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Open Call International Explorations

Open Call International Explorations

Creative Industries Fund NL is calling on designers, practitioners and organizations from the creative industries to submit international projects that aim to establish sustainable relationships or promote an interchange of knowledge at the international level. The proposals examine the themes and tasks abroad to which Dutch creatives could make a contribution.

Preference is given to proposals that involve Dutch designers, practitioners and/or organizations who work in a team context abroad, as well as to collaborations with parties that are based in or active in the country concerned. The process consists of a joint preparatory phase in the Netherlands and a follow-up component that involves the participants making efforts to share the knowledge gained with their colleagues in the Netherlands.

International Explorations from 2013
In 2013 the Fund issued the first Open Call Exploring Opportunities for Internationalization in the context of its Creative Industries Internationalization Programme. The Fund's aim was to investigate the opportunities for Dutch design practice in foreign lands, to map out foreign demand for Dutch expertise, and to draw up an inventory of potential themes and tasks abroad. You can find details about the 20 selected teams here. The analysis and evaluation of these proposals revealed the following opportunities that may be of interest to applicants for the current Open Call Exploring Opportunities for Internationalization:

There is demand for a cross-sectoral Dutch approach, as well as for the Dutch integral approach to the spatial planning process.
Dutch expertise in the field of social innovation by means of cultural projects, as well as the development of the creative economy being employed as a catalyst for this sector abroad.
In emerging and expanding economies (e.g. Colombia, Albania, Greece) there seem to be opportunities in urban development. For example, developers and politicians have to contend with complex, all-encompassing issues because of urbanization, population growth and so on. They also need to adapt the infrastructure, so that it no longer facilitates a manufacturing-based economy but stimulates the burgeoning knowledge economy (e.g. the Czech Republic, Slovakia and cities in Russia).
In the realms of design and e-culture there are opportunities to establish links between practitioners, institutions and festivals.

You can submit your proposal by 7 August 2015 at the latest via Creative Industries Fund NL's online application environment, where you should select 'Grant Programme for Internationalization' and then select the 'Open Call International Explorations' round from the pull-down menu. The proposal must include:

a description of the project to which a contribution will be made;
a description of the location for the exploration;
an action plan that is consistent in its aims and structure;
a timeframe and budget;
a description of the collaborating partners. This description must provide insight into the expertise and role of these people and/or institutions, as well as clarifying the added value of this collaboration;
a written undertaking from the collaborative partner in which the motivation for collaboration is explained;
CV of the applicant (max. 2 pages);
CV of the collaborative partner (max. 2 pages);
certificate of registration from a Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK).

The proposal must be submitted as a PDF file, containing a maximum of 10 pages (CV's and certificate of registration/KvK excluded) in A4 format and no larger than 5 MB. The submission cannot be evaluated if it fails to meet the description above.

The Fund will consult with external advisors to select a number of proposals to execute these international explorations. The advisors evaluate the extent to which the exploration is consistent in its structure and the degree to which this ties in with the objectives of the Internationalization Programme and this Open Call.

The Internationalization Programme's objectives and the position of this Open Call
The Dutch ministries of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) and of Foreign Affairs (BuZa) commissioned Creative Industries Fund NL to implement the Internationalization Programme that is specifically aimed at the creative industries. This four-year programme has three key objectives:

• strengthening the image of the Dutch design sector;
• establishing long-term collaborative relationships;
• expanding the sector's international sphere of activity.

With this Open Call the Fund intends to gain insight into effective and sustainable project forms employed by the Dutch creative industries abroad, as well as projects that contribute to social tasks from a cultural angle. The Fund is also keen to pinpoint foreign demand for the work of the Dutch creative industries.

The evaluation takes the form of a tender: proposals will be prioritized subject to the available budget. The Fund will only communicate about the selected proposals and will not enter into any correspondence concerning the rejection of individual proposals. For this Open Call a maximum sum of €150,000 is available. The Board expects to grant a maximum of €10,000 per selected proposal.

The procedure for an Open Call is described in the Fund's General Subsidy Regulations. The selected proposals will receive a subsidy based on the Grant Programme for Internationalization. If you have any questions, please contact Jasmijn van Weenen, assistant secretary for the Grant Programme for Internationalization:

Further information
• In order to receive subsidy you must be registered with a Dutch Chamber of Commerce. If that is not the case then it is possible to register after selection.
• There is no opportunity to present a draft proposal to the Fund for advice.
• Applicants will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail no more than a week after the closing date.
• The Fund secretariat will contact the selected parties.

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