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Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes

Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes

Budget: € 2.150.000

Creative Industries Fund NL uses the Grant Programme for Multi-year Programmes to support multi-year activities programmes which contribute to the promotion of excellent quality, development and professionalization of contemporary Dutch architecture, design and digital culture and to encourage interest in these disciplines.

Per application round, applications can be submitted for two-year and four-year programmes. The realization of the selected programmes will take place in 2017-2018 / 2019-2020 or 2017-2020. The last application round closed on 11 April 2018. The realization of this grant programme is a component of the 2017-2020 policy.

Organizations that receive subsidy on the basis of this grant programme are not eligible for other Creative Industries Fund NL subsidies during the implementation of the programme, with the exception of application procedures that fall under the Fund's "Programmahuis".
After your application has been submitted, the Fund office checks whether you comply with the formal requirements as listed in the Subsidy Regulations (PDF) and the Grant Programme for Multi-year Programmes (PDF).

An advisory committee will evaluate the extent to which your application is aligned with the criteria listed in Articles 16 - 21 of the Subsidy Regulations (PDF) and the grant programme’s specific objective (Article 1 of the Grant Programme for Multi-year Programmes (PDF)). View the composition of the advisory committee for the Grant Programme for Multi-year Activities Programmes here.

The board will take the committee's recommendation into account in their decision to award the grant or not. You will be informed of the decision 10 weeks after the closing date for the grant programme at the latest.

If you receive a grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL you will enter into obligations. Please read important information on your accountability here. Download the accountability form immediately here.
For further information please contact:
Anouk Laverge.

You can also call +31 (0)10 4361600.

If you have questions concerning the online application environment please contact the secretariat.

grants issued Multi-Year Programmes


Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes Programme

Mediamatic 2017-2018


Mediamatic Foundation is an institution that focuses on new and interdisciplinary art forms which arise from pressing social issues and technological developments. Over time, their focus has shifted from electronic media and technology to cultivation media and developments in food and biotechnology. The foundation serves as a cultural incubator and focuses on research, development and presenting new work. Their programme grew out of an interest in the tension between culture and nature, and featured topics include biomaterials, eating and drinking, scents, environment, DIY and tools. These topics are presented in a variety of ways. In addition to traditional formats like presentations, exhibitions, publications and workshops, there’s also room for experimental formats such as the Bio Clean Lab, a pilot project with primary schools, and the Bio Art Supplies shop. To create this programme, Mediamatic works with a wide range of partners including Waag Society, STEIM, Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin, VU, UU department of mycology, Oedipus Brewing and Food Logica. Since 2015, Mediamatic has been headquartered in Dijkspark, a new location near Amsterdam’s Central Station. The convenient location offers an opportunity to run a profitable side business. The concept is a restaurant that transcends a simple place to eat. It also unfolds into a stage for the Mediamatic programme which revolves around experimentation and innovation.

Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes Programme

BioArt Laboratories 2017-2018


Conditional grant, €100,000 per year for two years

Since 2012, BioArt Laboratories has created a variety of projects, events and presentations to introduce the general public to the Bio Art and Do-It-Yourself movements. With their current three-part programme, BioArt Laboratories not only creates crossovers between science, nature, technology and the creative industries, they also connect city councils, government, businesses, lawyers, economists and students with each other. Among other things, their 2017-2020 programme concentrates on expanding and facilitating crossover talent development processes to give meaning and direction to the bio-based society. To gain a critical and artistic perspective on (biotech) developments and to facilitate creative innovations, the initiative engages with a wide variety of talents. BioArt Laboratories focuses on relationship management, professional scouting and selection of talented individuals, and offering a Talents in Residence programme. As part of their talent development programme, BioArt Laboratories offers coaching and access to new (biotech) materials to enable these up-and-coming talents to go through the entire development process, from idea and prototype to final product.

Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes Programme

Sonic Acts 2017-2020


Conditional grant, €300,000 per year for four years

Sonic Acts is a platform for research, development and presentation at the intersection of art, science, music and technology. Sonic Acts promotes cross-sector collaboration, produces and exhibits new pieces, and stimulates the creation and exchange of knowledge between scientists, developers, artists and the general public.
For the 2017-2020 period, Sonic Acts’ programming consists of: 2 festivals (2017/2019), 2 Academies (2018/2020), more than 30 new commissioned pieces and co-productions, 2 quarterly programme series, 48 masterclasses, workshops and presentations, 4 print publications and 40 online dossiers, plus collaborative international projects. The activities are being developed together under the overarching theme ‘Reset: De Mens’ (‘Reset: Humanity’). Sonic Acts asks what the role of humans and humanity (still) is. They approach the question from two different perspectives. First, from an anthropological and philosophical perspective that looks at how ecological and technological transformations challenge us to radically re-imagine our concept of humanity. And second, from the development of 'artificial intelligence', the fusion of people and technology, and the implications and consequences that come with it.

Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes Programme

Waag Society 2017-2020


Conditional grant, €400,000 per year for four years

Waag Society’s mission is to break open closed systems, hack, appropriate, demystify and provide new contexts. And it all starts with a Do-It-Together mentality. Experts and the general public discover by themselves how seemingly complex systems like self-driving cars or antibiotics work. The related artistic principles include: Relational Aesthetics, Open & Critical Making, Users as Designers and Learning by Making.
The Waag’s programme is divided into six thematic labs. Each lab has an appointed head researcher who puts together an agenda and specific research queries with the rest of the team. For example, the Future Internet Lab focuses on the morality of technology. Open Wetlab and Open Design Lab are taking a critical approach to the creative culture within biotechnology and the manufacturing, respectively. The Creative Learning Lab, Creative Care Lab and Future Heritage Lab are examining crossovers between e-culture, education, healthcare and heritage. The organisation is also looking into the potential of new labs related to nanotechnology, quantum technology and aerospace. Artistic research and experimentation are at the centre of the labs’ methodology. The results of this type of research might lead to concrete applications, but it’s more important that the experiments themselves are visible in society. Waag Society therefore organises exhibitions and attempts to build and maintain communities and platforms around their labs. Waag Society positions itself as a networking organisation: they assemble a consortium of Dutch and international partners around each lab. In addition, they have an extensive Academy programme. Academy participants include schools, teachers, makers, civil servants, curators and healthcare professionals.

Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes Programme

Next Nature 2017-2018


Conditional grant, €170,000 per year for two years

Since its foundation in 2005, Next Nature Network has been researching how our environment is becoming more and more connected to technology on a variety of levels. They believe that thanks to its pervasiveness, complexity and intimacy, people will experience this technological shell as a new form of nature. The foundation, created by Koert van Mensvoort, organises exhibitions and events, and produces publications about provocative design and research projects. All of their activities come together on the platform Next Nature aims to better understand the co-evolutionary relationship between people, nature and technology. To do so, they sketch new, often speculative, but well-informed views of the future.
Next Nature presents itself as a 21st-century nature movement that doesn’t look back, but instead aims to move forward with the slogan ‘FORWARD TO NATURE’. Their programming is divided into three main themes: intimate technology, next natural habitat and people of tomorrow. Some of the planned activities within these themes include: ‘Forward to Nature’, a publication which explains the concept of getting closer to nature; Next Senses, a research programme where young makers speculate about new sense and sensory applications; Meat the Future Expo, a physical exhibition about a fictional restaurant that ‘cultivates’ meat;, a platform for an alternative currency that represents ecological value; Letter to Humanity, a letter by founder Koert van Mensvoort and ‘Artficial Womb’ a debate-provoking piece about human reproduction, emancipation and family structures. In addition to these activities, Next Nature Network will be investing in editorial support for Depending on the project, they will work with partners such as festivals, museums, companies and universities. For example, Next Nature is working with Natuurmonumenten, TU Eindhoven and the Rathenau Instituut for research projects, with Dutch Design Week and the Stadsschouwburg for presentations and with the VPRO and Volkskrant as media partners. Next Nature’s activities are both locally and internationally oriented.

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