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Festivals Procedure

Festivals Procedure

Closing dates:

22 March 2017
4 October 2017

Budget: € 800.000

Festivals occupy a special position within the creative industries. Thanks to the hybrid mix of performances, presentations, workshops and debates, they provide insight into the latest developments in a short space of time. This year Creative Industries Fund NL is for the first time implementing a grant procedure specially for festivals. The financial contribution is intended for the preparation, organizational set-up and actual staging of festivals focused on architecture, design or e-culture that will take place in the Netherlands.

A festival brings together debate, research, reflection and amusement. The target public might consist of professionals, experts and/or a wide-ranging public. A festival can programme successes or choose a more experimental approach. For the creative industries the festivals serve as an effective link between makers, designers, artists, academics, institutions and the public.

Possibilities for support in two phases
To provide optimum support for festivals, the evaluation will distinguish between content-related preparation and actual execution.

Phase 1: Start-up grant
This phase is focused on the preparation and organizational set-up of the festival’s upcoming edition. In its evaluation of the proposal, the advisory committee will consider to what extent the festival in broad terms:
occupies a valuable or distinctive position in the midst of existing offerings;
serves as a platform, e.g. because it establishes meaningful connections between the content and the public;
involves cultural entrepreneurship, with regard to content (e.g. in the form of collaborative partners with regard to content) and/or in a financial sense (in the form of a financial strategy or development).

Phase 2: Festival grant
This phase is specifically focused on the practical execution of the festival’s upcoming edition. The advisory committee evaluates to what extent the proposal aansluit op the aspects from the initial phase. In addition, the advisory committee assesses the quality of the festival’s upcoming edition. It is therefore important that the application provides insight into the actual set-up, organization, communications, funding and execution of this festival edition.

It is possible to apply for a subsidy via the Festivals Procedure on three occasions per year. You are required to complete the online application form and submit it online by the relevant deadline. Make sure that you create an account for the online application environment in good time.

In 2016 the following deadlines apply for the Festivals Procedure:

10 February 2016 and 25 May 2016: for festivals that are taking place in 2016 or for festivals taking place in 2017, but for which preparation starts in 2016
14 September 2016: for festivals taking place in 2017, but for which preparation starts in 2016 start

The application consists of:
A project plan with a substantive motivation for the approach being taken (as PDF in A4 format, max. 6 pages per phase), a schedule and a budget (as an A4 PDF, max. 2 pages). Describe the festival’s content in the project plan and mention the artistic, substantive points of departure. Make sure to explain the festival’s significance for the discipline(s) of architecture, design and/or e-culture. Lastly, describe the people and organizations with whom you are cooperating and the target audience you expect to reach. When applying for a start-up grant, the organizational set-up and the main feature(s) of the festival programme must be clear. When applying for a second-phase festival subsidy, the whole programme and specific activities should be elaborated in as much detail as possible. For the second phase, you need to include a communications strategy in the project plan.
CVs of the parties involved (as a PDF in A4 format, max. 4 pages in total)
Proof of registration with a Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK).

Creative Industries Fund NL’s General Subsidy Regulations as well as those for the Grant Programme for Activity Programmes are fully applicable to the processing and evaluation of the applications. The exceptional thing about this special grant scheme is that it is aimed at supporting festivals and can be applied for in two phases. For this reason a supplementary evaluation framework is specified for each phase. The Open Call procedure is described in the Fund’s General Subsidy Regulations. The selected proposals will receive a subsidy on the basis of the Grant Programme for Activity Programmes.

The processing of the proposal will take a maximum of 10 weeks. Applicants will be informed of the outcome in writing.

Advisory committee

Applications via the Festivals Procedure will be evaluated by the Festivals advisory committee, which consists of the following members:

Femke Dekker (chair)
Rebecca Bego
Monique van Dusseldorp
Nous Faes
Chris Julien
Hicham Khalidi

For further information, please contact Marieke Ladru, assistant secretary Grant Officer for the Festivals Procedure.
For questions about the online application environment, please contact the Fund’s secretariat.

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