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Immerse\Interact Grant Scheme

Immerse\Interact Grant Scheme

Closing dates:

8 February 2022
30 August 2022

Budget 2021: € 500,000 + € 500,000

in collaboration with the Netherlands Film Fund

The crossover between film and digital culture has created a new field in which digital pioneers, interactive designers and graphic designers work together with directors, screenwriters and producers on innovative media productions. Together they explore the future of storytelling in a changing media landscape. This future is digital: sometimes interactive, sometimes immersive, and sometimes in co-creation with an audience, but always based on the power of the story.

The Immerse\Interact Grant Scheme stimulates projects within the interdisciplinary media landscape. It is a programme offered jointly by the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Netherlands Film Fund. Artistic research and experiment in the field of digital storytelling and the use of interactive or immersive media play a central role. € 500,000 is available per fund, so a total of € 1,000,000.
• Film producers and AV producers (a legal entity, not a sole proprietorship or VOF) with a demonstrable track record in the field of interactive storytelling or immersive media forms (360-degree video, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality) can apply. Applicants must be based in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, a member state of the EU, the EEA or Switzerland. The producer cannot also be the director, scriptwriter or designer.

• In addition, individual makers who are producing the project themselves are eligible, provided they have proven expertise in the field of interactive storytelling or immersive media forms. To apply, the individual makers must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

Individual makers who apply for realization must have a filmography/portfolio containing at least one realized project in the disciplines mentioned. For this purpose, a brief overview of realized projects must be submitted with the application, in which they describe their own production experience and the locations where each project has been shown.
Development contribution applied for by the producer
€ 25,000 per project. The contribution is intended for carrying out research, optimizing an artistic concept and other preparatory work prior to the actual production phase. The advisory committee may also decide to grant a coaching contribution of up to € 5,000, provided it is part of the total amount applied for and the budget, and the CV and motivation of the coach are attached.

Realization contribution applied for by the producer
A maximum of € 100,000 per project to cover the production costs.
The Fund contribution will not exceed 85% of the production budget. The budget for the production phase must be balanced within six months of a grant being awarded. It is possible to apply for an additional contribution of € 5,000 for distribution – provided this is soundly justified. These costs should be included in the budget.

Development contribution applied for by individual maker
€ 15.000 per project, excluding a possible coaching contribution of maximum € 5,000, provided it is part of the total amount applied for and the budget, and the CV and motivation of the coach are attached.

Realization contribution requested by individual maker
€ 30,000 per project.
Eligible to apply are artistic projects (largely Dutch film projects) that contain a supporting cinematic component and in which storytelling, both fiction and non-fiction, in relation to interactive (web-based/mobile) or immersive media forms (360-degree video, VR, AR), plays a central role. Crossovers in the form of transmedia productions or installations can also be considered.

During the evaluation, attention is paid to the following aspects:

Development application
• the project's artistic concept;
• explanation of how form and content relate to each other;
• step towards the look & feel of the project, with attention for design and cinematic quality; possibly including mood board or clips etc.
• explanation of how the project distinguishes itself from existing projects;
• team members involved in development phase;
• target audience;
• vision on ultimate intended production;
• planning and phasing of work in the development phase;
• budget (containing clear explanation) and financial coverage plan.

Realization application
• the project's artistic concept;
• explanation of how form and content relate to each other;
• step towards the look & feel of the project, with attention for design and cinematic quality;
• the technical set-up of the project;
• team members involved in production phase;
• positioning of the project in relation to existing productions;
• the plan for and the explanation notes on the budget and financing, their degree of soundness and the feasibility of the final product;
• plan for release: intended target group, explanation of reach, (physical) location of screening, communication and distribution strategy

N.B.: these are not the required attachments for the application. The required attachments are listed on the application form and they all have to be attached for the project to be processed.

For each application, the advisory committee examines whether there is an accumulation of subsidies. Applicants supported by a multi-annual grant are expected to demonstrate how this subsidy relates to the application submitted to Immerse\Interact. This also applies to co-producers and other collaboration partners mentioned in the budget.

Projects that have previously received a grant from the Netherlands Film Fund and/or the Creative Industries Fund NL for a project are not eligible for a contribution for the same stage (development, realization) of that project. In addition to the Immerse\Interact application, it is not possible to submit an application for the same project to one of the other grant programmes of the Netherlands Film Fund or the Creative Industries Fund NL.
Applications can only be submitted in digital form to the Netherlands Film Fund. The subsidy office checks applications for completeness and formal requirements as laid down in the General Regulations. Only complete applications submitted before the deadline will be considered.

The Production department and Subsidy Office assess the production and business aspects of applications. If your application dossier meets the conditions, it will be submitted to an independent advisory committee, which will evaluate the application. The advisory committee issues a recommendation to the Board of the Netherlands Film Fund.
View the composition of the advisory committee here.

The Board takes the advisory committee's recommendation into account in their decision on the application. You will be informed of this decision in writing, at the latest 10 weeks after the closing date.

regulations and protocols
The above information is an explanation in broad outline. The text of the regulations and protocols below prevails.

regulations (in Dutch only)
Deelreglement Realisering 2021
Deelreglement Realisering
Toelichting wijzigingen Deelreglement Ontwikkeling 1 januari 2021
Toelichting wijzigingen Deelreglement Realisering 1 januari 2021
Deelreglement Ontwikkeling 2021
Deelreglement Ontwikkeling
Toelichting wijzigingen Deelreglement Ontwikkeling 1 mei 2019
Toelichting wijzigingen Deelreglement Realisering
Algemeen Reglement
Algemeen Reglement 2021
Huishoudelijk Reglement

Protocols, procedures, models (in Dutch only)
Begrotingsmodel ontwikkeling immerseinteract
Begrotingsmodel realisering onderzoek & experiment
Handboek Financiële Verantwoording
Toelichting op wijzigingen Handboek Financiële Verantwoording
Protocol Kinderbegeleiding
Financieel en Productioneel Protocol
Toelichting wijzigingen Financieel en Productioneel Protocol april 2020
1. As applicant, you submit the digital version of the application form with its attachments. This digital application takes the most important role in the evaluation.
For confirmation purposes, a signed paper copy of the application form (without attachments) must be received by the Fund within two days of submitting the digital application. To submit a digital application, create an account in Frame. You can do that here.
After your account is activated, you log into Frame. Then you will find the Immerse\Interact application form under 'Samenwerkingsprojecten'.
2. A signed paper copy of the application form (without attachments) must be received by the Film Fund for confirmation within two days of submitting the digital application.
It is also possible to send this digitally signed application form by e-mail. In that case, it replaces the paper version of the application form. Submitting the paper version is therefore still possible.
The digitally signed form can be sent as a PDF to the Netherlands Film Fund via, stating the following information, which can be found at question 1.2 on your application form:
• Project title
• Application number
• Category
• Grant programme

• You are requested to submit the applications in the Dutch language. By way of exception, individual makers with a different native language may – in consultation with the Netherlands Film Fund – submit the application in English.
• Only complete applications (digital and paper versions) submitted on time will be considered.
For more information please contact:
Nienke Doekes, project officer Dutch Filmfund:
Sean Gilis, grant coordinator Creative Industries Fund NL:
Bonnie Dumanaw, contact person for interdisciplinary projects on behalf of the six national culture funds: of +31 20 523 16 00

grants issued Immerse\Interact


ImmerseInteract Grant Scheme

De Rietfluit

Jules van Hulst, 2021
De Rietfluit is a video installation based on Rumi's poem of the same name. A mystical experience full of visual associations at the intersection between real and unreal. A pleasant confusion in which the audience, from the first-person perspective, is taken to places they have never been before but still recognize.

ImmerseInteract Grant Scheme AV production

Synchronic Cinema

Aram Lee, Quenton Miller, Luca Napoli, 2021
The work consists of a short series of films generated from Google Maps. The montage of colour flashes, camera images, montage of landscapes combined with a voice-over and a soundtrack form the work. The four documentary chapters show the story of displaced speakers, fragmented and shifting borders. They all question the nature of their identity.

ImmerseInteract Grant Scheme Presentation


Zalán Szakács, 2021
Eigengrau is a performative installation, a ritual in total darkness using only light, mist, sound and movement. Inspired by phantasmagoria, Eigengrau creates a perceptual illusion, a temporary escape in a contemporary setting.

ImmerseInteract Grant Scheme Product development


Niki Smit (Monobanda) en Sarah Ticho, 2021
SoulPaint is a VR project that allows participants to discover, encounter and choreograph their own 'inner world'. The project brings together immersive storytelling, neuroscience and play. Participants will have a variety of creative tools at their disposal to visualize their 'embodied' emotional experience on a 3D body. And then interact and dance with it.

ImmerseInteract Grant Scheme Presentation

Jet of Blood

Justin Zijlstra en Lisanne van Aert, 2021
An overpowering VR experience in which the audience undergoes the ideas of revolutionary playwright Antonin Artaud (1896-1948).

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