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Offices wanted: to host 12 master-apprentice programmes in architecture

Offices wanted: to host 12 master-apprentice programmes in architecture

Is your architectural office willing to dedicate time to helping a novice architect, urban planner, landscape architect or interior architecture perform a research project? The Creative Industries Fund NL is seeking architectural offices who would like to work with upcoming talents within the architectural discipline.

The fund is seeking 12 offices active in one of the fields of the architectural discipline, together forming a cross-section of the overall work field. The fund is therefore seeking a diverse range of offices in terms of sub-discipline, size, work domain, design method and regional base. Interdisciplinary offices are also invited to apply. The fund distinguishes the following profiles:

Profile 1 • architecture
Profile 2 • urban planning
Profile 3 • interior architecture
Profile 4 • garden and landscape architecture
Profile 5 • interdisciplinary

Offices working within at least one of these profiles are invited to apply. The deadline for applications is Thursday 30 July 2020. A call for apprentices will follow in September 2020.

set-up of the collaboration programme
The programme is designed as a part-time work period of 3 months in the first half of 2021. We expect a weekly commitment from both the office and the apprentice, devoted to a constructive and substantive performance of a research project and/or experiments. The programme will therefore result in knowledge and portfolio development for both the office and the apprentice. Specific arrangements will be made at the outset with the participating offices, but the minimum expectation is to have one senior designer devote at least one day a week to supervision, for the full period. The office is also expected to provide the apprentice with a physical work station for the period of the programme. In return, the Creative Industries Fund will remunerate the office for 80 hours at a fee of € 65 per hour (excluding VAT).

The apprentice will receive a separate grant of € 5200 based on 2 days a week for a period of 3 months.

Once the 12 offices have been selected, apprentices will be invited to apply through an open call to be issued in September. Further information will be published in our newsletters. The offices and selected apprentices will be linked together through matchmaking, and the apprentices and offices will mutually determine the definitive content of the talent programme.

Offices can respond to this call until and including Thursday 30 July 2020 via the online application environment. Select 'Grant programme/Open call' and then choose 'Bureaus voor talent-gezeltraject'.

Your application should include:
1. A motivation letter (maximum 2 A4) indicating the office's profile and fulfilling the criteria of this call:
Description of the office's design approach;
Which practical experiences/activities will be provided to the apprentice;
The added value of the programme for the office;
The theme or topic of the research or experiment; and
Which of the office's senior designers will act as supervisor.
2. A concise overview of the office's recent projects (maximum 4 A4)
3. The CV of the supervising senior designer (maximum 2 A4)
4. A proof of registration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (not older than 12 months).

The selection committee will assess the applications with reference to the criteria above, applying a five-point scale:
1. insufficient;
2. weak;
3. sufficient;
4. strong;
5. very strong.

Based on its assessments, the selection committee will then propose 12 offices to the board of the Creative Industries Fund NL. For each profile the fund can accept at least 1 and at most 3 offices.

Note: In the event of insufficiently suitable entries within the above profiles, the Fund will switch to a targeted call for open profiles after the selection procedure.

additional resources for makers affected by Covid-19
In June 2020, Minister van Engelshoven provided the Creative Industries Fund with additional resources to support makers in the design sector who have been hit hard by the Covid-19 situation.

The Creative Industries Fund expects that the Covid-19 situation will make it extra difficult for novice architects to connect with the work field, to set up their own practice or to find a (training) position within an office. At the same time, offices will find it harder to devote time to research and experimentation. The fund therefore aims to devote extra resources to giving young architects an impetus and to supporting architectural offices, simultaneously.

The evaluation of this Open Call takes the form of a tender: this means that, within the available budget, a number of proposals will be prioritized over other submissions. Only projects with a positive evaluation can be supported.

You will receive confirmation of receipt by e-mail at the latest one week after the closing date. All applicants will be informed of the results of the open call. In addition, the Fund will only communicate about the selected proposals.

The processing and evaluation of the proposals submitted will be carried out within the framework of the Subsidy Regulations. Any subsidy will be awarded on the basis of these Subsidy Regulations. Important in this context is Article 7, paragraph 2, which allows for a special procedure for Open Calls. For this Open Call, the following articles in these Regulations do not apply:
Article 5, paragraph 3 under a
Article 5, paragraph 4 under b
Article 11, paragraph 2, under a and c, and paragraph 3, under a
Article 13, under b
Articles 16 to 21
Article 22, paragraph 3

more information
For specific questions about the Open Call and procedure, please contact Dominique Geelen at or Carlijn Limburg at Both can also be reached at 010-436 1600.

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