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Grant Programme Immerse\Interact

Grant Programme Immerse\Interact

Budget: € 1.300.000

in collaboration with the Netherlands Film Fund

The crossover between film and digital culture has created a new field in which digital pioneers, interactive designers and graphic designers work together with directors, screenwriters and producers on innovative media productions. Together they explore the future of storytelling in a changing media landscape. This future is digital, sometimes interactive, sometimes immersive, sometimes in co-creation with an audience, but always based on the power of the story.

The Immerse\Interact programme stimulates projects within the interdisciplinary media landscape to set the bar high. It is a programme offered jointly by the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Film Fund. Artistic research and experiment in the field of digital storytelling and the use of interactive or immersive media play a central role.
Film producers and AV producers with a demonstrable track record in the field of interactive storytelling or immersive media forms (360-degree video, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality) can apply. In addition, individual makers with demonstrable expertise in the field of AV are eligible to apply for a maximum contribution of €30,000. To apply, the makers must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

Producers and individual makers who apply for realization must have a filmography/portfolio containing at least one realized project in the disciplines mentioned. If in doubt about this portfolio, a request may be submitted for review of the portfolio by the Funds up to three weeks before the closing date.
Development contribution applied for by the producer
€ 25,000 per project. The contribution is intended for carrying out research, writing scenarios and other preparatory work prior to the actual production phase. The advisory committee may also decide to grant a coaching contribution of up to € 5,000, provided that a proposal for a coaching component is part of the application and budget.

Realization contribution applied for by the producer
€ 100,000 per project, intended to cover the production costs. A reasonable degree of co-financing is required for this phase. The budget for the production phase must be balanced within six months of a grant being awarded. It is possible to apply for an additional contribution of € 5,000 for distribution.

Development and realization contribution applied for by individual makers
In total a maximum of € 30,000 for realization including development and excluding a possible coaching contribution of up to € 5,000.

Starting grant for individual makers: the committee can award a starting grant to a maker if it feels that further development of the plan is worthwhile, but the application for development has been submitted too early. This contribution may not exceed € 7,500 per project. The starting grant is intended for the first phase of a project. The contribution can be used to further develop a concept into a full development plan. The advisory committee awards a maximum of three starting grants per round.
Eligible to apply are artistic productions that contain a supporting cinematic component and in which storytelling, both fiction and non-fiction in relation to interactive (web-based/mobile) or immersive media forms (360-degree video, VR, AR), plays a central role. Crossovers in the form of transmedia productions or installations can also be considered.

During the evaluation, attention is paid to the following aspects:

Development application
vision on translation from scenario to media;
step towards the look & feel of the project, with attention for design, cinematic quality; possibly including mood board or clips etc.
team members involved in development phase;
target audience;
vision on ultimate intended production;
planning and phasing of work in the development phase;
budget and financial coverage plan.

Realization application
(Summary) scenario;
vision on translation from scenario to media and vision on visualization;
look & feel of the project, with attention to design, cinematic quality;
team members involved in production phase;
target audience, including attention for communication and distribution strategy;
positioning of the project in relation to existing productions;
the technical set-up of the project;
the plan for the budget and financing, its degree of soundness and the feasibility of the final product;
reach, (physical) location of showing;
cross-media marketing plan.
Applications can only be submitted in digital form to the Netherlands Film Fund. The subsidy office checks applications for completeness and formal requirements as laid down in the General Regulations. Only complete applications will be taken into consideration.

If your application dossier meets the conditions, it will be submitted to an independent advisory committee, which will assess the application on the basis of the established criteria. The committee issues a recommendation to the Board of the Film Fund.
Click here to view the composition of the advisory committee.

The board will take the committee's recommendation into account in their decision to award the subsidy or not. You will be informed of this decision in writing, at the latest 10 weeks after the closing date.

After completion of the project, the makers are asked to present the project to the advisory committee.

Regulations and protocols
The above information is an explanation in broad outline. The text of the regulations and protocols below prevails.

Regulations (in Dutch only)
Deelreglement Ontwikkeling
Deelreglement Realisering
Algemeen Reglement
Huishoudelijk Reglement

Protocols, procedures, models (in Dutch only)
Begrotingsmodel filmisch experiment
Handboek Financiële Verantwoording
Financieel en Productioneel Protocol
Protocol Kinderbegeleiding
Applicants may apply by submitting the digital version of the application form with its attachments to the Netherlands Film Fund. In addition, a signed paper copy of the application form (without attachments) must be received by the Film Fund within two days of submitting the digital version. The digital application is leading in the evaluation. Only complete applications will be considered.

With an account you can submit a digital application in Frame. If you do not have an account yet, go to
For more information please contact:
Nienke Doekes, project officer New Screen NL Talent Development & Cinematic Experiment:
[email protected]
Joris van Ballegooijen, coordinator of the Interactive and Immersive Media Productions programme:
[email protected]

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