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Age of Wonderland

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Age of Wonderland

Stichting Baltan Laboratories, 2015

The project Age of Wonderland is a collaboration between Hivos, Baltan Laboratories and the Dutch Design Week. Arne Hendriks is appointed as curator. The project is set up as a platform and incubator programme for research and development of interdisciplinary ideas, facilitating collaborations between creative innovators from Africa, Asia and Latin America and Dutch makers. The theme is ‘Green & Fair Food’. The organisation aims to put the food systems which, in its opinion, are outdated, on the agenda and involve the creative global community in the process. Through an open call, the organisation has selected six designers. They come from Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Tanzania and Bolivia. The designers explore, among other things, the relationships between food and the environment, technology, economy and society. They do this during their six-week residency in which knowledge production and product development are central and they will be working closely with various parties in Eindhoven. The organisation also focusses on setting up follow-up processes in which the knowledge gained is implemented in the local communities in the home country. This is done in collaboration with the local Hivos offices. The results will be presented at the Dutch Design Week 2015.

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Grant Programme for Internationalization Open Call

SXSW: AstroPlant – a new generation of space farmers


Thieme Hennis has received a voucher in relation to the workshop he is organizing together with Angelo Vermeulen (BE) and Beth Healy (UK), with the title ‘AstroPlant – a new generation of space farmers’. AstroPlant is a ‘citizen science’ project by Border Labs and the European Space Agency (ESA) to spark the interest of young creatives for space exploration and topics such as controlled plant growth, food in space, circular systems and electronics. Using an open source kit, in the workshop the ‘citizen scientists’ will generate relevant data about plant growth for research into regenerative ecosystems for Earth as well as Mars.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Open Call

SXSW: The Living Museum


The Fund is supporting The Living Museum, an exhibition/performance programme curated by Chafik Benhmidouch, in which the focus is crossovers between music and fashion, art and technology. The programme is being staged in the New Dutch Wave House, where Dutch participants are presenting their work. The Living Museum is part of the SXSW / UNESCO Media Arts Exhibition. Lisette Ros, Cata.Pirata and Chagall are among the Dutch creatives who are presenting work within this ground-breaking programme.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Event

Bangkok Design Week 2018 'The New-ist Vibes' - Here and There

Bora Hong, 2017

The Bangkok Design Week (BKKDW) takes place in February 2018. As part of this large-scale event designer and curator Bora Hong is organizing a programme centred round Dutch designers, including Lucas Maassen, Marije Vogelzang and Studio Makkink & Bey. The programme will be a follow-up to a similar one that she organized for the Chiang Mai Design Week in 2016. The BKKDW programme takes tourism as its overarching theme and Hong has invited the designers to develop projects in Thailand based on this theme. The results are to be showcased in exhibitions, installations, lectures and workshops during the BKKDW. In addition, the programme provides networking opportunities where the Dutch delegation can get together with Thai designers and potential Thai commissioning bodies. Hong’s collaborative partners for this project are Thailand Creative & Design Center (the organizers of BKKDW) and Wallpaper* Thailand.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Event

Make City - Festival for Architecture and Urban Alternatives 2018

Make Shift, 2017

In 2018 Berlin hosts the second edition of the international festival ‘Make City’, subtitled ‘Berlin Remixing’. The festival brings together different perspectives from architecture, urban planning, the maker culture, civic participation and politics, as a way of reflecting on present day issues in the field of urban development. For a period of 17 days, visitors can attend conferences, studio talks, guided tours and urban hubs. One of the urban hubs - dubbed ‘Stadtwerken’ (Cityworks) - is dominated by the innovative Dutch design practice. Following on from a visit to the Netherlands supported by Het Nieuwe Instituut, several Dutch participants were selected whose work closely reflects themes addressed by the festival: Design and Circular Economy, Reuse and Urban Renewal, Civic Participation and Urban Governance. The senate of Berlin is the main partner of the project, which involves more than 90 other partners for the financing and fleshing-out of the festival.

Grant Programme for Internationalization Festival

Face Value - Transmediale 2018

Kulturprojekte Berlin, 2017

Transmediale is an annual media festival that marks its 31st anniversary in Berlin in January 2018. The theme of this edition is Face Value. The organizers maintain that issues in political discourse are currently mainly valued for what they (appear) to be on the surface, instead of what they could be or what lies behind the immediately visible. The festival will put this contemporary attitude under the microscope. Transmediale festival will explore what lies behind the face value of things by means of lectures, debates, panel discussions, film screenings and exhibitions, which address media art in all its different manifestations. As part of the exploration the value of the represented participants’ work will be scrutinized. The organizers are specifically applying for a grant for the participation in the festival of Dutch and Netherlands-based researchers and (media) artists. These include Nana Adusei-Poku (panel discussion), Florian Cramer (unmoderated dialogue), Femke Herregraven (exhibition and panel discussion), Zachary Formwalt (film screening), Johan van der Keuken (film screening) and Belit Sağ (film screening and Q&A).

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