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Grant Programme for Digital Culture

Grant Programme for Digital Culture

Closing dates:

10 May 2017
9 August 2017
18 October 2017

Budget: € 800.000

Creative Industries Fund NL uses the Digital Culture Grant Programme to support projects that contribute to promoting high quality, development and professionalization of contemporary Dutch digital culture. For the Fund, digital culture encompasses cultural and artistic productions or expressions related to digital technology, new media or games. The programme’s objective is to stimulate research, design research and reflection in the field of digital culture and creating free space for independent makers and organisations. There are four application rounds a year for this grant programme. The annual budget is equally distributed across the rounds.

Digital Culture
Digital Culture is all about breaking open existing technologies and processes as well as developing new technologies and applications in an open manner. On the basis of this, design methods and principles are applied to a variety of fields from gaming, storytelling and music to biotechnology, architecture and healthcare. This means that the project’s manifestation need not necessarily be digital.
The Digital Culture Grant Programme is primarily intended for makers, designers and game developers in the digital culture domain. The programme is furthermore open to media labs, commissioning clients and cultural institutions that work in a project-based manner and do not receive structural state support.

You need to be registered as a company with the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel or its foreign equivalent) when you receive the grant.
Project grants for research, experimentation, development, production of new media, interaction design and gameplay as well as the presentation thereof can be applied for. Activities and publications aimed at the analysis and reflection on digital culture are options as are projects aimed at national or international knowledge exchange and projects that stimulate popular interest in the field.

Starting grant
The Grant Programme for Digital Culture also has a starting grant that can be applied for (max. €7,500) to study a project’s options. Read more about starting grants here.

Festivals and cultural organizations can turn to the Festivals Grant Programme for the preparation, structuring and implementation of festivals in the field of digital culture.

Presentations abroad
The Creative Industries Fund NL has a shortened procedure for presentations at or participation in events abroad. Read more about the vouchers here.
A grant may be awarded to projects that make a sufficient contribution to the objectives of this grant programme and focus on at least one of the following policy objectives:

• promoting experiments and crossovers
• stimulating research, analysis and reflection
• promoting talent development and artistic quality
• promoting social commitment and public activities
• reinforcing the international position of the design sectors
• promoting the professionalization of design practice and exemplary commissioning

Please refer to the General Subsidy Regulations (PDF) Articles 16 - 21 for the description of the evaluation criteria in relation to these policy objectives.

The evaluation of the proposals primarily focuses on the relevance of the issue, the plan of approach, the expertise of the parties involved, substantive and financial support and the consistency between all these elements.
Refer to the Grant Application Guide (PDF) when submitting your application. The guide provides guidance with regard to the grant application and the drawing up of the project plan, budget and communication plan.

General Subsidy Regulations and the Digital Culture Grant Programme
The Creative Industries Fund NL has General Subsidy Regulations that formally apply to the application, evaluation, awarding and final approval of a grant. Supplementary grant programmes have been drawn up with specific objectives and conditions. Read the General Subsidy Regulations (PDF) as well as the Grant Programme for Digital Culture (PDF) attentively before submitting an application.

Online application environment
The application should be submitted using the online application environment. You have to sign up and create an account to do so. Please note: do so in a timely manner, it can take up to 1 working day for the Fund to validate the account and this is only done during the working week.

You can submit your draft application or project plan to the staff member concerned up to a maximum of two weeks before the closing date for application. This can be done by e-mail or telephone. If you have other questions please first refer to our FAQ or contact the Creative Industries Fund NL.
After the submission of your application the Fund’s office checks whether you comply with the formal requirements as listed in the General Subsidy Regulations (PDF) and the Grant Programme for Digital Culture (PDF).

An advisory committee will evaluate your request on the basis of the General Subsidy Regulations and the Digital Culture Grant Programme. In particular, it will assess the extent to which your application is aligned with the criteria listed in Articles 16 - 21 of the General Subsidy Regulations (PDF), and the Grant Programme for Digital Culture (PDF). The committee will issue a recommendation to the Creative Industries Fund NL’s Board. View the composition of the advisory committee for the Digital Culture Grant Programme here.

The board will take the recommendation into account in their decision to award the subsidy or not. You will be informed of the decision 10 weeks after the closing date for the grant programme at the latest.

If you do not agree with the Creative Industries Fund NL’s decision you can submit a reviewed application or a letter of appeal. More information is provided here.

If you receive a subsidy from the Creative Industries Fund NL you will enter into obligations. Please read important information on your accountability here. Download the accountability form immediately here.
For further information please contact:
Joris van Ballegooijen (secretary)
Sean Gilis

You can also call +31 (0)10 4361600.

If you have questions concerning the online application environment please address them to the secretariat.

grants issued Digital Culture


Grant Programme for Digital Culture Exhibition


Anouk Wipprecht, 2014

Following the successful first edition in 2012 in Vienna, the show ‘Technosensual: Where Fashion meets Technology’ is to have a sequel in Canada. In 2014 the exhibition is showcased in Montreal as part of the ELEKTRA festival. For this event the ‘haut tech’ designer Anouk Wipprecht is selecting 31 works on the cutting edge of haute couture and technology. Dutch and Netherlands-based designers are strongly represented. Eleven designs were specially created for the exhibition in an artist-in-residence programme and the Canadian show sees the addition of two new works. The mostly interactive and frequently spectacular designs feature the latest forms of integrated technology in clothing and fabrics. Technosensual thus offers a speculative view of the future. The show is accompanied by a symposium and a workshop programme in which the Dutch designers Pauline van Dongen, Maartje Dijkstra and Bart Hess are involved.

Grant Programme for Digital Culture Start-up grant

De Zwaartekracht van Informatie (The Gravity of Information)

Dorien Zandbergen, 2014

The Gravity of Information: Digital Citizenship between Dream and Reality is a documentary about the attitude of citizens towards the digital citizenship as idealized by the (European) government. In the documentary, the vision of policymakers who embrace the digital future and expect it to make citizens active, socially articulate and self-organizing is contrasted with the daily experiences of those very citizens. Documentary maker and researcher Dorien Zandbergen adopts a lightly critical attitude as she visits co-creation sessions in the Waag Society, ‘hacker spaces’ and ‘quantified self-conferences’. Media images are interspersed with interviews with policymakers. In addition, she shows people that each in their own way try to use the potential of the new media in their work or daily life. In the context of the documentary, Zandbergen organizes various public events. During a meeting halfway through the shooting of the film, experts are invited to comment on the rushes of the main characters. In addition, two public debates on the theme of inclusion and exclusion as a result of digitization take place. Dorien Zandbergen received a start-up grant for this project.
afgerond: September '14


Grant Programme for Digital Culture Website / application

Gooseberry – Community

Blender Institute, 2014

Gooseberry is a Blender film project with 12 small, young studios from across the world working together to create an animated film. The entire film is developed using Blender’s open source standard. This means that both the software and the creative process are released and made transparent. The project as a whole is so large that Blender has chosen to formulate subprojects. This application is about the Gooseberry – Community project. The work process and results of the Gooseberry film project are going to be, as Blender puts it, ‘grounded’. The goal is to optimize communication and dissemination for different target groups, both during the process and after its completion. The applicant has observed that in many open source projects, these subjects are given insufficient attention, resulting in a loss of knowledge. The Blender Institute received a start-up grant for the Gooseberry project in round 13EC.

Grant Programme for Digital Culture Research

Tactical Media Connections

Stichting Cool Mediators, 2014

The Cool Mediators Foundation is organizing a programme around Tactical Media, a term that jointly denotes art, design, media and civil and political commitment. Potentially, everybody can produce and distribute tactical media: this is no longer the exclusive reserve of artists, designers and activists. Which is why the Cool Mediators Foundation is re-investigating the phenomenon. To this purpose, it is organizing a series of public meetings and a research project. Artists, designers, theorists and activists of different generations will jointly work on an anthology about tactical media. In addition, the online documentation platform Tactical Media Files is being revised and redeveloped. Artist Robert M. Ochshorn has been asked to create a work of Internet art based on this archive. Halfway through the project, a symposium for a broad, culturally interested audience will take place at Lighthouse Brighton. Tactical Media Connections ends with a public event in the Tolhuistuin, including the official book launch of the Tactical Media Anthology.
afgerond: July '15


Grant Programme for Digital Culture Event

Interference: Prefrontaal

Stichting Idee-fixe (IDFX), 2014

The Idee-fixe (IDFX) Foundation project Interference: Prefrontaal explores the boundaries between scientific and artistic research to demonstrate the importance of exchanges between the two disciplines. Interference: Prefrontaal is a continuation of the 2013 programme, focusing on the confluence of hardware and wetware, with wetware representing the brain. The programme, consisting of interventions in the public space and including performances, a street exhibition, lectures and a movie night, will take place in the city centre of Breda. Various artists such as Sander Veenhof and Jeroen van Loon, scientists like Prof. Dr. Victor Lamme, and performers such as Bert Hana are participating in the project. The content is being developed in collaboration with Studium Generale and the University of Eindhoven.
afgerond: October '14


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