than 10 pages in A4 format and no larger than 5 MB in size. If the proposal fails to meet this description, there is the possibility that its contents will be not be evaluated. The grant can be spent on:
• travel and accommodation costs for two people during SXSW;
• a maximum of two festival badges per project;
• costs for SXSW participation;
• material costs that are directly linked with participation in SXSW.

Each project proposal will be assessed in writing by three independent advisers. They check whether the project is an adequate fit with the Fund's overall objectives and its objectives for internationalization in particular. They also evaluate the quality of the plan and the degree to which the project fits with the context of SXSW. The Fund's objectives with respect to the Internationalization Programme are as follows:
• strengthening the image of the Dutch design sector;
• establishing long-term collaborative relationships;
• expanding the international sphere of activity.

In addition, the Fund has several secondary objectives specific to SXSW:
• facilitate successful participation in SXSW for individual parties;
• create collective added value where possible;
• enable participants to compare themselves with and keep abreast of international developments.

In the event of a positive recommendation, a maximum sum of €6,000 per proposal will be set aside. This amount will actually be awarded once the project has been selected to form part of the official programme by the SXSW organization. The contribution can be set at a lower amount, subject to the plan proposal or the budget. In the event of over-subscription, proposals that are not among the initial selection can, in consultation with the applicant, be placed on a reserve list. Then, in the event of funds being released by projects that are not admitted to the official SXSW programme, these reserve proposals can still be supported. The selection takes the form of a tender: a number of proposals are preferred above the others. The Fund will only communicate about the selected proposals and will not enter into any correspondence about the rejection of individual proposals.

The procedure for an Open Call is described in the Fund's General Subsidy Regulations. The selected proposals will receive a subsidy based on the Grant Programme for Internationalization. This Open Call is the only opportunity to receive support for participation in the SXSW Festival via Creative Industries Fund NL. The selection of the proposals in this second round will be announced to the applicants by e-mail. For questions about this Open Call and the procedure, please contact Hugo van de Poel via or 010 436 1600.

Further information
• In order to receive a subsidy you must be registered with a Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK). If that is not the case, then it is still possible to register subsequent to selection.
• Participants are personally responsible for the timely booking of travel and accommodation.
• Admission to the official SXSW programme is a prerequisite for support, but offers no guarantee of support from the Fund.


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