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Aliki van der Kruijs and Tijmen Smeulders heading to porcelain centre in Japan

Aliki van der Kruijs and Tijmen Smeulders heading to porcelain centre in Japan

1 August 2016

Designers Aliki van der Kruijs and Tijmen Smeulders were selected for a three-month residency in Japan. An initiative of designer duo Scholten & Baijings and the Japanese designer Teruhiro Yanagihara, the residency is supported by Creative Industries Fund NL and the Mondriaan Fund. The two designers and two Dutch fine artists are being coupled with a pottery in the Japanese porcelain region of Arita to create new work there.
The selected designers have proposed an intriguing interchange between the craftsmanship in the Arita region and their personal practice. Aliki van der Kruijs has been working on her ‘Made By Rain’ series, in which she uses rainfall to add patterns and colours to textiles, since 2012. During the residency Van der Kruijs will continue this project using ceramics as the medium for her work. Tijmen Smeulders wants to use his residency to combine traditional craftsmanship from Arita with contemporary forms and new applications for the material. In his experiments he goes in search of a new sensorial experience of porcelain.

Read more about the projects here:
Aliki van der Kruijs – Arita 2017
Tijmen Smeulders – Sensorial Porcelain

The fine artists Helen Frik and Susan Kooi were selected alongside these designers. You can read more on the Mondriaan Fund website. The designers and artists were selected from a total of 39 applications.

About the residency
In May 2016, Creative Industries Fund NL and the Mondriaan Fund issued the second Open Call: Residency in Arita, Japan. The reason for establishing this residency was the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the creation of Japanese Arita porcelain in 2016. The aim is to establish a valuable interchange between Japanese porcelain manufacturers and Dutch designers and artists.

Evaluation of the proposals
An advisory committee consisting of Chris Kabel, Stefan Scholten, Alex de Vries and Hannah Hagenaars made a selection from the proposals. In its evaluation the committee’s first consideration was the artistic quality of the designer. It then considered the proposal’s strengths in relation to the residency.

Contribution from Creative Industries Fund NL
The designers and artists receive a contribution of €8,000 to cover travel and accommodation, materials and transportation. The Mondriaan Fund/Creative Industries Fund NL pay for the rental of the studio and living space as well as for supervisory support, remitted directly to the organization in Arita.

The designer duo Scholten & Baijings and the Japanese designer Teruhiro Yanagihara are involved in the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the emergence of Arita porcelain as art directors of the Arita 2016/ brand, for which they have already organized 16 residencies with designers. This initiative dovetails with a broader cultural collaboration programme between the Netherlands and Kyushu. For further information visit:

Photo: Jan Broekstra (participant in the Arita residency, spring 2016)

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Two rounds of Design grants 2017

22 August 2017

The second and third application rounds for this year’s Grant Programme for Design, resulting in the awarding of 26 grants in all, are now behind us. Here you can find a selection of the projects that are being supported from these two recent rounds. With this review we illustrate how the Grant Programme for Design’s objectives are being fulfilled from a diversity of angles.
Fashion Fest 2017
The participants in Fashion Fest are young creatives from diverse backgrounds, including alumni of art academies and ROC tech colleges as well as self-taught creatives. The Music and Fashion Battle Foundation offers them an intensive six-month programme, during which they are coached by professionals in order to develop with regards to content and technical aspects. The outcomes will be presented at the venue of collaborative partner the Tropenmuseum / Museum of the Tropics in Amsterdam. The project expands cultural diversity in fashion.

contemporary design and national heritage
Five regional city museums are working together on a series of exhibitions about Dutch identity in past and present. Artefacts from their collections, complemented by loans from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, will go on a ‘grand tour’ through the Netherlands. As a result of Atelier NL’s research into the processing of local raw materials, this design agency was asked to reflect on this subject. New work that contributes to the shaping of the discourse was produced at each location in conjunction with the visitors.
'Lage Landen, Koele Wateren, Hoge Sferen, Hete Vuren' by five regional city museums in the Netherlands

illustration, comic and graphic novel
Illustration is amply represented in these two rounds: Barbara Stok, Victor Meijer, Reynaert Vosveld, Aart Taminiau, Harriet van Reek and Anne Staal received a grant for the creation of new work for their publications. For the upcoming Graphic Matters biennial festival in Breda, is launching a poster and publicity campaign, for which six illustrators are being paired with six authors.
For the committee, the work’s artistic quality in combination with a solid, substantive explanation of the proposal and its visual elaboration was the deciding factor in the awarding of these grants.

criticism and reflection
Two publications reflect upon the importance and meaning of design, as well as contributing to a better understanding of it. Marjan Unger’s dissertation ‘Sieraad in Context’ (Jewellery in Context) is being adapted into an English-language trade edition: Jewellery Matters. With this publication, nai010 publishers wants to set a new standard for historiographic and critical publications about jewellery.
Die Neue Sammlung | The Design Museum in Munich is receiving a grant for the substantive preparation of the publication Beyond The New, in which its author Louise Schouwenberg builds upon an ongoing theoretical study into the representation of design, exploring design’s various roles and functions in everyday life.

experimentation and crossovers
Workshops are the ideal place for experimentation and innovation. The Veranders Foundation’s Textile Workshop offers a chance to explore the possibilities for collaboration between textile professionals with and without refugee backgrounds. The Plaatsmaken Foundation offers work periods for designers to pursue research into the employment of digitally controlled techniques in its workshop for relief, silkscreen and risograph printing as well as lithography. The Beeldenstorm Foundation is receiving a grant for the exploration of development pathways with two established and two fledgling designers, to take full advantage of the possibilities of the different workshops. Such projects facilitate crossovers and collaborations.

total overview
Over two rounds a total of 108 applications were received and submitted to the Design advisory committee. €200,000 was available for each round and 13 applications were awarded grants in each round. You can view all the supported projects here. (Only in Dutch)

next deadline
Do you also want to make an application for a design project? This year’s last deadline for this grant programme is Wednesday, 11 October 2017. Further information can be found here.

‘De ongehoorzaamheid van de Gladde Spier' by The Beeldenstorm Foundation

Image above: BEYOND THE NEW Unveiling the agency of things by Pinakothek der Moderne


Interest-free loans from Fonds Kwadraat

21 August 2017

Creative Industries Fund NL has been working with Fonds Kwadraat since 2014. The Fund provides grants for creatives, while Fonds Kwadraat issues interest-free loans to artists and designers. The cooperation between the two funds means there are financial possibilities for designers.
The aim of this collaboration is to enable makers and designers to continue their professionalization and elevate their entrepreneurial skills.
when can I request a loan?
A designer/maker cannot approach a bank for the (extra) funding of a project, certainly when this involves a relatively small amount. Designers are, however, able to approach Fonds Kwadraat, which has been successfully providing interest-free loans of up to €8,000 for more than 45 years.

An interest-free loan from Fonds Kwadraat can be requested for many different purposes, such as the development and realization of a design or idea, an exhibition or presentation in the Netherlands or abroad, participation in a fair such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan, a publication, or equipment that is needed to create new work.

Made to Mend
Designer Heleen Klopper is investing in her Made to Mend project (in Dutch only) for which she already received a grant from the Fund. With this positive evaluation in hand she could arrange an interest-free loan with Fonds Kwadraat, for a component of her proposal that was not eligible for subsidy. The loan agreement was concluded immediately, as a review by Fonds Kwadraat’s committee is unnecessary if there is already a positive evaluation from Creative Industries Fund NL. Klopper will repay the loan by means of automatic monthly payments over the next three years.

'With the loan from Fonds Kwadraat I’m funding the initial production run. I’ll be using it to pay the tailors.’

When asked why the loan, in addition to the grant, was important to her, Heleen answered: ‘Made to Mend will be shown at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and during the Engaged Art Fair at De Balie in Amsterdam, where I’ll be presenting a jacket and a bag. With the loan from Fonds Kwadraat I’m funding the initial production run. I’ll be using it to pay the tailors.’
Made to Mend is a collection of basic garments, made from a woven textile with integrated repair possibilities that bear traditional darning and mending in mind. The guiding principle for these garments is that they are easy to maintain and repair.

funding mix
Makers and designers who receive a positive evaluation from Creative Industries Fund NL can arrange an interest-free loan at any point. The loan can be requested for:

components of proposals supported Creative Industries Fund NL that are not eligible for grants or as extra funding alongside the amount awarded by the Fund;
projects that have received a positive assessment from the Fund, but because of a lack of Fund resources are not (or only partially) eligible for a grant;
the follow-up to a plan or project that has been positively evaluated by the Fund within the last 12 months.

If a grant has been awarded by the Fund up to 12 months prior to a loan application, then there is no need for Fonds Kwadraat’s committee to evaluate the project plan: the loan can be issued immediately. And designers who received a grant from the Fund more than a year ago, or who have not applied for or received a grant, can still apply to Fonds Kwadraat for a loan, subject to evaluation by a committee.

practical information
An interest-free loan from Fonds Kwadraat can be separate or complementary to a grant, crowd-funding, sponsoring or a combination thereof. The loan is between €500 and €8,000. The repayment is by monthly instalments over a maximum of three years. For a loan of more than €5,000 a guarantee is required. Examples of projects that Fonds Kwadraat has funded can be found here (in Dutch only, but with plenty of visual content).

Do you want to apply for a loan directly, without it being tied to a grant? There are five application rounds per year. The next deadline is 9 September 2017.

For further information visit the website of Fonds Kwadraat or contact Francine Mendelaar: T +31 (0)20 6255112 / E [email protected].


Two rounds of Architecture grants 2017

21 August 2017

Putting social and civic tasks on the agenda and devising surprising solutions for pressing spatial issues are aspects that many design-driven research projects share in common. This type of research has become an integral part of the architecture discipline. The Grant Programme for Architecture has made an important contribution to this. However, we are seeing a greater diversity of project forms. So what is it that distinguishes the supported projects? In a brief look back over this year’s initial rounds, that question is answered by a selection of exemplary projects.
design-driven research
In the bilingual publication Een Stad van Komen en Gaan / A City of Comings and Goings, Crimson Architectural Historians investigates the spatial impact of migration on the development of cities and villages. The start-up and implementation phases of this research into the peaks and troughs in demographics as a consequence of migration were supported by the Fund. The initial results were presented in the spring at the International Social Housing Festival in Amsterdam. This project is making an important contribution to research, analysis and reflection within the realm of architecture, especially as diverse international parties were involved in working on this social theme. This contributes to the international positioning of Dutch design expertise.

In conjunction with Switzerland-based Lars Müller Publishers, Theo Deutinger is releasing his socially critical Notebook of Tyranny (NOT). This Neufert-like publication provides insight into the cruel consequences of prevailing laws and rules from all over the world by means of detailed graphic illustrations. The examples range from guidelines for the layout of frontier zones and refugee camps to urban planning measures for ‘crowd control’ and the technical guidelines for slaughterhouses. The publication calls these and other system solutions into question from an artistic and cultural angle. This project is being supported because of the experimental character and the crossover between the disciplines of architecture and graphic design. It is at the interface of disciplines that one often finds professional innovation.

series of debates
Under the title ‘Research by Debate’, De Dépendance foundation is organizing a five-part multidisciplinary series of public discussions about topical urban issues. In Rotterdam extensive research is being carried out into developments that (will) to a large degree influence life in the city. It is remarkable that the initiative started out by studying various Rotterdam-based cultural institutions. The results are now being shared with a broad public, in cooperation with the City of Rotterdam and the Algemeen Dagblad daily newspaper, to foster greater engagement with the city’s future development. This project is being supported because of the multidisciplinary cooperation between diverse actors from the cultural field and the opportunities this offers for the reinforcement of the local knowledge infrastructure.
‘Research by Debate’ organized by De Dépendance

design competition
EuropanNL has opted to follow a new course and for its 14th edition is collaborating closely with the City of Amsterdam. The ‘Productive Amsterdam’ competition asks designers to envisage new models for a social and liveable city for living and working at five locations. The focus is on the encouragement of good commissioning practices and professionalization of design practice. By supporting the winners and coaching the City Council in its role as a public commissioner, EuropanNL wants to increase the chances of the winning plans being executed. The competition has now closed, with the first jury deliberations taking place on 29 September, immediately followed by a public meeting at Pakhuis de Zwijger.

‘Unfair Amsterdam’ is an art fair that aims to foster talent development and professionalization for young artists. For the exhibition design of the upcoming edition, Unfair is joining forces with UNStudio to organize an invited design competition for talented young (interior) architects. The winning design will be realized, forming the backdrop for the presentation of new work by 40 young artists. The fringe programme will be devoting attention to the design practice of the winning architect. This project is being supported because it promotes the artistic development of young design talent and in addition brings a large, art-loving public into contact with the architecture discipline.

In the first two rounds of 2017 a total of 102 grant applications were processed, of which 29 were awarded a grant. The combined amount of subsidy provided was about €550,000. This support made it possible for projects with a total value of more than €2 million to be undertaken. By investing in the initiation phase of projects in particular, the Fund performs a pioneering role. Such grants function as a catalyst for investments by third parties.

grants awarded
You can find a selection of projects awarded with a grant from the Architecture Programme at the bottom of this page.

next deadline
Do you want to submit a grant application for an architecture project? This year’s final deadline is on Wednesday, 18 October 2017. You can find further information about the Grant Programme for Architecture here.

It is advisable to seek contact with the Fund about an intended application or to mail in a draft proposal for feedback at least two weeks before the closing date, but preferably earlier.


Photo above: Unfair Amsterdam


Martijn van der Mark moves to new job

17 August 2017

After 13 years of service, as of September 1st Martijn van der Mark is leaving Creative Industries Fund NL to take up a post within the City of Rotterdam’s Culture Department and is assuming responsibility for – what else? – the creative industries.
Martijn began his career with the Fund as a member of staff in 2004, and as Head of Grants has in recent years played an important part in the transformation and integration of the Netherlands Architecture Fund into the present-day Creative Industries Fund NL. Both organizations are deeply indebted to him and wish Martijn every success with this wonderful new challenge!

Image above: 'Solar Windbreaker' by Pauline van Dongen. Photo by Roos van de Kieft.

In No Particular Order @ Dutch Design Week 2017

11 August 2017

During Dutch Design Week 2017, Creative Industries Fund NL is presenting the new group of designers, artists and architects who received a Talent Development over the last year. They are collectively making a statement about contemporary design practice in nine installations under the title In No Particular Order, on show at the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven from 21 to 29 October 2017.
For this fourth edition of In No Particular Order, the Fund invited Jules van den Langenberg, a participant in the Talent Development programme, to serve as curator. In search of what represents this new ‘crop’, the exhibition creator is employing an anthropological approach. Which ideologies or social and economic structures inform the work of this generation of designers? In 12-hour studio exchanges, Van den Langenberg gathered fragments from the practice of the 32 participants, such as equipment from their studios or an influential book, archive materials or sketches for a future project. The nine installations at the Van Abbe Museum place these fragments in a new context and thus attempt to denote contemporary design practice in a practical, poetic or critical manner.

participating designers and makers
Alissa + Nienke (Alissa van Asseldonk and Nienke Bongers), Amy Suo Wu, Isabelle Andriessen, Paula Arntzen, Atelier Frank Verkade, Marjan van Aubel, Christiaan Bakker, Mariska de Groot, Max Dovey, Ting Gong, Rudy Guedj, Sophie Hardeman, Chrissie Houtkooper, Ruiter Janssen, Elisa van Joolen, Jules van den Langenberg, Yaolan Luo, Simone C. Niquille, Kirstie van Noort, Simone Post, Roomforthoughts (Jennifer Kanary Nikolov), Benjamin Sporken, Studio Amir Avraham, Studio Iwan Pol, Studio RAP (Wessel van Beerendonk, Léon Spikker and Lucas ter Hall), Studio Truly Truly (Joel Booy and Kate Booy), Rasmus Svensson, SulSolSal (Johannes Bernard and Guido Giglio), Thomas Trum, Janna Ullrich, Dieter Vandoren and Giuditta Vendrame.

talent development programme
Talent development is one of Creative Industries Fund NL’s six key objectives. Every year an independent committee selects about 30 highly promising designers/makers to receive a year-long stipend of €25,000. These designers must have graduated within the last four years and be active within the diverse disciplines of the creative industries, from fashion design to graphic design, from architecture to digital culture. The stipend and accompanying programme are intended to facilitate the artistic and professional development of these individuals. The Fund has been showcasing this programme and its participants during Dutch Design Week since 2014.

practical info
In No Particular Order: 21–29 October 2017, 11:00–18:00 daily, admission free. Van Abbemuseum (the Studio), Bilderdijklaan 10, Eindhoven.

talent development
Find more background information about Talent development on this page. (Dutch only)

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Creative Industries Fund NL has been working with Fonds Kwadraat since 2014. The Fund provides grants for creatives, while Fonds Kwadraat issues interest-free loans to artists and designers. The coope... more >
The second and third application rounds for this year’s Grant Programme for Design, resulting in the awarding of 26 grants in all, are now behind us. Here you can find a selection of the projects th... more >
Putting social and civic tasks on the agenda and devising surprising solutions for pressing spatial issues are aspects that many design-driven research projects share in common. This type of research ... more >
During Dutch Design Week 2017, Creative Industries Fund NL is presenting the new group of designers, artists and architects who received a Talent Development over the last year. They are collectively ... more >