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1- and 2-year Activities Programme Grant Scheme

1- and 2-year Activities Programme Grant Scheme

Subsidy ceiling 1-year Activities Programme 2022: € 1,500,000

It is not possible to applicate for a 2-year Activities Programmes. The grant scheme for the 2-year programmes 2023-2024 will open in 2022. In 2020, the 2-year grants schemes were awarded for the 2-year programmes 2021-2022.

With the 1 and 2-year Activities Programme grant programme, the Creative Industries Fund NL is providing subsidies to institutions that would like to implement a 1 or 2-year programme that contributes to the advancement of excellent quality, development and professionalization of the contemporary creative industries within the Kingdom.

Discipline distribution
Under the 1 and 2-year Activities Programme grant programme, the Fund aims to achieve a balanced distribution of resources across the disciplines of design, architecture and digital culture. The Fund welcomes crossovers between these disciplines, but nevertheless asks each institution to indicate the main discipline to which the programme relates. The distribution across the disciplines will play a role if there is a need to prioritize the positively evaluated proposals.

Additional subsidy resources have been made available for the institutions supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL for several years as part of the minister's support package in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. These funds are intended to partly compensate for the loss of income as a result of the covid crisis. The aim of the support package is to maintain the vital chain components in the Dutch cultural infrastructure, in order to preserve the unique Dutch artistic product and to guarantee employment in the cultural and creative sector. The distribution of these resources is regulated in the Regeling aanvullende ondersteuning meerjarig gesubsidieerde instellingen COVID-19 IV. The subsidy ceiling is € 642,700.
This grant programme applies to cultural institutions and organizations within the Kingdom who, with a programme of activities lasting one or two years, promote excellent quality, development and professionalization of contemporary design, architecture or digital culture, and encourage interest in these disciplines.

Subsidy can only be awarded if the following conditions have been met:
1. As part of its core task, the cultural institution or organization contributes to strengthening the domains of design, architecture or digital culture within the Kingdom;
2. The programme of activities is the core task of the institution;
3. The institution or organization's programme is at least of regional significance when applying for a 1-year programme of activities;
4. The institution or organization's programme is of national significance when applying for a 2-year programme of activities.

Please note: The range of the subsidy amount for an one-year activity program is
€ 50,000 - € 100,000. 1-year programmes must be of regional significance at a minimum.
The application will be evaluated according to the new 1 and 2-year Activities Programme grant programme. For the evaluation of the content of the application, particular attention is paid to the criteria in Articles 9 and 15 of this grant programme.
There are no separate Subsidy Regulations applicable.

The committee evaluates the activities on the basis of the following four criteria, each of which will be given equal weight in the evaluation:
1. the artistic and social value of the programme of activities;
2. the relevance of the chosen theme for the field;
3. the degree of diversity in audience reach; and
4. lastly, the consistency of the application's purpose and design is evaluated, with all the aspects referred to in Article 5 and Article 9, paragraph 3 being assessed in relation to each other.
The grant programme applies formally to the application, evaluation, awarding and final approval of a grant. There are no separate Subsidy Regulations applicable. Read the grant programme carefully before submitting an application.

exclusion from other grant programmes
Organizations that receive subsidy on the basis of this grant programme are not eligible for other Creative Industries Fund NL subsidies during the implementation of the programme, with the exception of application procedures (open calls) that are issued as part of the Fund's programmes and with the exception of the Festivals and Public Presentations Grant Scheme.

online application environment
Applications must be submitted via the online application environment. To do this, you need a personal account. Please note: create this on time, as it takes one working day before a new applicant's account is activated.

You can submit the online application form until 23.59 on the closing date. We strongly advise you to submit your application earlier due to the potential volume of traffic on the server.

It is not possible to submit draft versions of applications to the staff members. Specific questions about the procedure, budget and/or the project plan can, however, be sent to the Fund by e-mail. First check to see if your question is answered in the FAQ.
For questions about the grant programme, please contact Anouk Laverge or Anselm van Sintfiet by e-mail or telephone.
After your application has been submitted, the Fund office checks whether the application complies with the formal requirements as specified in the grant programme.

An advisory committee evaluates the extent to which your application complies with the criteria and specific objective of the grant programme. In the event that the total sum of the eligible applications exceeds the available budget, the applications will be prioritized. The method of evaluating and providing a recommendation is described in Articles 14 and 15 of the grant programme. The general working method of the committee is described in the document Working Method Advisory Committees Creative Industries Fund NL.

The committee issues a recommendation to the Board of the Fund.

The Board will take the committee's recommendation into account in their decision to award the grant or not. The Board informs the applicant in writing of its decision within 16 weeks of the final deadline for submission. You will receive an e-mail with the result.
For more information, please contact Anouk Laverge:

You can also phone 010 4361600.

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