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Design Grant Scheme

Design Grant Scheme

Closing dates:

7 April 2021
11 August 2021
29 September 2021

budget 2021: € 1,700,000 – budget distribution per round € 425,000

With the Design Grant Scheme, the Creative Industries Fund NL supports projects that contribute to the quality, development or understanding of the field of Design. The regulations are in line with the Fund's objectives to promote the development of artistic quality, to stimulate experiment and research and to support reflection and debate.
The Design Grant Scheme is open for projects initiated by professional designers, makers, observers, agencies or cultural institutions active within one or more disciplines coming under the field of design.
Within the Design Grant Scheme, the following grants may be provided:
a. a regular project grant, which requires a reasonable amount of co-financing;
b. a starting grant up to a maximum contribution of € 7,500, with co-financing not being required.
Applications are assessed on the basis of the Design Grant Scheme (PDF). You should therefore make sure that you are well aware of the conditions, criteria and objectives stated in them.
The advisory committee will process your application based on the application form and the attachments submitted. Please read Article 8 of the Design Grant Scheme (PDF) for a list of the required attachments.

You can find suggestions and tips to help you prepare to submit a grant application to the Fund in the Grant Application Guidelines (PDF). These guidelines will help you draw up an application as completely as possible. Therefore, make sure that you read them carefully before drawing up a grant application.
Please note: the guidelines will be updated soon.

If your application concerns a publication, please use the Publications Calculation Form.

Design Grant Scheme
Applications are assessed on the basis of the Design Grant Scheme (PDF). You should therefore make sure that you are well aware of the conditions, criteria and objectives stated in them.

Online application environment
Applications must be submitted in the online application environment. For this, you need a personal account. Please note: create an account on time, as it takes one working day to activate a new applicant account.

Online application forms can be submitted up to 23:59 hours on the day of the closing date. However, due to traffic on the server, we explicitly advise you to submit your application earlier.

Any questions?
Due to increased pressure on the regulations as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, it is not possible to submit draft versions of applications to Fund employees at this time. However, specific questions about the procedure, budget and/or project plan can be sent via email. First check if you can find the answer to your question in the Frequently Asked Questions.
When you have submitted your application, the Fund Desk will check if your application complies with the formal requirements of the Design Grant Scheme (PDF).

An advisory committee will assess your application based on the Design Grant Scheme. The way this is done as well as the criteria for this are set out in full in Article 10 of the Design Grant Scheme (PDF). The committee advises the Fund's Board. Click here to see who is part of the advisory committee for the Design Grant Scheme.

If the total number of applications that are eligible for a grant exceeds the budget of the grant round available, applications will be prioritized. The way this is done is set out in full in Article 10 of the Design Grant Scheme (PDF).

The Board includes the committee's advice in its decision on rejection or provision of the grant. You will be notified about the result in a decision, which will be emailed to you within ten weeks after the scheme's closing date.

If you receive a grant from the Fund, then you will have to comply with the obligations. Please read more about accountability in Articles 17, 18, 19 and 20 of the Design Grant Scheme (PDF). Two weeks before the conclusion of your project, you will be asked by email to submit your accountability form in the online application environment.
For further information please contact:
Eva Roolker

You can also call +31 (0)10 4361600.

grants issued Design


Design Grant Scheme Voucher

Borders and Territories. Identity in Place

TD Netherlands, 2018

Theo Deutinger is invited by Aedes Network Campus Berlin (ANCB) to the event 'Borders and Territories: Identity in Place'on 22 March 2018 in Berlin. With Annett Zinsmeister, Lukas Feireiss and Ai Weiwei he will discuss current developments regarding territories, borders and geopolitical corridors to formulate a vision for the future.
In this context he will present chapters from his 'Handbook of Tyranny'. He is also invited to present the content of the book during an "pin-up" exhibition developed in collaboration with writer en curator Brendan McGetrick.

Design Grant Scheme Programme

The Dreamers of the Day; Live events at the University of the Underground

Nelly Ben Hayoun, 2017

The University of the Underground is an initiative of the designer Nelly Ben Hayoun in which a series of six experimental events are organized so as to question the ethos of public institutions. During the event international interdisciplinary professions will discuss their (design) methodology, production systems, thoughts and dreams with the Dutch creative industry and underground scene. The programme focuses on social dreaming as a tool for unravelling thought processes: working from a shared process, research, method and theme, cultures are fused together and form an international counter movement leading to a power shift. The University of the Underground believes that creativity should permeate from the underground and urban spaces right up to the established order. The events take place from November 2017 on a monthly basis in the Marktkantine nightclub. Our Machine and the Sandberg Institute are collaborating and This Works at WeTransfer and WeTransfer are acting as media partners.

Design Grant Scheme Start-up grant

Future Museum

Darunee Terdtoontaveedej, 2017

Designer Darunee Terdtoontaveedej is carrying out research into the way history is represented in European museums. The designer is applying for a start-up grant to carry out preliminary research into a contemporary and innovative type of historical museum entitled the 'Future Museum'. The designer takes decolonization as the central focus of the research, which will be explored on various levels. During the start-up grant period Terdtoontaveedej plans to research related themes, other (design) initiatives focused on decolonizing the representation of history, and formulate the initial thoughts for a contemporary museum model. In the next phase Terdtoontaveedej will involve other designers and the public in order to develop a new model that will be presented in the form of in a series of publications.

Design Grant Scheme Publication


Sae Honda, 2017

Inspired by new, found material made up of rock containing plastic waste (plastiglomerate), (jewellery) designer Sae Honda collected plastic debris and similar rubbish and melted these down to create a new material. After further processing a kind of artificial hybrid stone emerged. She presented the stones at a number of design weeks and events, and several of the stones have now been taken into the permanent collections of museums all over the world. Sai Honda is seeking to bring out a publication that will collate the stone collection and tell their underlying story. The project is not just about recycling material, but also tells a story about mankind and the current era. In the same way as diamonds are the result of volcanic processes, these stones are the residue of modern culture. The graphic design is by Akiko Wakabayashi and Lonneke van der Palen is responsible for the photography of the stones. The Japanese publisher Torch Press will bring out the book with an introduction by Rutger Emmelkamp. Promotional activities are planned in both the Netherlands and Japan.

Design Grant Scheme Publication


Die Neue Sammlung - The Design Museum / Pinakothek der Moderne, 2017

Die Neue Sammlung of Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich (Germany) showcases the exhibition 'Beyond the New' in November 2017. The exhibition is accompanied by the publication 'Beyond the New' written by researcher Louise Schouwenberg. The concept of both the show and the publication has been developed by Hella Jongerius and Louise Schouwenberg, and builds on an on-going theoretical research into the representation of design. Schouwenberg is responsible for the research and publication texts in which she explores the various roles and functions of design in everyday life, and how these can be interpreted in the various contexts in which design is manifest, such as in a museum for example. Using text and image, the book also focuses on objects from the exhibition. Schouwenberg is hoping the book will stimulate research within the design field and contribute to a wide understanding of the necessity and significance of design, particularly in relation to other cultural domains. Irma Boom will design the book and Die Neue Sammlung is responsible for the publication, the launch and distribution, via Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, among others.

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