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Design Grant Scheme

Design Grant Scheme

Closing dates:

12 January 2022
6 April 2022
16 August 2022
11 October 2022

budget 2022: € 1,400,000 – round 1: € 400,000

With the Design Grant Scheme, the Creative Industries Fund NL supports projects that contribute to the quality, development or understanding of the field of Design. The regulations are in line with the Fund's objectives to promote the development of artistic quality, to stimulate experiment and research and to support reflection and debate.
The Design Grant Scheme is open for projects initiated by professional designers, makers, observers, agencies or cultural institutions active within one or more disciplines coming under the field of design.
Within the Design Grant Scheme, the following grants may be provided:
a. a regular project grant, which requires a reasonable amount of co-financing;
b. a starting grant up to a maximum contribution of € 7,500, with co-financing not being required.
Applications are assessed on the basis of the Design Grant Scheme (PDF). You should therefore make sure that you are well aware of the conditions, criteria and objectives stated in them.
The advisory committee will process your application based on the application form and the attachments submitted. Please read Article 8 of the Design Grant Scheme (PDF) for a list of the required attachments.

You can find suggestions and tips to help you prepare to submit a grant application to the Fund in the Grant Application Guidelines (PDF). These guidelines will help you draw up an application as completely as possible. Therefore, make sure that you read them carefully before drawing up a grant application.
Please note: the guidelines will be updated soon.

If your application concerns a publication, please use the Publications Calculation Form.

Design Grant Scheme
Applications are assessed on the basis of the Design Grant Scheme (PDF). You should therefore make sure that you are well aware of the conditions, criteria and objectives stated in them.

Online application environment
Applications must be submitted in the online application environment. For this, you need a personal account. Please note: create an account on time, as it takes one working day to activate a new applicant account.

Online application forms can be submitted up to 23:59 hours on the day of the closing date. However, due to traffic on the server, we explicitly advise you to submit your application earlier.

Any questions?
Specific questions about the procedure, budget and/or project plan can be sent via email to one of the grants officers. First check if you can find the answer to your question in the Frequently Asked Questions.
When you have submitted your application, the Fund Desk will check if your application complies with the formal requirements of the Design Grant Scheme (PDF).

An advisory committee will assess your application based on the Design Grant Scheme. The way this is done as well as the criteria for this are set out in full in Article 10 of the Design Grant Scheme (PDF). The committee advises the Fund's Board. Click here to see who is part of the advisory committee for the Design Grant Scheme.

If the total number of applications that are eligible for a grant exceeds the budget of the grant round available, applications will be prioritized. The way this is done is set out in full in Article 10 of the Design Grant Scheme (PDF).

The Board includes the committee's advice in its decision on rejection or provision of the grant. You will be notified about the result in a decision, which will be emailed to you within ten weeks after the scheme's closing date.

If you receive a grant from the Fund, then you will have to comply with the obligations. Please read more about accountability in Articles 17, 18, 19 and 20 of the Design Grant Scheme (PDF). Two weeks before the conclusion of your project, you will be asked by email to submit your accountability form in the online application environment.
For further information please contact Team Design:

You can also call +31 (0)10 4361600.

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Design Grant Scheme Research

Adaptable Auxetics

Fillip Studios, 2021

Fillip Studios researches and develops unique randomly generated 2D virtual auxetic structures by using 3D printing to physically make and deform them in a spatial installation. With the help of a starting grant, an exploratory feasibility study was carried out into the possibilities, design potential and technical feasibility of these structures, which do not shrink over the width when stretched lengthwise, but in fact also stretch in the width. The envisaged installation will be exhibited at various locations, combined with meetings with professionals in order to further develop the application possibilities of the technology.

Design Grant Scheme Presentation

100 Opheto

Wintertuin Curaçao, 2021

'100 Opheto' tells the story of Curaçao's history through the narrative of 100 evocative objects, with the aim of bringing cultural heritage to life and providing connection in a time of division, inequality and uncertainty. Central to this project is the question of how the connecting power of design, storytelling and heritage can be utilized to look with confidence to the collective future of Curaçaoans. The objects and their underlying stories will be presented in the form of a podcast, a digital collection and a book, and possibly at a physical location during Dutch Design Week 2021.

Design Grant Scheme Research

De Ambassade van de Noordzee bouwt het Audement

Stichting Partizan Publik, 2021

The Ambassade van de Noordzee's mission is to listen to the sea and to recognize the North Sea as a political player in its own right. Together with a scenographer, architects, an anthropologist and a lawyer, De Ambassade is building 'Het Audement', a new political space where listening is central and where non-people are heard.

Design Grant Scheme AV production

The Miracle

Keplerfilm, 2021

The short animated film 'The Miracle' by Nina Deutz is about a woman with an unfulfilled desire for children. The film tells the story of Irma, a 40-year-old woman who spends her holiday at an all-inclusive resort that turns out to be aimed mainly at young families. Surrounded by pregnant women and couples with children, unexpected and double feelings about motherhood intrude. The Miracle is realized in the unique combination of 2D and stop-motion animation techniques used by Deutz.

Design Grant Scheme Publication

Stitch Your Brain

Jap Sam Books, 2021

Publisher Jap Sam Books is working with designer/visual artist Monika Auch and graphic design studio Joost Grootens on an English-language publication resulting from the 'Stitch Your Brain Project', a long-term, international, empirical and visual research project at the interface of textile design and science. The project interweaves the workings of the brain with the workings of the hands and the craft of making. How does using digital tools instead of making by hand and having contact with materials affect our creativity, well-being, health and self-esteem?

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