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Voucher procedure for presentations abroad

Voucher procedure for presentations abroad

budget: € 150,000. Vouchers can be applied for at any time, provided there is budget available

Creative Industries Fund NL has a shortened procedure for makers who have been invited by a foreign cultural institution or organisation to give a presentation abroad in the near future. This could be participation in an exhibition, manifestation, individual presentation, workshop or lecture, or participation as a speaker at a conference or symposium. The applicant can apply for a voucher for this purpose. This procedure is a supplement to the Fund's existing programmes. You can apply between 4 months and one month before the presentation is to take place. It takes 5 weeks to process an application.

Foreign invitation
The tenor of the invitation carries considerable weight: it shows the question/knowledge request from abroad and the description of the expertise and quality of the (Dutch) people involved. The request from abroad must also be reflected in a substantial contribution in terms of financing or facilitation, thereby establishing the commitment.
This procedure is intended for makers in the fields of architecture, design and digital culture. You need to be registered as a company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) when you receive the subsidy.
• the project takes place abroad;
• the project concerns a presentation;
• there is a recent invitation from abroad;
• the contribution is for travel, accommodation, transport and presentation costs;
• the maximum amount of subsidy required is € 1,500 per applicant;
• only one voucher can be applied for per studio, company or collective;
• a voucher may not be requested for presentations where a procedure already exists within the Fund.

Proposals that are certainly not eligible for support are:
• strategic trade missions aimed at establishing networks;
• projects that focus on studying the market;
• incoming missions;
• group presentations or exhibitions;
• standard projects for which an application can be submitted to one of the grant programmes;
• residencies;
• summer schools;
• educational activities;
• projects that do not fall within the Fund's field of activity.
Subsidy is awarded on the basis of the Internationalization Grant Programme and the project must make a contribution to the objectives of the Grant Programme for Internationalization. The evaluation primarily focuses on:
• the artistic quality of the project and maker;
• the planned approach and motivation;
• the relevance of the event for the field;
• the tenor of the invitation.

The selection takes the form of a tender, where a number of proposals are preferred over the others.
The application should be submitted using the online application environment. You have to sign up and create an account to do so. Please note: do so in a timely manner, it can take up to 1 working day for the Fund to validate the account and this is only done during the working week. The application consists of:

• a personal motivation for participation which demonstrates the relevance of the presentation for the international development of your own design practice;
• a description of the activity/presentation/project in a solid plan of action;
• images of the selected project;
• a full description of the show, event or institution where the presentation is to take place. At the very least, address the following here: programme, theme, target group/audience and line-up;
• a description of the urgency and the importance of the event for the field in question;
• a recently dated invitation from the foreign cultural party that shows the foreign (knowledge) request and describes the expertise and quality of the (Dutch) people involved. In addition, it should be clear from this invitation what the contribution of the organisation is to the project in terms of financing or facilitation;
• a brief outline of the total budgeted project costs with a coverage plan that demonstrates the subsidy requirement (€ 1,500 maximum). All costs for travel, accommodation, transport of objects and presentation/communication/stand hire are eligible for a contribution. The coverage of the costs is prioritized on the basis of this sequence. The budget is balanced by the subsidy. In other words: all costs and income are transparent and the other co-funding parties have already agreed or will agree on the basis of the balanced budget.
• portfolio (max. 10 pages) and CV (max. 2 pages).

It is not possible to submit a draft application or project plan to the Fund office for advice.
After your application has been submitted, the Fund office checks whether you comply with the formal requirements as listed in the Subsidy Regulations (PDF) with the exception of Article 8 and Article 4, clause 3f. Supplementary grant programmes have been drawn up with specific objectives and conditions. Read the Grant Programme for Internationalization (PDF) attentively before submitting an application.

• you can apply between 4 months and one month before the presentation is to take place;
• it takes 5 weeks to process an application;
• in the period from 9 January to 31 December 2017, only one voucher may be awarded per applicant.

For accountability purposes, at the conclusion of the project a substantive report will be requested which contains a description of the activity/presentation and the result, a financial justification including supporting documents and a completed accountability form.
For further information please contact:
Andrea Kristic

You can also call +31 (0)10 4361600.

If you have questions concerning the online application environment please address them to the secretariat.

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Voucher procedure for presentations abroad Voucher

Dimension Drive at the Indie MEGABOOTH (PAX East)

2Awesome Studio, 2017

2Awesome Studio has been selected to showcase their game ‘Dimension Drive’ at the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX East. This event will take place in Boston, MA, USA from March 10th - 12th, 2017. The trip to Boston will also be used to make new contacts in gaming industry and look for partners who can contribute to developing and distributing the game.

Voucher procedure for presentations abroad Voucher

London Design Fair

Klaas Kuiken, 2017

Klaas Kuiken presents during London Design Fair his collection EPS stoves. The presentation shows not only the designs but also the making process and the techniques. The presentation takes place within the Dutch pavilion between 21 and 24 September 2017.

Voucher procedure for presentations abroad Voucher

Mayhemmachine Encouters Festival

Lostdogscollective, 2017

Lostdogscollective presents thee interactive animation machine 'Mayhemmachine' at 'The Future of Animation' symposium, which is organized by the Encounters Festival in Bristol. Next to the symposium, the Mayhemmachine will be presented at the center for film and digitale media, the Watershed.

Voucher procedure for presentations abroad Voucher


maryme-jimmypaul, 2017

During the LA Fashion Week MaryMe-JimmyPaul presents the project Gobelin, which shows forgotten elements of the craft of making textile and fashion designs and offers resistance to fast consumed and replaced clothing. For MaryMe-JimmyPaul the event os Angeles fashion scene and the Hollywood film industries.

Voucher procedure for presentations abroad Voucher

Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires

NEXT architects, 2017

With the presentation 'Connected: Architectuur of Mobility' NEXT architects are part of the head program of the Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires. The studio will present its recent work in the context of the theme 'Infrastructure as design challenge'.

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