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Open Call Building Talent 2021 for starting makers and designers

Open Call Building Talent 2021 for starting makers and designers

The Fund is looking for starting makers and designers within the disciplines of architecture, design and digital culture who would like to participate in a three-month collaborative programme with experienced design agencies. In this first round, there are 31 spots available at a range of design agencies and practices across the entire breadth of the creative industries. Starting makers and designers can now subscribe to proposals submitted by experienced design agencies. You can subscribe up until 31 August 2021.

By means of this open call, the Creative Industries Fund NL is offering starting makers and designers the opportunity to work with experienced agencies on topical issues and design tasks. The programme involves a three-month working period, during which the starter will work directly with an experienced professional to explore a specific subject in greater depth.

From 17 May until 21 June, experienced design agencies were able to submit their research proposal. This concerned a design task, research question or experiment formulated by the agency. An external advisory committee has selected 31 applications from these proposals.

Until 31 August 2021, starting makers and designers can subscribe to one of these selected proposals. Based on the motivation and the profile, an external advisory committee will make a match between an experienced design agency and the starter. The Fund will then provide a grant to both parties. Subscribing to one of the tasks is relatively easy and takes little time.

The objective of the call is to strengthen the connection of starting makers and designers with the professional field and to support the work field by creating extra room for in-depth research and experimentation. In this way, the Fund aims to contribute to strengthening the knowledge, experience, network and entrepreneurship of starters.

two rounds
Building Talent has two rounds. Both rounds have a system of two open calls for submissions:

round 1:
Open Call 1: Experienced design agencies – 17 May to 21 June 2021 (closed)
Open Call 2: Starting makers/designers – 15 July to 31 August (current call)
Period of collaborative programme: autumn 2021

round 2:
Open Call 1: Experienced design agencies – mid-August (not yet open)
Open Call 2: Starting makers/designers – mid-October 2021 (not yet open)
Period of collaborative programme: spring 2022

The second round will start in mid-August and has the same structure as round 1, except that in this second round there is room for approximately 70 collaborative programmes.

Open Call Building Talent 2021 for starting designers (round 1)
• Total budget available for round 1 is € 387,500, which will allow for the establishment of 31 collaborative programmes.
• Amount available per collaborative programme: € 12,500 (€ 6,250 for the design agency and € 6,250 for the starting maker/designer)
• Submit up until 31 August 2021
• Period of collaborative programme: three months (starting in autumn 2021)
• Available to starting makers and designers from across the creative industries

who is this open call for?
Building Talent is for starting makers and designers with a maximum of four years' work experience in the Netherlands in the disciplines of design, architecture or digital culture. We offer a spot to a wide range of starters in the creative industries, for instance landscape architects, graphic designers, social designers, fashion designers and many other disciplines. The grant scheme is open to talents who have graduated from a relevant design study, and also to makers and designers who have developed their professional practice without having completed a design study.

which proposals can be subscribed to?
The research proposals concern a design task, research question or experiment formulated by the design agency. The proposals often take as starting point a self-chosen theme, a fascination, a social task or an otherwise relevant subject, where there is an important role to be filled by a starting maker or designer. In addition, many of the projects we have selected are important for the design field and have a social or societal character.

You can subscribe to one of the following proposals:


1. Summum - Earthen housing built by robots
2. VRP Architecten - Living outside the city
3. Radartoren Architectuur - From potato shed to test-site for the arts
4. Play the City - Network of Games
5. Cityförster Rotterdam - Series, types & modules
6. XML Architecture Research Urbanism - Bright Lights, Big City
7. Maatschap Observatorium - Land van Chabot
8. Mauroparravicini Architects - Towards a typology of flexible cohousing structures
9. Beyond Space - Mobile, autarkic housing object


10. Circus Andersom - Gewenste Intimiteiten
11. Mooves - Oranova Spiegelmaker
12. Our Polite Society - Our Polite Society Type
13. Siba Sahabi - Asclepius
14. MAISON the FAUX - Research Abundance
15. Hozan Zangana Studio - Sinjar / Şengal / شنگال
16. Kode21 - Business of Climate Solutions
17. Het Huis van Betekenis - Sign of life
18. Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters - Handicraft Database
19. Vandejong - From Talent to Talent
20. Studio Harris Blondman - Experimental screen-based design

Digital Culture

21. Stichting Creative Coding Utrecht - Mapping Creative Coding Ecologies
22. Redrum Bureau B.V. - Building Talent - Redrum Bureau
23. Studio Gerjanne van Gink - ADS mirror at home: faster empathetic support in your own home


24. Filip Studios - Hybrid Exhibition
25. Frits van Dongen architecten en planners - Housing Construction and Air Quality
26. Officina Corpuscoli - The Generative Material Age - Mycelium Robotics (4D-Printing)
27. Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken - Social Design Showdown Workplace
28. Real Comics - #metoo conversational etiquette for professionals
29. Lucas Maassen - Residency for the People
30. LABELEDBY. - 3D Hacking Bio-leather
31. roomforthoughts - The Anoiksis Map

Read more about the content of the proposals, the intended working period and the profile of the design agency in this document.

set-up collaborative programme
The collaborative programme is aimed at developing the knowledge and portfolio of both the agency and the designer. It concerns a part-time working period of three months, to be started in the period October to December 2021.

During the collaborative programme, we expect a weekly commitment from both the designer and the agency, so that a research project can be started or experiments can be carried out in a constructive and substantive way. This is based on a minimum commitment of two days per week for the starter. For the design agencies, a minimum commitment of one day per week is assumed for guidance by an experienced designer during the entire period. In addition, the agency is expected to provide a physical workplace during the course of the programme.

The Fund makes a subsidy of up to € 12,500 available per collaborative programme. Of this, € 6,250 is intended for the design agency and € 6,250 for the starting maker or designer.

Before the start, both parties make concrete agreements about the collaborative programme.
After an external advisory committee has made a match between the starting maker or designer and the experienced design agency, an introductory meeting is held to concretize and formalize the collaboration. The collaborative programme can begin when both parties have together achieved a collaboration agreement and an elaboration of the design task. In addition, we expect that any limitations brought by COVID-19 measures will be taken into account in the design and implementation of the programme.

online consultation hours Building Talent
Are you planning to submit an application to Building Talent and would you like more information, or do you have a specific question? On 23 July, 4 August, 18 August and 26 August, the Fund is organizing four public online consultation hours. Register here for the consultation hour of your choice and leave your question in the form so that it can be dealt with by Carlijn Limburg and Tibor Bijl from the Building Talent team.

additional conditions
• The starting maker or designer has a maximum of 4 years' working experience in the disciplines served by the Fund. By means of a portfolio and CV, the applicant shows that they have demonstrable experience in the creative industry.
• The starting maker or designer remains in the Netherlands during the working period and has a work and residence permit (if required);
• In this round, it is possible to subscribe to a maximum of one proposal;
• There is no question of an existing commissioning-client relationship between the parties involved;
• A starting maker or designer subscribes in a personal capacity; it is not possible to apply for these positions as a studio or collective.

Starting makers and designers can subscribe to one of the selected research proposals from the design agencies until 31 August. Subscribing takes place via the Creative Industries Fund NL's online application environment. Select the round 'Building Talent 2021 – Round 1: starting designers'.

Subscribing to one of the tasks is relatively easy and takes little time. In order to be considered for a contribution from Building Talent, we ask designers and makers to explain their own motivation and vision in a designer's canvas. In addition, you will need to submit your portfolio and CV to demonstrate your affinity with the selected research proposal and design agency.

An application consists of:
1. A fully completed application form;
2. A fully completed designer's canvas (1 A3, see Building Talent designer's canvas + explanation);
3. A concise portfolio of recent projects (max. 10 A4, PDF), where in the case of collaboration projects your own contribution is clearly indicated.
4. A CV (maximum 2 A4)

If the application fails to satisfy the above, it will not be possible to assess the substance of the application.

N.B.:For this specific open call, it is not necessary to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce when creating an account. If you are not registered with the Chamber of Commerce, enter the same information under organization details as under personal details.

NB: When submitting the application, please be careful with privacy-sensitive information. The designer's canvas, portfolio and CV will be passed on to the experienced design agency in the event of a positive assessment.

Please note: Between 26 July and 1 August, the online application environment will be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance work.

what are the assessment criteria?
For the assessment of applications, the Fund is advised by a committee of external experts with relevant expertise.

This committee assesses the applications on the basis of the following three criteria, each of which will be given equal weight in the assessment:

1. Approach to the design task;
2. Quality of the designer's work; and
3. Professionalization and alignment of the design task with the applicant's own development potential

The assessment of this open call takes the form of a tender: this means that, within the available budget, a number of proposals are prioritized over other submissions. Only projects with a positive assessment can be supported.

The positively assessed applications will be ranked on the basis of the average scores for the assessment criteria. The committee uses a five-point scale: 1. unsatisfactory; 2. moderate; 3. satisfactory; 4. good; 5. very good. If the total of applications with a positive advice exceeds the available budget for the round, priorities are set. The contribution advised by the committee is awarded to the highest-scoring applications, provided the total does not exceed the subsidy ceiling.

If on the basis of the average final score applications end up equal in their response to the task in question, these equal-scoring applications will be ranked according to the extent to which the professionalization and affinity with your own development potential in relation to the design task is the most current.

The highest-rated proposal is offered as a match to the relevant design agencies, after which the maker or designer and the agency discuss the details of the collaborative programme. After this discussion, both parties can indicate whether the collaboration can definitely go ahead. If this is not the case, the next starting maker or designer on the ranking list will be approached for an interview with the design agency.

selection procedure
• confirmation and decision
You will receive confirmation of receipt by e-mail at the latest one week after the closing date. All submitters will be informed of the results of the open call within one month after the closing date. Rejected proposals receive a negative decision. The Fund will only communicate publicly about the selected proposals.

• follow-up procedure in the event of a positive decision
In the event of a positive decision, the selected starting makers or designers will be paired with the experienced design agencies. After selection and pairing, an introductory meeting takes place to concretize and formalize the collaboration. These meetings must be scheduled by both parties in the first week of October (week 40).

• matching
In the event of a successful match, the grant will be awarded to the design agency and the starting designer or maker under the conditions of a collaboration agreement and a further-developed version of the design task. In this start-up phase, both parties work together to draw up these starting documents.

• start collaboration period
After a positive assessment of the starting documents by the Fund, the decision will be finalized and the collaborative programme can actually begin. The collaborative programme must begin within 3 months after matching.

All applicants will be informed of the selection by 30 September 2021 at the latest. The definite matches will be announced via the Fund's website within 10 weeks of the closing date.

The processing and assessment of the proposals submitted is carried out within the framework of the Open Call Grant Scheme. Any subsidy is awarded on the basis of the regulations applicable to this grant scheme. The following articles in those regulations do not apply to this open call:
article 4, paragraph 1, under c; e; f; j;
article 8, paragraphs 3, 6, 7, 8, 9;
article 18, paragraph 2.

For questions about the call and procedure, please contact Carlijn Limburg or Tibor Bijl at Both can also be reached at 010 436 1600.

additional resources for makers due to COVID-19
Building Talent is part of the second support package for the cultural and creative sector. In February 2021, the Creative Industries Fund NL received additional resources from Minister van Engelshoven's second support package for the cultural and creative sector, to support makers in the design sector who have been hit hard by the COVID-19 situation.

more Open calls


Open Call Professionalization and deepening of the practice (during and after COVID-19) #8

COVID-19 has created new challenges in many practices. With an extra impulse, the Creative Industries Fund NL is now offering professionals within the fields of design, architecture and digital culture the opportunity to develop a distinctive strategy to achieve a future-proof practice. Proposals may be submitted until Wednesday 8 September 2021.

The COVID-19 crisis has greatly increased the urgency to professionalize and think strategically about the future. More than ever, we have experienced that ongoing assignments can suddenly grind to a halt, and that acquiring new assignments has become a lot more challenging due to the disappearance of informal encounters. How can you achieve new forms of acquisition? How do you ensure that you remain visible and distinctive to others? And what is the best way to innovate your practice? A long-term vision and strategy, both in artistic and entrepreneurial terms, are therefore of great importance. But how do you find a good balance between the two?

This open call provides an opportunity to conduct research in the areas of professionalization, reflection and deepening of the practice. We expect applicants to provide insight in particular into a vision for the future and problem definition in their proposal, and to set out a long-term development plan, involving at least two partners or advisers. In this way, the Fund aims to strengthen the design field and boost connections between culture, entrepreneurship and society. The open call is being issued for the eighth time and it focuses on the fields of design, architecture and digital culture and every possible crossover between these disciplines.

The maximum contribution is €7,500. The available budget allows for the support of up to 33 projects. The contribution can be used to reimburse costs that support the stated objective within the open call, for example hours worked (including own hours), travel expenses, hiring specific knowledge and any material costs. No application can be made for regular running costs, such as studio rent, office costs, the development of a corporate identity and website, obtaining legal advice or for the further development of an existing design. This extra Open Call Professionalization and deepening of the practice has been made possible by the fourth support package made available by Minister Van Engelshoven of Education, Culture and Science. A maximum budget of € 250,000 is available for this open call.

Proposals can be submitted until Wednesday 8 September 2021 via the online application environment of the Creative Industries Fund NL. Select the round 'Open Call' and then the round 'Professionalization and deepening of the practice #8'.

Your proposal consists of:
1. a concise and coherent project plan that focuses on reflection, practice development and
possible implementation (max. 7 pages A4 format, PDF) containing:

a. a vision on the positioning of the maker, designer or studio in relation to the professional field and a future vision on your own practice (the proposal demonstrates that the designer is encountering limitations in their current practice due to COVID-19);
b. a clear description of the problem in your own practice for long-term development;
c. an action plan with justification and explanation of at least two partners/advisers who will be involved in concretization and/or implementation (e.g. by providing guidance or exchanging knowledge);
d. an explanation of the intended effect for your own practice, both for artistic development and entrepreneurship;
e. a vision on the relevance of the approach developed within your own design practice for the design field and how this can be shared with others;

2. a budget with planning (max. 2 pages, PDF, A4);
3. a concise CV (max. 2 pages, PDF, A4);
4. a portfolio with recent and relevant work (max. 10 pages, PDF, A4);
5. a recent extract from the register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

If the submission does not comply with the above description, no assessment of the proposal can take place.

Please note: request your login details for the online application environment on time. Validation of a new user account can take up to one working day.

The Fund, together with external advisers, selects a number of proposals from the applications received. The advisers assess the proposal to guage how consistent it is and the extent to which it meets the criteria for this open call. The advisers base their recommendation on the following criteria:

• the artistic quality of the portfolio;
• the sharpness of the reflection on the development of your own practice until now and how this step can add value for a more future-proof practice;
• the quality of the action plan in relation to the intended result and dealing with the COVID-19 reality;
• the quality of the contribution of the partners/advisers involved.

scoring method
Each adviser assesses each dossier individually on the basis of the above criteria, which are assessed in relation to each other. A five-point scale is used for this purpose:

1. poor;
2. moderate;
3. sufficient;
4. good;
5. very good.

All the advisers give a separate score for each of these criteria. During the meeting, this score can be adjusted by the individual adviser on the basis of the discussion. After all the submissions have been considered, the sum of the scores per dossier are finalized. This results in a ranking per round based on weighted averages.

terms and conditions
• The designer/design agency has had its own practice within the field of design, architecture or digital culture for at least three years.
• there are at least two partners or parties with which there is a collaboration or by whom knowledge is being gained. The reason for choosing these partners or parties is substantiated;
• the proposal will be completed within 12 months of the announcement of the selection;
• applications may be submitted by designers and design studios based in the Netherlands;
• designers and makers who have been supported in a previous edition of this open call and who are currently still involved in an ongoing project cannot submit a proposal.

• The assessment of an open call takes the form of a tender: this means that, within the available budget, a number of proposals are prioritized over other submissions.
• Only projects with a positive assessment can be supported.
• You will receive confirmation of receipt by e-mail at the latest two weeks after the closing date. All applicants will be informed of the results of the open call; this also takes place by e-mail. The Fund will only communicate about the selected proposals. Rejected proposals receive a negative decision. The Fund aims to announce the results by 20 October 2021.
• The processing and assessment of the proposals submitted is carried out within the framework of the Open Call Grant Scheme. Any subsidy is awarded on the basis of this grant scheme.
• The call specifically addresses the policy objective: promoting a healthy and innovative design infrastructure.

would you like to know more?
For questions about the open call and the procedure, please contact Dewi Kruijk at or Hyun Vin Kaspers at or 010-436 1600.
For this open call you may not submit a draft proposal to the Fund for advice.

Open Call Residency Van Doesburghuis 2021

The Netherlands Film Fund and the Creative Industries Fund NL are offering a special residency for winter 2021 and spring 2022 at the Van Doesburghuis in Meudon, Paris.

In the studio house that Theo van Doesburg designed for himself and his wife Nelly in the late 1920s, makers and intermediaries – ranging from a director, curator, screenwriter, researcher, architect to a maker of digital culture – can carry out research, develop ideas or create new work in the fields of film, design and digital culture.

This call offers two working periods of four months. In line with Theo and Nelly's interdisciplinary practice and multifaceted artistic expression, a collaboration with an applicant from another discipline is also possible.

The periods of residence on offer are:
7 November 2021 to 1 March 2022
6 March to 26 June 2022

Since 2017, by means of open calls, the Creative Industries Fund NL, the Netherlands Film Fund, the Performing Arts Fund, the Mondriaan Fund and the Dutch Foundation for Literature have jointly offered a residency at the Van Doesburghuis in Meudon-Val-Fleury just outside Paris, where makers can further develop their artistic practice. The Mondriaan Fund acts as the coordinator of the application procedure.
Applications can be submitted to the Mondriaan Fund until 7 August 2021.

who is this residency for?
Makers and intermediaries in the disciplines of film, design and digital culture can submit a proposal. It is possible to apply as an individual applicant or as a duo (two makers, or a maker and an observer, who make work together on a structural basis). Partnerships can be considered as a duo (for this occasion), if they submit a joint plan for the working period that leads to a single result. At least one maker or observer in the duo works within the film, design and/or digital culture sector. Please note that when applying as a duo or partnership, both must complete a form separately.

The conditions/regulations of the Netherlands Film Fund apply to applications in the discipline of film.
Applications in the disciplines of design and digital culture are subject to the conditions/regulations of the Creative Industries Fund NL.

For this call, a multidisciplinary committee will be formed, consisting of two advisers from each participating fund and a chairperson. The committee selects a total of two residents (or duos): one resident (or duo) from the discipline of film and one resident (or duo) from the discipline of design/digital culture.

The rent for the studio house is paid directly by the funds to the Van Doesburghuis Foundation. A fixed contribution of € 1,000 per month is made available to the resident for travel, material, transport and accommodation costs. This amount also applies to duos.

The Van Doesburghuis
In the late 1920s, Theo van Doesburg was finally able to give tangible shape to his all-encompassing art and philosophy of life in an architectural creation on a small plot in rural Meudon, where many writers (Céline, the Goncourt brothers, Sartre), architects (Jean Prouvé) and visual artists (Rodin, Hans Arp and Sophie Taeuber-Arp) sought refuge. The studio house was completed at the end of 1930; shortly afterwards, Theo died at the age of 47. The house, which from the 1980s onwards was given the name of its creator, will go down in history as representative of Van Doesburg's ideas on the synthesis of the arts. Thanks to a special endowment from Wies van Moorsel, Nelly's niece and sole heiress, the studio house came into possession of the Dutch state in the early 1980s. The Van Doesburghuis Foundation was given responsibility for managing the house and making it available to artists as a place to live and work. Over the past 40 years, some 50 artists and intermediaries have stayed in the Van Doesburghuis.

The deadline for submitting an application is 7 August 2021 at 17:00. Click here to submit an application.

You can indicate your preferred period on the application form. As part of the selection, we try to allocate the preferred period.

NB! Keep an eye on the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the latest information on the COVID-19 developments, with instructions and advice on travel to Paris.

Please note: if you have not previously applied to the Mondriaan Fund, you must first request an account. Be aware that it takes approximately 1 business day to create an account. In the system, you can fill out and submit an online application form with the attachments requested in the accompanying checklist.

The proposal should be accompanied by a CV and a motivation for the residency. In addition, information is expected about the project the maker(s) would like to work on in the Van Doesburghuis, the added value of the stay in the Van Doesburghuis for the project in question, and a presentation plan.

For more information about the Van Doesburghuis and the selection process, please contact Philip Montnor.

Joint initiative of the Dutch cultural funds
For a number of years, the Creative Industries Fund NL, the Netherlands Film Fund, the Performing Arts Fund, the Mondriaan Fund and the Dutch Foundation for Literature have made this residency alternately available to artists working in the many fields in which Theo and Nelly van Doesburg were active: architecture, visual arts, literature, poetry, music, design and performing arts. The call is also open to makers from the disciplines of film and digital culture. Last year, Helena van der Meulen (film) and Katharina Gross (performing arts) stayed in the Van Doesburghuis. Previous residents include: Rozalie Hirs (performing arts) together with Machiel Spaan (architecture), Antonis Pittas (visual arts), Jason Hendrik Hansma (digital culture) and Neske Beks (literature). They share their experiences as former residents of the Van Doesburghuis in this video:

the fund