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Grant Programme for Design

Grant Programme for Design

Closing dates:

22 March 2017
31 May 2017
9 August 2017
11 October 2017

Budget: € 1.000.000

The Grant Programme for Design is a grant through which the Creative Industries Fund NL supports projects that promote the quality of design and augment its societal and economic added value from a cultural perspective. In addition, the Fund aims to stimulate cooperation between designers and manufacturers in the sector. Projects that increase interest in design can also be eligible for a grant through the Grant Programme for Design.

The Creative Industries Fund NL issues grants through the Grant Programme for Design to projects developed and implemented within the sphere of activity of design. By ‘design’ the Fund means fashion and jewellery, industrial design, product and furniture design, graphic design, autonomous design, illustrations and comic strips, animation and theatre design.

In 2016, five application rounds will take place for this grant programme. The annual budget is made available and shared equally over the application rounds.
Applications for project grants through this grant programme can be submitted four times a year. You must complete the online application form fully and submit it online before the relevant date. Make sure you create an account for the online application environment in good time. The deadline dates for the Grant Programme for Design in 2016 are:

13 January 2016
23 March 2016
1 June 2016
10 August 2016
12 October 2016

Project Plan Guidelines
Before submitting your application please consult the Project Plan Guidelines. The Project Plan Guidelines provide advice on submitting a grant application and drawing up your project plan, budget and communications plan.
Research, design, implementation, production, reflection and debate in various phases of the development of design are eligible for support.
A grant can be issue if the project sufficiently matches one or more of the following assessment criteria:
Artistic quality
Greater depth of knowledge
Talent development
Fostering cross-sector cooperation
Fostering cultural entrepreneurship and good commissioning
Strengthening international position
Fostering public interest
Applications for project grants through the Grant Programme for Design are assessed by the Design Advisory Committee. The members of the advisory committee are:

Valentijn Byvanck (chair)
Bart Ahsmann
Christine Alberts
Pauline Barendregt
Dinie Besems
Jan Boelen
Wiebe Boonstra
Simon Davies
Femke Dekker
Annemartine van Kesteren
Maarten Kolk
Bas Kosters
Rop van Mierlo
Ted Noten
Susanne Rüsseler
Manon Schaap
Niels Schrader
Michaël Snitker
Nadine Sterk
Yvonne van Ulden
Dries Verhoeven
Job Wouters
Joanna van der Zanden
Sue-an van der Zijpp
Mascha van Zijverden

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Grant Programme for Design Exhibition

Studio Job Exhibition

Museum of Arts and Design, 2016

The Museum of Arts and Design is mounting a retrospective of the work of Studio Job. The museum describes Studio Job’s work as expressive and opulent, full of patterns, ornament and historical, socio-cultural, political and personal references. While acknowledging that the work sometimes elicits controversy due to certain religious and political references, curator Ron Labaco also wants to draw the public’s attention to the use of traditional techniques and crafts, including bronze casting, gilding and marquetry. This exhibition marks Studio Job’s first solo show in an American museum.

Grant Programme for Design Research

HOME | pilot

Vinny Jones, 2016

HOME | pilot is the next step in the project Vinny Jones launched in 2011 exploring what she calls ‘sensory scenography’. Using light, sound, smell, temperature and touch she creates spaces that are experienced through different senses. With these spaces she is seeking to provoke certain emotions in the visitor making him or her conscious of perception and experience. For HOME | pilot she intends first to explore the form and configuration of a space, and subsequently harness the knowledge gained to build an installation that the public can visit. Vinny Jones will use the visitors’ experience to continue to develop her research. The research results will form the basis for a programme of meetings and presentations. HOME | pilot will be a trial construct for the final section HOME. With this project she is seeking to create a space that allows the visitor to experience what it is like to be staying in your own house for the last time before leaving your home for ever. In so doing she wants to raise awareness of the circumstances that force people to leave their homes. She is collaborating with the University of Utrecht, TU Eindhoven, Platform Scenography and Het Huis Utrecht for location, production and support. She was previously awarded a start-up grant by the Creative Industries Fund NL for her project Sensing Light.

Grant Programme for Design Product development

Healing Prints - Pinar&Viola Image Collection 2016

Pinar&Viola, 2016

The design duo Pinar & Viola is applying for a grant to develop prints and a textile collection based on the theme ‘healing’. It will draw inspiration from mystical, new-age and spiritual ideas and images to create ten prints. The duo will explore terms such as transience and flamboyance since these are represented everywhere, both in the fashion world and in our ubiquitous consumer society. The aim of the design label is to carry out visual activism in an ecological and spiritual manner to promote a just and humane future. This image collection entitled ‘Paris Oasis – Healing Prints’ therefore propagates a balanced and just future. In addition the designers are seeking for a new ethical aesthetic. In developing the prints the duo is combining digital craft with new technologies, for which it is harnessing democratic ways of digital production, such as digital textile print, soft digital fabrication and 3D printing. The prints, together with the textile collection, are to be presented during the Paris Fashion Week in a gallery appointed as an exclusive textile salon where peace, calm and quiet reign. The exhibition is accompanied by other events highlighting the relevant themes such as a pyjama party, meditation night, cleansing breakfast and tea ceremony.

Grant Programme for Design Product development


Niklaus Mettler, 2016

Niklaus Mettler is applying for a grant to develop a scent and thus explore how smell can be harnessed as a means of communication. Entitled ‘Almoist’, this project is a follow-up to his graduation project ‘Lark’, which saw Mettler develop a scent in order to experiment with the textual and visual discourse this created. Now, in collaboration with perfume developers Drom International Fragrance, he is creating a scent of the city of Amsterdam, specifically that of Amsterdam’s canal water. The designer views scent as an innovative and valuable medium for communicating sensual experiences and memories. He also maintains that olfactory design is dominated by branding and the attendant stereotyping and commercialization. As part of the project Niklaus Mettler intends to apply new forms of art-direction, thus offering an alternative to the existing perfume market. To this end he plans to collaborate with other disciplines and harness various media such as perfume packaging, installation, performance, music and online campaign. He will join forces with graphic designer Leonie Eichin, web designer Lexi Visco, music duo FAACILE2000, installation designers from NOMAN studio and members of performance group Contemporary Cruising.

Grant Programme for Design Exhibition

The Paint by Number Museum

Francois Girard-Meunier, 2016

The design duo François Girard-Meunier and Emilie Ferrat is presenting the Painting by Number Museum at the Brno Biennial, which takes place from June to the end of October 2016. The show is based on the phenomenon ‘painting-by-numbers’, whereby artworks can be coloured-in following a colour code. The design duo wonders to what extent this technique is an artform, a craft or a hobby. It is also seeking to explore the boundaries of the concept. The designers anticipate that, within the context of the graphic design biennial, this will provoke an interesting discussion. The exhibition will combine existing objects collected by the designers with new works. The show will also be underpinned by new audiovisual material. As preliminary research the designers plan to visit the Smithsonian Museum and a private collection with many painting-by-numbers works. They will also make contact with one of the founders of the technique. The Moravian Gallery in Brno is a partner in the project.

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