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Experiment Grant Scheme

Experiment Grant Scheme

Period 1: 1 February to 15 June 2021 Grant ceiling: € 250,000

With its Experiment Grant Scheme, the Creative Industries Fund NL supports small-scale, experiment-driven research projects of professional designers, architects, makers or design agencies. The grant scheme applies to projects with a maximum total budget of € 10,000.

Applications can be submitted at any time from 01-02-2021, there is no deadline. Grant applications will be processed in the order of submission, with the moment of submission of a complete application being leading in that regard. The first period closes on 15-06-2021 at the latest, unless the grant ceiling of € 250,000 is exceeded before that date. In that case, the grant scheme will close immediately and any proposals submitted after that will no longer be processed.
• the grant scheme is open to professional designers, architects, makers and design agencies from all disciplines in the creative industry, as referred to in the grant scheme;
• cultural and other institutions or organizations, as referred to in the grant scheme, cannot apply to this grant scheme;
• an applicant may submit no more than one project per calendar year.
• the grant scheme is meant for small-scale projects that focus on experiment-driven research;
• the project has a maximum budget of € 10,000. This is the same as the maximum amount that can be applied for - co-financing is, therefore, not compulsory;
• the maximum duration of a project is 1 year;
• the project submitted has not previously received a grant from one of the Fund's grant schemes;
• there is no grant application pending for the project submitted under one of the Fund's other grant schemes at the time of submission;
• the project submitted has not previously received a negative decision from this Experiment Grant Scheme.
Applications are assessed on the basis of the Experiment Grant Scheme (PDF). You should therefore make sure that you are well aware of the conditions and objectives stated in it.

Applications that comply with the objectives and all conditions as specified in the Experiment Grant Scheme will be assessed based on the following criteria:
• the artistic value of the project;
• the expected significance of the experiment to the personal practice or the area of expertise;
• the degree to which the project is effective in its setup, methods and any expertise involved.
The Fund will process your application based on the application form and the attachments submitted. Please read Article 7 of the Experiment Grant Scheme (PDF) for a list of the required attachments.

Applications must be submitted via the online application environment. For this, you need a personal account. Please note: create an account on time, as it takes one working day to activate a new applicant account.

You will be notified about whether or not the grant is awarded in a decision which will be sent to you by email no later than six weeks after you have submitted your application.
It is not possible to submit draft versions of applications to Fund employees. If you have a question, please first check to see if you can find the answer in the Frequently Asked Questions. Any specific questions about the grant scheme or your application can be put in an email to:

Gabriella Fiorentini

You can also call on +31(0)10-4361600.

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