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Grant Programme for Activities Programmes

Grant Programme for Activities Programmes

Closing dates:

11 October 2017

Budget: € 1.200.000

The Grant Programme for Activities Programmes is a grant programme through which the Creative Industries Fund NL supports activities programmes that promote the quality of architecture, design and E-culture and augment its societal and economic added value from a cultural perspective. In addition, with this grant programme the Fund aims to foster a cross-sector approach and cooperation between creative disciplines and relevant partners in activities programmes.

The Creative Industries Fund NL issues grants through this grant programme for activities programmes in the domain of architecture, design, E-culture or a combination of these.

Institutions that receive a grant through the Grant Programme for Activities Programmes are not eligible for any other grants from the Creative Industries Fund NL during the course of the programme covered by the grant.

From now on you must apply online by submitting the online application form. For more information, read here.
Programmes that:
encompass a number of activities related to one another in form and content;
are implemented within a pre-determined period (1 year maximum);
combine various project forms;
stand out from the existing selection of activities programmes in terms of content, structure and execution.
A grant can be issued if the project sufficiently matches one or more of the following assessment criteria:

Greater depth of knowledge
Talent development
Fostering cross-sector cooperation
Fostering cultural entrepreneurship and good commissioning
Strengthening international position
Fostering public interest
Applications for grants through the Grant Programme for Activities Programmes can be submitted once a year. Make sure you create an account for the online application environment in good time. You must complete the online application form fully and submit it online before the relevant date:

5 October 2016
Applications for grants through this grant programme are assessed by the multidisciplinary Architecture, Design and E-Culture Activities Programmes Advisory Committee. The members of the advisory committee are:

Tom Frantzen (chair)
Jan Boelen
Afaina de Jong
Annemartine van Kesteren
Robert-Jan de Kort
Frank Kresin
Rene Paré
Michaël Snitker
Cassandra Wilkins
For more information, please contact assistant secretary Grant Programme for Activities Programmes: Marieke Ladru.

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