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Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes

Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes

Budget 2020: € 2.150.000

Creative Industries Fund NL uses the Grant Programme for Multi-year Programmes to support multi-year activities programmes which contribute to the promotion of excellent quality, development and professionalization of contemporary Dutch architecture, design and digital culture and to encourage interest in these disciplines.

Per application round, applications can be submitted for two-year and four-year programmes. The realization of the selected programmes will take place in 2017-2018 / 2019-2020 or 2017-2020. The last application round closed on 11 April 2018. The realization of this grant programme is a component of the 2017-2020 policy. Currently you can apply for the Grant Programme for four-year Institutional Creative Industries 2021-2024.

Organizations that receive subsidy on the basis of this grant programme are not eligible for other Creative Industries Fund NL subsidies during the implementation of the programme, with the exception of application procedures that fall under the Fund's 'Programmahuis'.
After your application has been submitted, the Fund office checks whether you comply with the formal requirements as listed in the Subsidy Regulations (PDF) and the Grant Programme for Multi-year Programmes (PDF).

An advisory committee will evaluate the extent to which your application is aligned with the criteria listed in Articles 16 - 21 of the Subsidy Regulations (PDF) and the grant programme's specific objective (Article 1 of the Grant Programme for Multi-year Programmes (PDF)). View the composition of the advisory committee for the Grant Programme for Multi-year Activities Programmes here.

The board will take the committee's recommendation into account in their decision to award the grant or not. You will be informed of the decision 10 weeks after the closing date for the grant programme at the latest. You will receive a message with the result by email.

If you receive a grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL you will enter into obligations. Please read important information on your accountability here.
For further information please contact Team Activities Programme:

You can also call +31 (0)10 4361600.

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Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes Programme



STEIM (STudio for Electro-Instrumental Music) is a network lab with a distinctive orientation towards music and sound. The organization focuses on fostering connections and relationships, between disciplines as well as social domains, and asks fundamental questions that relate to the context of sound and music. It provides an infrastructure for makers to experiment in the form of knowledge and experience, workshops, studios, performance spaces, equipment and presentation spaces for sound art. STEIM conducts research based on a triple-layered model:
1. Artistic research within sound art and digital culture. This involves collaboration with individual makers, but also with other labs and workshops, with vocational training institutions and universities.
2. Links within art and culture. Proceeding from the experimentation with sound and music in context, ties are established with other domains, such as the visual arts, architecture and product design. One of these activities is the 'Klinkklaar' – or 'Pure Sound' – project, a collaboration between Beeldenstorm, EKWC (European Ceramic Work Centre), the National Glass Museum, the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ concert hall and STEIM.
3. Links with society: (health)care and education. STEIM is investigating the role of sound and music in the care sector with a range of partners. It is also exploring the possibilities for innovation within education. Alongside this research, STEIM presents sound art within the 'TONE' project and by organizing concerts with partners.

Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes Programme

BioArt Laboratories


Granted under condition, € 100,000 per year for two years

BioArt Laboratories aims to guide talent and develop innovative methods and products which add a new dimension to cultural domains as well as to technology and the life sciences. With its hybrid lab and studio, the organization offers work opportunities and coaching for young professionals from the creative industries and the technical sciences. For the period 2019–2020 a programme has been formulated around three spearheads: 1. Optimizing the input for co-creation; 2. Consolidating the platform for co-creation; 3. Guaranteeing the impact of co-creation.

Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes



Granted under condition, € 115,000 per year for two years

LIMA is an international expertise centre in the field of archiving and distributing digital art. The organization operates at the intersection of visual art, film and digital culture. LIMA's programme for 2019–2020 consists of three programmatic thrusts. Firstly, LIMA is continuing its 'Unfold' programme, which focuses on reinterpretation and notation as an artistic experiment and will result in a series of workshops. Within the programme 'research and development', LIMA places the emphasis on technically innovative research into dynamic archiving, emulation and documentation, as well as digital repositories. Lastly, LIMA strives to showcase and reflect on digital art, in the guise of the discursive 'Cultural Matter' presentation programme. LIMA is concluding its 2019–2020 programme with a two-day festival. Partners are called on according to the nature of the project. For UNFOLD, LIMA is collaborating with Jan Robert Leegte, IMA and Ars Electronica (Austria), SUPSI (Switzerland) and UBU (Croatia), while for the workshops LIMA is teaming up with Creative Coding Utrecht, iMAL and BrusselDynamisch. Archiving, emulation and documentation will be carried out in collaboration with Rhizome and media artists, including Aymeric Mansoux, Marlous van der Valk, Dave Griffiths, Constant Dullaart and Harm van den Dorpel. Lima also collaborates closely with CoP, HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel), the Dutch Digital Heritage Network, DEN and universities. For new technologies and models for knowledge transfer, LIMA operates in conjunction with the public, museums and Wikipedia.

Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes Programme

Next Nature Network


Granted under condition, € 120,000 per year for two years

Next Nature Network explores how we can design, build and live in a nature shaped by humans on the basis of a 50-year plan. The point of departure is the insight that technology is becoming so complex, intimate and autonomous that we experience it as a 'next nature'. Under the motto 'Humane Technology' the organization investigates how we can shape this next nature and live within it. The 2019–2020 programme is arranged into a trio of programme tracks: Intimate Technology, Next Natural Habitat and People of Tomorrow. The activities planned within these tracks include 'Next Senses': an investigation in which young designers speculate about new senses; '': an alternative cryptocurrency that rewards positive sustainable actions; 'Future Food Formula': a mobile expo about personalized vegetables as the first step in the cooking process; and 'Save the Humans': a typographical film about the threats to the future of humankind. Next Nature Network will be investing in the online platform and is hoping to establish a fixed public location where next nature will be permanently on display. A diversity of partners are involved, depending on the content of the project. For example, Next Nature works with TU Eindhoven, the Maxima Medical Centre and Philips Design in the field of research, with the Dutch Design Week and WDCD for presentations, and with the VPRO, Trouw and De Correspondent as media partners.

Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes Programme



Granted under condition, € 125,000 per year for two years

The STRP Biennale is one of Europe's largest indoor art and technology festivals. STRP wants to contribute to the talent development of Dutch and international makers by means of its role as (co)producer. By means of professional supervision of content and technical aspects in the development of new work and the distribution of that work, STRP has been able to engage with many makers. With the appointment of Ton van Gooi as director, the organization is entering into a new phase. In the period 2019–2020, STRP is keen to redefine and reposition itself as a platform with a continuous multi-year programme. The organization thereby intends to increase its presence and visibility in Eindhoven and the rest of the Netherlands. Over the coming years STRP will be zooming out and shifting the focus from (creative) technology to more socially engaged themes and the role and impact of art and technology in this context. The point of departure for the 2019–2020 programme is 'critical optimism'. STRP is keen to serve as a guide and convey its audience through the quest for answers to essential questions for our present-day society. The activities include a Festival XL (over 10 days) and a Festival L (four days). Smaller STRP events are being programmed alongside these festivals. STRP also regularly hooks up with larger city events such as Glow, DDW and Emoves, while STRP Scenario evenings culminate in the conferences during the STRP Festivals. With STRP Share the organization offers an educational and participative programme, tailored to specific target groups from young to old. The learning tracks are devised in consultation with the target group, educational institution or knowledge hub. STRP works with various local and national partners from the culture sector, education, government and the business world.

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