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Open Call MMCA Residency, Seoul, South Korea

Open Call MMCA Residency, Seoul, South Korea

The Mondriaan Fund and Creative Industries Fund NL are jointly offering two residency periods at the MMCA (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) Residency in Seoul, South Korea: one for a visual artist and one for a designer. Designers and visual artists are invited to submit a proposal.

During the residency, designers and visual artists can pursue a project or research that is focused on the enrichment of their personal practice. At the same time they will be able to build up networks and explore the Korean art and culture sector in greater depth.

This residency programme is run by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) in Seoul, South Korea. The MMCA Changdong Residency boasts nine studios, two exhibition spaces and a large open-air area where it is possible to work. The residents are part of an (inter)national residency programme where, besides Korean artists, there are usually two to three international artists. The MMCA organizes a 'field trip' for the (inter)national artists and designers during each residency period. Open Studios are organized and there are regular studio visits, by the MMCA's curators, among others. Furthermore, the international residents can follow a course in the Korean language for free.

The work periods being offered are:
13 January to 22 June 2016
6 July to 14 December 2016
A preference for the residency period should be indicated in your proposal, and where possible this will be taken into consideration.

Information about the residency
The studio is about 55 square metres in size and is basically furnished, with a single bed. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared with other residents.
The residency can only be applied for by visual artists or designers. It is unsuitable for artists or designers who work as duos, nor is it possible for a partner or child(ren) to stay at the studio.
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For each period a sum of €10,000 is being made available for travel and accommodation costs as well as materials. The rental of the studio and the supervision are being covered by the MMCA.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is 2 October 2015. Visual artists can submit an application via the Mondriaan Fund's website.

Designer applications
The proposal can be submitted by 2 October 2015 at the latest via the Fund's online application environment, where you need to select the 'Open Call Crossovers' option, then 'Residency MMCA Changdong, Seoul'.

The proposal must consist of:
• A work or research plan with a clear description of the structure and goal, which is the basis of your stay at the residence;
• Motivation;
• Presentation plan that elucidates how your work will be publicly exhibited, during as well as following the work period, and how you intend to build, expand and mobilize your network at the location in question;
• Attachment I: Visual documentation of your portfolio (max. 15 pages);
• Attachment II: CV (max. 2 pages);
• Attachment III: Chamber of Commerce registration certificate dated within the last year.
The project proposal is a PDF file in A4 format that amounts to a maximum of 8 pages (attachments excluded) and is no larger than 5 MB. If the application fails to meet the criteria outlined above, its contents will not be evaluated.
N.B.: Request your login for the online application environment in due time and familiarize yourself with the application form. The validation of a new user account can take up to one workday. For further information see the conditions for online applications.

Creative Industries Fund NL and the Mondriaan Fund will select several proposals for the residency in conjunction with external advisors. The advisors will make their assessment based on the following criteria:

artistic quality of the designer;
motivation for participation;
the degree in which the work or research plan is distinctive in its - artistic quality and presentational form;
the degree in which the presentation plan is consistent in its structure and goal.

The evaluation takes the form of a tender: a number of proposals will be preferred above the others within the available budget. A maximum of €20,000 is available for this Open Call.

The Open Call procedure is described in the Fund's General Grant Programme Regulations. For questions about the open call and/or the procedure for designers, please contact Jasmijn van Weenen, Grant Officer for the Grant Programme for Internationalization or Martijn van der Mark, Head of Subsidies, 010-4361600.

Further information
In order to receive a subsidy you must be registered with a Dutch Chamber of Commerce. If that is not the case, then it is still possible to register subsequent to selection;
The Fund's secretariat can offer no advice regarding a draft of the proposal;
Applicants will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail within a week of the closing date;
The selected proposals will be announced during week 44 at the latest, by e-mail and via the Fund's newsletter.

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