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How does it work?

How does it work?

You must complete the online application form fully and submit it online before the relevant date. You will find the deadlines for the grant rounds in the various grant programme sections. The declaration that is part of the application must be signed and sent by email or regular post. The application form features a brief explanation for most questions. Important: applicants must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Please read the information below carefully before filling out the form.
The Grant Programme Regulations apply to all grant programmes of the Creative Industries Fund NL. In addition to these regulations are official texts drawn up with specific objectives and conditions for every grant programme. Always read these regulations carefully before submitting a grant application. The official texts can be found as a download in the section grants.

Are you unsure whether you are eligible for a grant? Or about which grant programme best matches your project or activities programme? Do not hesitate to contact the Fund.
The Project Plan Guidelines provide advice on submitting a grant application and drawing up your project plan, budget and communications plan.
Create your account: Before you can make an online application, you must first create a personal user account. You can do this by selecting the option Register new account in You will then receive a confirmation email and the Creative Industries Fund NL will validate your new account. Validation by the Fund takes a maximum of 1 working day.
Start an application: With your personal user account you can then log in and start a new application using the option New application.
View pages and questions: If you make a new application, you can go through all pages and questions with the help of the menu on the left side. Please note that details entered will only be saved once you click Save at the bottom of the page.
You can work on the application over a period of time: Details you have entered can be saved.
The Fund does not read the details you have entered: Only after your application has been completed and submitted, the application will be accessible for the secretaries at the Creative Industries Fund NL.

Frequently asked questions
I created an account but have not received any confirmation?
Check your spam folder to see whether your confirmation has ended up there.
I created an account and received a confirmation email, but I still cannot log in?
Validation of an account by the Fund can take up to one working day. Try logging in again at a later moment.
The online application environment is not responding?
You may be using an old web browser. You can visit the page using another web browser (such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).
Are my details secure?
Your details are stored securely and will not be used for other purposes.
Is your question not listed here? Then contact us at: 010 436 16 00 or via [email protected].
Once you have submitted your application, the Fund office will review your application according to the formal requirements of the Grant Programme Regulations. Fund personnel may also contact you to provide substantive advice about your application.

An advisory committee will assess your application according to the various assessment criteria of the Creative Industries Fund NL, as well as the specific assessment criteria of the relevant grant programme, if applicable. The committee advises the Fund’s board on the application.

The board decides whether to issue the grant based on the advice of the committee. The Fund office will inform you of this decision, through an official notice, no more than 10 weeks after the grant programme deadline.

Help and advice
The Fund is pleased to help you in submitting your application. Do you need help, for instance, in filling out the application form? Or do you want advice about an application proposal or a project plan? Do not hesitate to contact the Fund.
If you do not agree with a decision made by the Creative Industries Fund NL you can:
Submit a revised application
Submit a letter of appeal

Revised application
If you feel your application was not shown in its best light and new facts or circumstances relevant to your application have arisen, you can, in certain cases, submit a revised application to the advisory committee. Please contact the Fund for more information about a possible re-assessment or revised application.

Protest and appeal
The Netherlands General Administrative Law Act enables you to protest a decision made by the Creative Industries Fund NL. You must submit your appeal, no more than six weeks after the written decision, to the Board of the Creative Industries Fund NL. If your appeal is allowed, you will receive an invitation to attend a hearing and explain your objections. During the hearing an advisory committee will obtain information from you, the protester, and from the Fund. Based on the hearing and your dossier, the advisory committee will report to the board, which will consider your appeal and make a final decision. If you disagree with this decision, you can take the matter to the district court of Rotterdam.

Advisory Committee on Appeals:
mr. I.C. van der Vlies, chair
mr. L. Begas
mr.drs. A.N.A. Buyserd
A. Klawer, BDes
mr. J.J.R. Lautenbach

A. van Sintfiet, M Sc, deputy secretary

For more information about the appeals procedure, please contact Anselm van Sintfiet.
Receiving a grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL also entails several obligations on your part.

Accountability form
At the end of your project or activities programme, you must stipulate your substantive and financial obligations in the accountability form. You can download the accountability form at the bottom of this page.

Written permission for alterations
If your project is implemented in a way different from that described in the application, you must first ask written permission for this alteration. Alterations not submitted for written approval result in a withdrawal of the grant and a reclamation of advances already disbursed.

Mention of the Fund
You must always indicate that your project or activities programme has been made possible by a grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL. Mention the Fund in your final products (publications, documentaries and websites) and in communications about projects or activities programmes (e.g. press releases, advertisements, catalogues, correspondence and invitations). If you include logos in your end product (or communications about it), include the logo of the Creative Industries Fund NL as well.

You must inform the Fund about the presentation of your project in a timely manner. In addition, you must send invitations to this presentation to the members of the advisory committee and to the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Please contact the Fund for the correct addresses.

Publications for the archive
If your project consists (in whole or in part) of a publication (brochure, book, guide, catalogue, newspaper, leaflet, card, etc.) or an audiovisual production, you must send two copies to the Creative Industries Fund NL, one copy to the Het Nieuwe Instituut and one copy to the Ministery of Education, Culture and Science.


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